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Ageplay phonesex, come on daddy you know your pedo thoughts deserve a teen phonesex girl that can play out your Mother & son phonesex roleplays, we Spank, punish and love you!

Auntie Phonesex

Auntie Phonesex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck your Auntie? I am sure you have looked at her and imagined her stripped off and opening her legs, wanting your young hard cock deep inside her mature hairy pussy. On Auntie Phonesex you can, let me seduce you as my young nephew so you can see what it feels like to fuck me. My mature pussy that you have wanted for so long can be yours. Let me make your Auntie Phonesex fantasy be a reality! I want that young hot cream spurting deep inside of me.

Auntie HOPE – Your addicting Phonesex MILF

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ABDL phonesex

ABDL Phonesex with Mommy Jackie

I want to be your Mommy on out next ABDL phonesex call. Let me change that wet diaper of yours, and dress you in something and frilly and cute as you sit on my knee and I give you a lovely warm drink from my milky tits. I know that cock of yours will be so hard in the lovely confines of your diaper. Come and talk to Mommy on an ABDL phonesex call and tell me what a good boy you are, or maybe what a bad little boy you can be!

Mommy Phone sex & ABDL phonesex calls
Call me at 1-888-221-9006


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Sexual confessional

Sexual Confessional

Do you have a Sexual Confessional? Something you need to confess?  These calls are also popular, where guys have fantasies or experiences they simply can’t share with anyone in their lives, if there’s even anyone to share anything with. Many that have had same sex experiences have no one to share that with, and often times they find and confide in phone sex girls their same sex desires. I am happy to be your friendly ear to listen to anything you want to chat about.  Call me now and let’s have some phone sex fun.

HOPE – Sexual confessional

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Mommy Phone Sex.

Mommy Phone Sex

Let’s have some hot and naughty Mommy Phone Sex. I want you to take your imagination on one hell of a x-rated nasty phone journey. Imagine Mommy catching you wanking that lil cock of yours and delighted that her little boy is now a very big boy. Come join me in Mommy Phone Sex and tell me how you would fuck me for the first time when I catch you!

Come Play Soon!

Cougar Charlene

408723df529jrv1h hardcore phone sex



Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!

chat cock worship phonesex

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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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mature phonesex goddess

mature phonesex goddess

I am your mature phonesex goddess. I’m that delicious older woman that knows how to get you going and then get you off. I love dressing in sexy lingerie, thigh highs and heels and teasing men with my hot sexy mature body.

I have always been obsessed with  my sexuality and SEX in general and  the older I get, the more cock I seem to want. Wouldn’t you love to see yourself slip into me?

My luscious lips running up and down your hot throbbing cock. My wet pussy is dripping  for you! Wouldn’t you want my perfect tits smothered on your face or better yet your cock buried in my tight ass.  I got the body of a mature phonesex goddess and I’m one hot phone fuck.

I’m a cock crazy, mature nymph and I’m here for one reason and that is to get you off!


1-888-221-9006 – Ask about HOT Phone Sex Specials!

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Teacher Phonesex

Teacher Phonesex Role Play

Wanna play out that hot Teacher Phonesex Role Play you’ve been fantasizing about? In high school did you ever have the hots for the MILF Teacher and want some personal one on one tutoring? Well, fantasize no more, you have cum to the right place, my dear.

I know you naughty boys had a hard cock and couldn’t think straight when I was bent over looking thru my desk or writing on the board nice and high – my thin short skirt hiking up and my nylons glistening catching your naughty young eyes.

Let Ms. Jackie take that pressure off those little balls of your and give you a “private sex ed” course and you can get some education in phone sex with a sensual MILF and some stress relieving lessons phone sex to go with it, so you can be more productive at school and get those grades up. This Teacher Phonesex Role Play will blow your mind and your load all over the place! Call me up and let’s give it a shot baby!

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cougar phonesex mom

I am the cougar phonesex mom you need to satisfy your naughty cravings.  I’m all about dressing sexy & teasing men. If you’re horny for Cougar Phonesex tonight, then look no further!

I know your type – the kind that drools over his best friends mom after she’s just gotten out of the shower. Maybe you were that naughty little Peeping Tom who watched as she slathered her hairy wet pussy full of bubbles. Boy, did you wish she’d slid apart those meaty, soapy cunt lips so you could’ve seen the moist fleshy inside of that bright pink cunt. Cougar phonesex is waiting!

  Whether I’m just at the grocery store for a jug of milk or struttin’ my big tits & ass down the sidewalk to fetch the mail, I’m always dressed appropriately for good hard romp in the hay; high heels, short skirt, tits popping out—check!  

Younger men are attracted to me not only because I look like a wild older slut (and indeed I am), but because they know I know how to fuck & suck better than any young thing they’ve ever met.  This old pussy’s been fucked by so many young studs & filled with so many loads of creampies through the years, whoever denies that an older slut like me knows how to fuck better is just batshit crazy, if you ask me!

As a wild cou with an insatiable hunger for preying on virgin cock, I’ve been around the block more times than you can count and like my boys young, naive, & with barely any hair on their balls. I will molest bad little boys who can’t stop playing with their pee pees.

  • Cougar phonesex mom
  • Mommy Phonesex Roelplays
  • Older ladies for Phonesex
  • Mature for younger men
  • GILF Phone Sex Roleplays

I know your money is tight but not as tight as My pussy.

GILF Jackie

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I broke my foot skiing this winter and have been cooped up so long I couldn’t wait to go party past weekend. My foot was healed and I was ready to dance. I got my best gal pals together at my place. We all got ready together, 4 of the hottest babes you’ve ever seen. The club was jamming, the music loud. We blended in on the dance floor. I’m giving a real show now with one of my gals. We were being watched by everyone and it was turning me on so much.  I felt like a dancer in a strip joint.  Two hot guys came over and started dancing with us so I turned up the heat just a little more… So now I’m sweating and my panties are soaking wet.   I needed a drink so I shimmy off the dance floor being followed by one of the hot guys. He offers to buy me a drink and we start the talking and flirting stage. I already know I want to take this man home with me, but of course I have to play it cool.   Would you like to be that hot guy taking me home? Call me now to enjoy a night of hot passion with me…. Call Dallas at 1-866-909-9059.  We can role play anything you have in mind.

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mature housewife

mature housewife

Hello, my name is Jackie,, I’m a very kinky mature housewife. I love talking to strangers about really taboo subjects, the dirtier and kinkier the better.  I enjoy talking to cross dressers and sissy boys.  I love to hear about how you enjoying the feel of woman’s panties and stockings on your smooth shaven skin.
How you love feeling girly and getting down on your knees to suck a big cock or get your man-pussy fucked good and hard. I want to give you the best phone sex experience of your life.  All role play requests shall be fulfilled. Just tell me what gets your dick hard and I can take it from there… I’m getting older now, but still very young at heart.  I can be as soft and sensual or dark and evil.  I can teach you everything you need to know about sex and how to make a woman feel special, which in turn, may get you some more pussy.
Call mature housewife Jackie and I will give you exactly what you are looking for!

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Married Phonesex

Married Phonesex can be hot for us both!

Hi, I am Delta and I am a  married 37 year old woman who enjoys lots of different things. I recently found the phone to be a very exciting venue in which to experiment and play! My husband drives a truck and is gone for 6-8 weeks at a time, then home for a week and all he does is sleeps. He makes good money and I have the freedom to do what I want, so it is more of a convenience marriage then anything. Married Phonesex can be hot for us both!

 I find myself wandering about a Hot sex life and have tried the party lines and locals ads, but they were not exciting enough for me.  I was searching around the internet one day and typed something like taboo Married Phonesex and this exact site I am blogging on popped up.

I read some of the blogs and looked at the ladies and then I found Lexi, the owner of this site…I got out my credit card and we talked for an hour, this was about 4 years ago and I have never stopped! I finally am live on her site and ready for all you naughty men who enjoy Married Phonesex gals!

Come play, Im Delta

 Some of My Specialties and things I enjoy include:

Mutual Masturbation and Extreme Tease and Denial | Married Phonesex Girl | MILF, Mature | Anal | Strap on fantasies | Ageplay Mommy | Kinky Forceful Fetishes | Sex All Day Every Day & More Raunchy Roleplay Phonesex

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white trash phonesex

white trash phonesex brunette 

There’s nothing like white trash phonesex, and I got just what you need baby. I got a ride from a truck driver the other week, we got chatting and I really liked him. He pulled over and said he was taking a break. We were in the middle of nowhere and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I had no hesitation but to go down on it, it was hard even before I took it straight into my throat. He laid me down and fucked me bareback; filling my pussy with his meaty dick making me cum before pulling out and spraying my tits with is creamy jizz. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my guy, he knows how slutty I am, and enjoyed our white trash phonesex that night.


My Yahoo IM is: milfsheryl

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Mother/Son Phone Sex

Mother/Son Phone Sex

I want to have a Mother/Son Phone Sex session with you; I love to lie on my bed playing with myself as I watch you wanking hard and fast. Let me take your young hard cock deep into the back of my throat, before bending Mommy over and fucking me hard. So naughty, but so horny as you take your sexy Mom. Mother/Son Phone Sex will release your inner most fantasies, and make this horny Mom very happy.

Joanne – Mommy Phonesex

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Extreme ageplay phone sex

Extreme ageplay NINA

Extreme ageplay phone sex is hot freaking hot! Even incest, pedo man and underage rape fantasies are in the top list of my specialties and trust me… my extremely young voice will make your cock stand to attention!

*Giggles* I will have you hooked from my first giggle! Extreme ageplay phone sex is so hot & love to add some daddy daughter roleplays in the mix!


Taboo Teen Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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All my new neighbors have been so kind and generous.  Most of the men coming over to introduce themselves and offer a helping hand if I need something done around the house.  The very good looking college student from next door already offered to mow my lawn and take the trash out to the curb.  Now that is what I call hospitality.   I never lived in a neighborhood where everyone was so friendly and helpful.  I will say I’m not getting a good response from the wives and other women around town.  I don’t know if gossip is flying around this small town, but I heard I was the neighborhood slut and I haven’t slept any of these hick dicks yet.

I was thinking about one of the nice men who offered his manly services to me if I needed such.  There is a leak under my kitchen sink and I was going to ask him because he is a plumber and a very sexy one at that.  I’ve decided to give myself a well deserved christmas present this year… Want to know what I gave to myself.  Call Louise to find out.


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normal beth 288029 Mommy Domme Phonesex with Beth

Mommy Domme Phonesex with Beth

A Mommy Domme Phonesex session with me will knock your sissy snot-nosed ass into place.  Do you dare come out & play with this hot Dommy Mommy?  Don’t get me wrong, I also love playing mommy to those who are in need of either a stern or nurturing phone sex mommy too.  I do have experience in ABDL, so all you mama’s boys know that I am more than capable of taking care of you.  But today I’m really in the mood to open a can of whoop-ass on that young boy who’s been licking mommy’s dirty panties.  You know who you are, you filthy little pervert!  If you wanna be stealing & sniffing mom’s panties, then it’s about high time you were punished for it with my fat ass sitting on your face.

Mommy Domme Phonesex.  You know you want it.  Call this hot MILF now for the punishment you deserve!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
Call Me at: 1-888-221-9006

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beth 284229 Mommy Cuckolding Phonesex with Beth

Mommy Cuckolding Phonesex with Beth

The Mommy Cuckolding Phonesex call I had last night with a young man was seriously fucking hot.  He pretended to be my teenage son who walked in on mommy masturbating.  He threatened me by saying that if I didn’t fuck him he’d tell his father about the affair I had with his boss.  Of course I obliged by allowing my young son to thrust his throbbing cock deep inside of my wet MILF pussy.  In the midst of being fucked like a trashy slut, I had to repeat over & over how much thicker, longer, and powerful my son’s cock was compared to his father’s & how much I loved fucking my own child.  Well lo & behold, just as I spoke those words daddy walked in & witnessed his son split his wife’s juicy cunt wide open.  And to my shock, daddy just sat there, watched, & took it like the pussy he was; jerking himself off as his own son humiliated him by fucking his wife

Does this Mommy Cuckolding Phonesex scenario spark an idea for a hot fantasy roleplay you may have?  What ya waitin’ for?  Call now for a kinky ride with mommy!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
Call Me at: 1-888-221-9006

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Strict Mommy/Son Phone Sex

Boy, if you called for hugs & kisses, I’m telling you now that Strict Mommy/Son Phone Sex is what you’re gonna get.

Take off my dirty panties and put those young lips over mommy’s hungry cougar pussy.  This sloppy wet MILF cunt is creaming thinking about what it’s gonna look like once you stretch it wide open with your hard, young teenage cock.  Mmmm .  . . doesn’t that sound so nasty & wonderful?  If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll even suck your dick for the very first time – claw these here sharp red fingernails into your plump ass while mommy’s greedy lips devour your throbbing young dick straight down her throat like the hungry cougar she is.  You like the way Mommy gags for you?  Like the way my saliva slowly drips down these big fat tits whiles I devour your cock like it’s my last supper?  Just don’t you DARE shoot that cum down my throat, Boy – mama still needs that young cock in her pussy.

Are you ready for a hot Strict Mommy/Son Phone Sex Call with the mommy of your dreams?  Call me now for a WILD no taboos phone session!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
** Naughty Mature Phone Sex with Granny Beth
Call Me at: 1-866-909-9059

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I enjoy ALL fetishes and fantasies with NO limitations. I enjoy Mature Phone sex role plays and even age play phone sex.

Sexually I am experienced vastly in the huge world of phone-sex Fantasies! My Specialties and likes are way to many to list, but I can sure try. I am into all the nastiest and most taboo fantasies that you so crave so dearly to talk with someone about.

I am very kinky and open minded & I have heard and done many things in my lifetime. Call me today to talk about that Extreme Taboo you dream about with me!

  • Scat & golden showerfetish phone sex
  • Extreme Mommy age Play and incest Phone sex roleplays
  • Adult Baby Phone Sex – Abies & Diaper Lovers
  • Anal fucking phone sex fantasies – Ass Pounding
  • Mother and Son Incest roleplays – Family Fun
  • Pantie fetish & Sissy girl Roleplay  1-888-221-9006

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Mature Phone Sex

Mom Makes Her Son a Man

It was stupid of me not to have been more careful. My grown up son saw me undressing through the parted door and had since been looking at me strangely. It’s obvious that he hasn’t been introduced to the birds and bees yet, though he’s in his mid-teens. So, it was left to his mother dear to do the honors of educating him about adult life. Now I don’t really subscribe to this personally, but where my kid is concerned, I’ll always think the best for him.

My chance soon came when I caught him masturbating in the bathroom. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I scolded him and asked him what he was thinking while masturbating. To my shock and surprise, I was the leading lady of his sexual fantasy! I told him to enact his fantasy in all its gory detail. This made him shrink back in fear, but my encouragement made him open up and off to my bedroom we went. What happened next was something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. How my son lost his virginity is something you just cannot afford to miss, so give a call to mummy phone sex right away!

Call Joanne for your Mommy Phonesex roleplays!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!


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Age Play fantasies are the best!

I just love being a younger girl that is all innocent. But my daddy is ready to corrupt me. He teaches me all sorts of naughty things to do that make him really happy. I may be hesitant at first but eventually I will like it just as much as he does. There is just something about playing a very young girl who has to be trained. I love getting all you older guys off too.

Age Play  fantasies are just one of the many fantasies I like playing out on a phone sex call. So call me up and lets play!

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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I am looking for some green fun. Let me know you read this and get 3 FREE minutes with you call today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1-888-221-9006

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These big GILF tits have a surprise for you, suga *winks* When you suck on my luscious nipples,  granny’s big fat titties will shoot a warm stream of milk right down that throat and into that hungry tummy.  Sound like fun?  I know you’ve always wanted to breastfeed from a horny mommy or grandma like me, little boy. My breasts are aching, engorged, lactating to the max . . . granny just needs a strong young man to suckle them and make her old pussy wet!  Call me today for a cheap kinky phonesex session.  No taboos, anything goes!


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Ohhhhhh Babykins…..what can I say?  You make Mommy Jackie very very happy.  I love the way your diapered little bum looks and the way your rolly polly little legs are spread wide!  Such a helpless little babykins having to have mommy hold your hands to help you walk around the room!  Mommy loves to show you off to all of her friends and show them how pretty my little Wetsy looks in her pretty pink ruffly dress!  Should we keep our little secret that you like to stay in your wet diapers??  Oh no….I guess mommy let that slip out huh?  That’s okay though.  You know Mommy Jackie will always take care of you on our abdl phone sex calls!

Call Jackie tonight for abdl phonesex! 1-888-221-9006

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I need a baby.
I’m looking for a hot, attentive baby.
Someone to crawl up in My lap and suckle My nipple.
If you do it good I have something else you can suckle.
I need to be able to lay My hands all over you.
Are you willing ?
If so, Call Me.

GILF Jackie

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Don’t I look like the perfect Mommy for My ABDLs ?
I have a shopping list ready for you at all times.
Whatever you need to fulfill your ABDL fantasies.
I am a compassionate Mommy.
I know it is a deep seated desire like no other you have known.
Come let Mommy Jackie commiserate with you.

GILF Jackie

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I want you to Whisper your naughty desires, fetishes and secrets to me, and in return while on our hot phone sex session, I would love to tell you what I am doing to my naked body as you stroke your hard cock for me!

 I want you to know that the moans you hear are just for you as I rub my wet pussy. I am your teen phone sex girl with no taboos.

My faves: mutual masturbation, strap-on play, extreme role-play, age play, taboo fantasies, bisexual fantasies,  cuckolds and sissies phone sex, erotic conversation & mind blowing orgasm’s!



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I just love getting my pussy licked while I ‘catch one’. Put your lips right on my lips and french kiss them as if they were my mouth! Get that pussy nice and wet and work your fingers inside. Lick my ass and get it ready for your cock.


Hot MILF phone sex

Smoking fetish

Mommy Role play


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Call Tiffany – Your little tease & Denial phonesex Teen

All the guys I have been with tell me the same thing. “You are nothing but a cock tease.”  I can’t really help myself, you know? I enjoy my work. I have become an expert at something at such a young age. The power I have over you in unreal.

I feed off your energy to cum, the stronger your urge becomes to release your juices, the stronger my urge is to make you suffer before giving you any pleasure. I get so energized hearing you squirm and beg. I just love giving your balls the workout I demand.

Never doubt my abilities, You will only cum when I want you. Until then I challenge you to man up and take what comes to you and be happy that I am allowing you the pleasure of just hearing my voice.

Nervous?  GOOD!  I like to see you tremble.


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I’m amelia your year old incest phone sex slut! No one has ever did me better than my dad and my brother. Call me and we can have some phone sex where you can play out your most twisted incest fantasy!

Me and my brother would always fuck after school before my parents got home from work! One night my brother crept into my room so my parents wouldn’t hear and we got naked and started messing around and my dad walked in, he got a real big hard-on from seeing us, you know what?…..

He joined in and both my dad and brother fucked me senseless! I can play out your darkest incest scene! Just call me on the phonesex line! I give a whole new meaning to “keeping it in the family!”


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