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Cadance is my name and seduction is my game, I love being the one in control telling all you horny perverts how to jack it off or what to do. I am nasty and twisted and know how to get you going as well as keeping you on edge with my perverted mind.

Sure I’m only 19 years old and maybe you think that’s too young to know how to control a man. Well let me tell you, I’ve been controlling men since I was just a young girl & it started with my daddy. I had him wrapped around my pretty little finger as long as I can remember and its all due to a little secret we have between the two of us. HA-HA!

I bet all you horny perverts have some dirty little secrets you’d just love to share with me, now don’t ya? Mmmhmm, it’s so typical for what society sees as a hard working “normal” man turn into such a sissy bitch at home behind closed doors who loves taking it up the ass with a strap on while dressed up in womens sexy lingerie!!

Or perhaps he is the neighborhood pervert looking at all the young girls watching them through his window and jerking his cock off!! I know how you perverted fucks are and I’m here to get it all out of you.

Cum 4 Cadance

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