What is the naughtiest thing I did when I was younger? My girlfriends and I decided to have a slumber party this weekend. Well after the manicures, peticures and the munchie fest popcorn,pizza and sodas…someone started talking about sex..we talked about blow jobs, our wierdest place for sex, and if we had had two guys or not?

 Someone asked if  anyone had been with another girl and a few of the girls looked around to see who was going to admit to it..well I admitted to it to see who would bite..so then a few others admitted it . So then the question arose of who actually liked it…I gladly admitted hoping afew others would be eager..the next thing I knew girls where kissing and rubbing eachother…we went all night with each other we did everything..

that was such fun thats the first time I ever saw and particapated in a daisy chain..that was the most fun I had in my life.


Call us for a hot 2 girl!  Danielle & Leslie

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