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Femdom castration is the ultimate form of submission towards your femdom goddess. Undergoing male castration, is the best way to ensure that you are only focused on the needs and desires of your castration mistress. Castration roleplay can be one of the most intense forms of roleplay during your live phone sex session. Castration phone sex is one of the biggest rushes that you can possibly get during phone sex with real phone sex girls.

Enjoy  our HOT pre-4th of July 69 special, all calls over 15 minutes will only cost ya $1.69 per minute!

Please be sure to tell them you want the “69 Special” before your call…Enjoy, there’s nothing like free phonesex!


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Castration Phone Sex - CBT Phone Sex

Castration Phone Sex

I did a call yesterday with a guy who was cutting off his worthless penis (Castration Phone Sex – CBT Phone Sex). It was so small why keep it. I was so happy to help. I mean really why unzip and make a girl suffer through trying to be nice to a small dicked man. In all reality if you are under 4 inches chop it off. No need for something like that.

Well he placed it on the chopping block and I giggled and laughed while he chopped that fucking thing off. I made sure he put it in the disposal so when the paramedics came they could not take it to be reattached.

Castration Phone Sex – CBT Phone Sex is fun, Am I a bitch? Push the wrong buttons and I can be!

Mommy Marsha
Hot Mature Phonesex

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Castration Phone Sex

Castration Phone Sex

All you pathetic small cocked fuckers who need to be put in your place for having such a pathetic excuse of a cock need to call me on Castration Phone Sex. Your cock isn’t any use to you or to a woman, a finger gives more satisfaction so it’s time that tiny thing is cut off. Call me and say goodbye to that embarrassing piece of meat that you’ve had to suffer for so long. It won’t be a burden any longer after talking to me, let me talk you through the delights of living without one, giving yourself to a Mistress who will need to see you squirming and squealing like a little Eunuch. If you have had enough of girls making fun of your tiny cock then come and talk to me on Castration Phone Sex.

Granny Beth

Castration Phone Sex

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Cock and ball torture, commonly abbreviated as CBT, is a somewhat generic term for sexual play involving some degree of pain applied to the male genitals specifically.

The simplest reason to explain the obvious why question may be that at the extremes of sensation, the lines between pleasure and pain blur. CBT can provide (for some men) levels of ecstatic pleasure far greater than any “normal” experience. As a side note: many men also enjoy testing, pushing their limits physically and in a ritual or spiritual aspect as well.

For some people this includes light bondage, flogging, play piercing and other related “torture” of the male genitals, some people may also include light play such as clothespins and elastration play as well.

Some of our Phone girls specialize is CBT Phonesex calls,  Just ask the dispatcher and she will help you find just the perfect match, or try one of the following girls who love cock and ball torture:


HOT twisted phonesex HOT phone sex No taboos Princess Phone Sex No taboos MATURE Phone Sex

 Feminization Phone Sex HOT phone sex Domination Phone Sex Seductive Phone Sex

There are others including grannies, shemales and more teens!

Taken in part from:

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So you’re a small dick loser freak, huh?  How me & my redhead preteen girlfriends would get off humiliating you!  I know how hard that fantasy makes your tiny weenie, sick pervert.  Just admit it – you get off on squirting schoolgirls in the face with the little bit of cum that dribbles from that pathetic tiny baby cock, right?  My little baby brother has a cock bigger than your little pink worm!  *Giggles*  Just cut that small penis off, or let us wrap a pink bow around it to make you look more like the girl you really are!  Call today for tiny humiliation penis phonesex, cock & ball torture, humiliation phonesex, or pedo ageplay fantasies.  I have no taboos & wanna play with you!


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I love it when men get addicted to me. I love pushing your face in deep and forcing you to taste me!  I want to feel your teeth nibbling. Suck on my naughty clit like a good little pussy boy. Make me squirt my creamy cunt juice and make you lick up every drop.

You satisfy me and I might even let you jerk that hard throbbing cock and release. If you don’t satisfy me, there will be no release for you. So work hard, worship me, eat me, suck me. Keep your mind focused on only me.

Come on get closer if you dare!   Spoil me, pamper me,  worship me. I am addicting, sexy, and you wont be able to get enough of me. So call me and show me what you plan on doing to please me.  Don’t give me any shit about how you don’t want to get addicted or how you can’t afford this.. Not my problem.

Remember this is all about me and you will make me happy or else. I get into castration, tease and denial, cbt, nipple torture, anal rape, gang banging bad boy ass. So think long and hard before you think about being “bad” ..  Don’t tell me NO, ever.


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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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Bad Bad Mommy Sandra !
What shall it be today boys ?
I love to hear your phonesex desires.
Is your mind as hedonistic as Mine ?  
Soooo much on the menu.
Nothing feels better than a male body next to Mine.
Call Me to share your secret perverse fantasies.
Cummm share them with Me – What are you waiting for ?
Your MILF Sandra


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I love talking to anonymous men about really taboo subjects, the dirtier and kinkier the better.  I enjoy talking to cross dressers, sissy boys and submissive slaves.   I love hearing you tell me how you feel when wearing women’s panties, stockings and other assorted lingerie on your smooth shaven skin. How you love feeling girly and getting down on your knees to suck a big cock or get your man-pussy fucked good and hard. I will give you the best phone sex experience of your life. 

All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no taboos, no limits and no restrictions whatsoever. Young and inexperienced boys turn me on the most.  Nothing feels better then a young hard body on top of mine.  Just call TS Star @ 1-888-221-9006 and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about giving oral to a nice big dick and I will also teach you how to enjoy anal sex and how to make a woman like me feel special!  

Just call TS Star @ 1-888-221-9006 

shemale phone sex with TS Star

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Doletta – Black Phone Sex Dominatrix

I am a professional Domme, and have helped train many women to be dominant  towards their husbands and successful in their profession. I will turn you into the perfect submissive slave if you dare to contact me for professional training.

Everyone has different wants and needs and I will accommodate all individual preferences. All I need from you is verbal communication as to what you want us to explore. I am strict, but confident I can make you into my obedient submissive big black cock slave!

I will let you worship my perfect voluptuous body, my soft milk chocolate skin, when, and only when I say you are permitted. Cum on and call me now, we can explore the wonderful world of domination together!

Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for Doletta


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Have you ever seen a barely legal pussy as tempting as mine?  I love having thick milky cum feels welling up inside of my tight, teenage cunt.  And what I love even more is cleaning off a guy’s swollen cock & cum with my wet tongue after he’s done!  I have a sweet, Young Phone Sex Voice but it’s not beneath me to blackmail you or use forced bondage on your ass!  I can be submissive or dominant, all depending on my mood.  Wanna give me a call and find out?

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Pink, hot, wet, and juicy.  That’s how I’d describe my pussy to you if you asked me.  I have big soft tits and a nice firm ass that’ll keep you busy for days.  I love anal sex & oral, both giving and receiving if you know what I mean ~wink~.  My favorite position to get fucked in is on my back with my legs wrapped around your shoulders.  I just love it when both you and I are able to watch your hard throbbing cock going in and out of my slick teenage pussy!  You think I’m the girl for you?  I’m everybody’s girl!  I have a young phonesex voice and will do just about any kind of roleplay or kinky fetish phonesex you desire!  No taboos here—I do it all—from vanilla to strapon phonesex, just name your poison when you call me 😉

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I am here for all your medical fetish fantasy needs.  I specialize in several different fields.  Please choose the one that is right for you.  Do you need a Proctologist, a Urologist, Sexologist or reproduction assistance?  I am quite knowledgeable and will give you good advice or we can role play a specific scenerio.  Some of my favorites are:

** You need assistance with your sperm donation**

** post surgery sponge bath from the hot nurse**

** you shoved an inanimate object up your ass and need help to get it out

** You took too much Viagra and have a raging hard-on for over 4 hours

All requests and role plays accepted, just call Dr. Louise for a good time.

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Are you a cocksucking sissyboy who craves & desires to be dominated by a hot shemale?  I have tons of toys and tons of ideas to keep your cock throbbing hard throughout our entire call.  There isn’t any kind of kink or fetish that I’m not into.  From anal, oral, feminization, smoking & stocking fetishes, to cuckolds, scat, golden showers, & more.  So what are you waiting for—cum out of that fucking closet & call me today!

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I love to role play and have many freaky fantasies we can play out. I can be the sexy young girl who lives next door or your best friend’s wife, maybe you have a collage professor you’d love to bang.  I have beautiful perfectly perky breasts for you play with, soft hands to help you masturbate and an imagination that will bring us both to ecstasy.

Maybe you have been a very naughty boy and have no body to tell your devious tales to.  I can be your secret confident.  I promise I won’t tell, unless you want me to tell… I’m an expert blackmailer and will make you beg me not to tell anyone what you have done.   I am always available for chat sessions as well.  You can find me at for Chat or Email communications.  I’d love to hear from you soon.  1-999-221-9006 check out my profile at

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lexi (5)I found this list of very unusual Fetish’s – We have ALL done the #1, but what about the others? Any takers? hehe


1. Red Wings

Cunnilingus on a menstruating woman. Bloody hell. – Everyone knows this one…ready for another?

2. The Burning Bush

This one is appropriately named, because a burning bush is literally what happens when a man dips his willie in hot sauce, then penetrates a woman vaginally. Let’s see these pervs try this act with sauce made of the Bhut Jolokia, listed by Guinness as the hottest chili in the world.

3. Taco Fondue

A woman’s vagina is stuffed with cheese, then the man’s dong stuffs the vagina, pulled out with bits and pieces of cheese stuck on it, then put into a woman’s mouth. Talk about cheese sticks.

4. Ol’ Faithful

Remember all those videos that hit the Internets last year, where douchebags stuff bottles full of Coke with Mentos and make their own mini-geysers? This is a little something like that. A can of Coke is poured into a woman’s vagina, a Mentos is shoved in, and…..nah, you know what happens next.

5. The Pillsbury Doughgirl

This sex act gives hope to very fat women everywhere, because there are guys who actually enjoy sliding their members in between their stomach folds.

6. Frozen Pudding Pop

Both straight and gay people can enjoy this one, where ice is put on a receiver’s bunghole, which the giver then penetrates while it’s all chilled, tight and puckered up from the cold.

7. Eye Balled

Let’s put this one under “sick”. What possible sexual pleasure could a person with a glass eye get from some guy taking the fake eye out and penetrating the empty socket with his penis?

8. The Dick Van Dyke

Simply put, a straight guy’s schlong put into a lesbian’s coochie.

9. The Streisand Stuffer

Men with very small penises, don’t fret: the Streisand Stuffer is just for you. Just stuff your tiny member up a person’s nostril, and voila! You’re getting laid. This also works for regular-sized guys, as long as their partners have very large noses.

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We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a Great holiday season and be safe…

we will be here to help “gobble you up”

*** Call thankgiving & get 5 minutes free with any 15 min call or longer! ***

🙂  Lexi  (:

& our other  Taboo Phone Girls

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  • Wild Orgies Phone Sex – let’s have a wild phone session

  • Sissification Phone Sex  – tell me what your wearing sissy

  • Financial Domination Phone Sex – Pay me to phone fuck you!

  • Fetish Phone sex – Panty hose – Feet fetish – Leg – more!

  • Phone Sex Panty Sluts –  panty sluts who love to be dressed up!

    Much much more we can do!


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    If it’s Too Taboo to other’s it’s embraced by US!

    Please keep in mind that we do enjoy all fetishes. After all we are  TABOO PHONE GIRLS!

    Try one of our Mistress’s, Submissive’s, Teen Sluts, Milfs and more!

    sheryl222  pc0006sa055


    Face sitting, ass and body worship, sensual domination and forced submission, cuckolding, little dick teasing, shame, and humiliation, strap-on dildo and anal play, forced cocksucking, foot fetish, spanking, ejaculation control and denial, cockteasing, chastity training, nipple play, sissification, forced feminization, and crossdressing, giantism, shrinking, milking, & More!

     image0021 2f


    Jerk-off addict? Bitch? Ass worshipping wimp? Sissy boy? Pussy slave? Dork in need of a powerful woman who bends you over, slaps your ass, and fucks you with a big strap-on? Little dick, small penis, tiny cock, wimpy clit girl? What type of loser, wimp, wanker, sissy, or panty wearing submissive bitch are you? Tell Our Dispatcher so that She can prescribe the proper Girl to treat your problems

    02f ssss 

    We love humiliating cuckolds and their small cocks; having our  feet worshipped, licked and sucked ~ interracial cuckolding ~ being your secret ‘other woman’ that your wife or girlfriend has no clue about ~ financially using weak money slaves and sugar daddies ~ taking advantage of young guys with quick recovery times between orgasms and also being your strict or sensual mistress taking control of your cock and your orgasm; having you call from your office or while your girlfriens is sleeping.

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    I love getting fucked in all of my tight holes. I really like it when I shove your face in my cunt while you lick and suck on my young pussy. That is how I like it nibble, suck and make me squirt my creamy cunt juice all over you. OH and don’t forget to lick it all clean for me.

    You satisfy me and I might even let you jerk that hard throbbing cock and release. If you don’t satisfy me, there will be no release for you. So work hard, worship me, eat me, suck me. Keep your mind focused on only me.

    Come on spoil me, pamper me, serve me, and worship me. I know you want my sweet little pussy,  so call me and show me what you plan on doing to please me. Remember this is all about me and you will make me happy or else.

    Danielle 1-888-205-2440


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