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amelia 221 400x527 barely legal phonesex with amelia


barely legal phonesex

My young sounding voice is going to make your cock twitch as soon as you call me for barely legal phonesex.  Then, as I talk to you and giggle about all the naughty things you want to do to me during our barely legal phonesex role play, you’ll be grabbing your dick and fisting it so furiously.

Oh how I wish I could be there to put my young tight pink pussy on your lap and ride you.  You’d feel how wet I am and you’d see how warm and inviting it is.  Mmmmm, I wish you were here to fill my girl pussy with your big man cock.

You’d keep pushing it and pushing it until finally my tight little twat would give way and let you in, just as I screamed into your mouth as you kiss me.  Mmmmmm….

Ameliabarely legal phonesex and teen phone sex

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I have been a very very naughty teen girl daddy.

01 I have been a very very naughty teen girl daddy

I have been a very very naughty teen girl daddy.

 I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was suppose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. You are so angry with me that you deside you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who don’t listen.

Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… Im screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder.

I promise daddy I wont do it again!  You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson! 


Teen phone Sex with Nina

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with a naughty teen girl
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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heather 43 Impregnation Phone Sex with Heather

Impregnation Phone Sex with Heather

You enjoy my tight little twat and Impregnation Phone Sex, dont ya. Instead of pulling outta my tiny pussy you fill it up with hot cum. I always tell you daddy that you have to be very careful not to get me pregnant. You still insist on fucking your baby girl. Now I’ve missed my period and mommy can not find out that I might be pregnant with my Daddy’s baby.

Cum oozes out of me and around your cock as you sink into me. You fuck the shit out of my sore and tired pussy. I am crying and moaning with the final fuck of your Daddy cock. You bury your cock into me and jizz the final load. Now I have to go to the doctor’s and tell him all about out Impregnation Phone Sex with daddy!


Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Happy Holidays from all your favorite Taboo Phonesex Girls!

ChristJpeg December Phone sex Specials!


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d 11 School Girl Phonesex

School Girl Phonesex

I had to call you daddy from the Gym office phone at school. I am in a bit of trouble. The boys gym teacher sort of caught me in the boys locker room last period. I was not alone though- well until the boys heard Mr. H came in I wasn’t. They ran so fast and since my panties were down around my ankles, I couldn’t run! Mr Hall confronted me and asked what I was doing in the boys locker room. (I love any School Girl Phonesex roleplays!)

Well it was a little hard to deny what I was doing since my boobs were covered in cum and my panties down! He told me that unless I did what he said, he was going to suspend me. Mr H also says that you have to come down here immediately to see what your “little angel ” has been doing. Call me for School Girl Phonesex at 1-888-221-9006 to help me get out of trouble. He says I have to tell you exactly everything that has occurred! Hurry I cant leave his office until you call me!

Love ya daddy

Elizabeth – Pedophile Phone Sex

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Daddy and daughter phonesex

pinkpretty 8 Daddy and daughter phonesex with Camille

I have been thinking of this good little daddy and daughter phonesex roleplay…

I climbed into daddies lap and was bouncing up and down and my little dress got pushed up onto my hips… Daddy looked at me and started yelling….”Naughty little slut just like your Mother”  He stand me in front of him and puts his hand between my legs “Your little cunt is soaking wet. Take all of those clothes off you little whore. Time for My slut to be punished for making her cunt wet on my leg.”  I undress and he Lays me across his lap with my ass in the air. :Spank:Spank:Spank:. Oh daddy I wanna be good i yelled as he spanked my bare bottom harder!

What would you do at this point? would you punish me more or make me please you daddy? Call me and lets finish this little daddy and daughter phonesex roleplay!

Call me, now at: 1-888-221-9006



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normal brandy %2828%29 Family fun, ageplay and teen phonesex fantasies!

Ageplay Phonesex can be really fun! I love to pretend I am a young young girl and like out all those accomplice phonesex calls you have been wanting to do but cant seem to find a girl willing with a sweet young voice and thats willing to be any age, cry and beg you!

Call me soon for all your family fun, ageplay and teen phonesex fantasies!


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tiffany 2810729 Daddys Girl PhoneSex Tramp Tiffany

Daddy’s Girl PhoneSex Tramp

I am a sweet young teenage Daddy’s Girl PhoneSex Tramp here for your pleasure.  Eager to please you in any way, shape or form, I’ll go to the extreme to make you cream.  I want you to know that nasty raunchy taboo sex is 100% OK with me—really, “The Dirtier The Better!”  I am a diehard Daddy’s Girl that loves to be treated like a spoiled little princess or a naughty bad girl in need of a big fat spanking!  Fuck me any way you like; I promise you it makes my little pussy WET when I’m ordered around by a pedo daddy!

I know that only a nasty little Daddy’s Girl PhoneSex Tramp like me can turn you on.  I’m ready to suck your cock whenever you are, Daddy!

School Girl Tiffany
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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As punishment for taking too long to walk the dog the other night, Daddy made me wear the dog’s collar & leash & forced me to show him what I’d been doing with the family pet.  He said I wasn’t allowed to have other cocks inside my bald pussy & that my little girl body belonged all to him, so he could torture & abuse me any way he saw fit. He brought the dog into the room & tied my feet apart, pounding my cunt until the sheets turned scarlet red. The dog couldn’t resist licking my sloppy wet cunt as daddy’s chubby pedo cock drilled me into a bloody massive orgasm.  Even though I’d never had sex on my period before & it made a huge fucking mess, it was THE BEST bestiality fun & incest I had ever had! And that’s why I’m daddy’s little girl!  ~winks~

Teen Tiffany

tiffany 283029 Tiffany~K 9, Daddy Daughter Incest, & Period Play, OH MY!

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th 20060 submissive phone sex cock whore JoanneGrowing up with 3 older teenage brothers, I was always surrounded by men.  Mom was the money maker so I was constantly under the care and supervision of the male species. Daddy started coming into my bedroom when I was 5 years old.  He would get in my bed and spoon with me.  He would reach around my tiny body and caress my pee-pee and work his large fingers inside of me.  At first it hurt and when daddy held me tight and told me it would be alright, as he squeezed me and told me to stop crying and take it like a man.  Eventually daddy started licking me down there and that felt real good. When I was 10 yrs old he showed me his cock.  I could always feel him rubbing it on me but today I got to see it and suck on it.  I didn’t know how easy it was to please a man until now… I couldn’t get enough.  I would get on top of my brothers. And beg them to let me suck them too.  They would tie me to the bed and fuck my face hard they were licking me down there while daddy looked on stroking his cock but on my 13th birthday Daddy planned something special.  He was going to fuck my pussy and once he was done, each one of my brothers got to fuck me too.  My first real gang bang.  Ever since then I just can’t get enough cock.  I am a true nymphomaniac sexoholic with total submissive characteristics.  I will let you do what ever you want to me.  The more out of the norm the better.  I have lots of kinky zany moves I can do to you.  But Master you are in control… Call Joanne for the best subby whore you will ever meet.

 All toys and devices welcome, the more pain you inflect on me the more it pleases you and that gets me off most of all.  You won’t find a more obedient, sexually obsessive phone sex cock whore then little ole me!  You see I was trained at a very young age to obey whatever daddy says or get my ass whooped but good with the belt.

 Joanne   1-888-221-9006

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nina 173 I’m your barely legal teen slutty girl

Hi there, I’m your barely legal teen slutty girl! I love to have naughty phone sex, while playing with my tight barely legal pussy, and rubbing my tiny little breasts. One of my favorite roleplays is being the hot teen girl next door. Can you just imagine me turning up on your door step…..think you’d be able to resist me? Or maybe I’m the new student, ready to show my teacher how bad us slutty teen babes can be! Make sure you give me a call, I love dirty talk and filthy phone sex, so what are you waiting for? Maybe your just in the mood for a hot sloppy teen blow job.

Seriously, girls today ALL suck cock. All the older pervs who play with me tell me that today’s teens are far more horny and wild than teenagers were when they were young. I believe them!

I’ve always had a thing for older men, and my young, tight body has always gotten plenty of attention from them. So, do you think it’s true? Come find out how horney us young girls are!

Dont forget I also do Cyber Sex Sessions !
IM me on yahoo at: ageplaynina


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 Do you fantasize about underage preteen little girls that you can’t have?  Well I’m here to help you with that ~winks~  I’m sweet & submissive daddy’s girl that pedos  ALWAYS mistake for underaged schoolgirl jailbait.  Really I’m just a barely legal whore that gets off on fucking pedophiles who are convinced I’m the preteen fuck of their dreams. It turns me on to fool old perverts like you.  I’d love to be your special little girl & call you daddy as your stretching out my young pussy & filling it with enough cum to cream down my leg.   . . . mmmm . . . If you’ll be my daddy, I’ll be your cum dump any day of the week.  Call today for a no taboos pedophile phonesex fantasy.  My wet little snatch is waxed, oiled, & can pass for an underage pussy so tight you’ll cream your pants just thinking about me.

Teen Tiffany

tiffany 2813929 Tiffany~ Pedophile Phonesex

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I’m so jealous that mommy gets daddy’s cock inside her loose old MILF pussy whenever she wants.  I think a good daddy should only use mommy to make sweet little girls like me – sweet little princesses who love having daddy suck on their little nipples & tight little preteen cunts.  I’ll do ANYTHING to get daddy’s attention, even wear my cheerleader uniform with a pair of very stinky dirty panties that smell like sweaty pussy.  I just want daddy to pay attention to me.  I want to be the only little girl to wrap her slut mouth around his cock  . . . Daddy I promise your cock is the only cock that’ll I’ll ever let split my barely legal cunt open.  Call me today for a no taboo daddy daughter incest phonesex session – My little ass and tight pussy are always ready for you, daddy

Teen Tiffany

tiffany 2811629 Tiffany~I’m SOOO Jealous of MILFS!

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0amelia 22 teen phonesex with amelia

I have to start college soon and Daddy said that I needed to make sure and practice all the things he taught me and make him proud while I am away. So here I am looking for NEW Daddies and Uncles to play with, and I just can’t wait.

Now Daddy, I am pretty spoiled and I always get what I want, so don’t try and resist *giggle* You know that pretty soon I will have you wrapped around my little finger and you will have me wrapped around you, just the way you like it. I am your very own special princess and I will do ANYTHING to make my Daddy happy, you just have to ask.


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normal sexy%20%2843%29 Are you ready to be my Daddy? Can I be your special girl?

I learned at an early age to get what I want and you taught me how, by being your special girl. I love being my Daddy’s girl and I know just how to make you and my Uncles happy.

Remember when you caught me playing in Mommy’s fancy dress and you teased me about filling it out one day? You made me show you my pretty cotton panties and little titties, pinching them. It made me squeal and we laughed and laughed. After that we had many more fun playtimes. I love you Daddy and want to show you just how good I can be. I don’t mind if you make me play with you and my Uncles too. If I’m a very good girl, will you let me stay up later or go out with my friends or buy me a treat?

Are you ready to be my Daddy? Can I be your special girl?


2332151m7xz9gavi6 Are you ready to be my Daddy? Can I be your special girl?

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2178822vhaexorhdj Ruby~Bratty Cocksucking Babysitter Phone sex

Imagine your redheaded teenage babysitter in pigtails, old frayed daisy dukes, & a sheer white t-shirt that is so tight her nipples poke through. How good would it feel to take her to the downstairs bathroom while your wife’s sleeping and pound that hairy virgin firecrotch until you HEAR her cherry pop . . . hold onto those pigtails while bobbing your hard meatstick in & out of that bratty little mouth .. . . shoot globs of sticky cum all over those big brown freckles? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll be your no taboo bratty babysitter ~giggles~ Call me!



normal ruby%20%2812%29 Ruby~Bratty Cocksucking Babysitter Phone sex

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You’re not the only one who fantasizes about having young taboo incest, I have my own sick & twisted fantasies too.  I dream of a dad who will fuck me like his naughty slut daughter.  I want him to dress me up in sexy lingerie & force me to suck his cock & balls.  I want him to stretch out my hot cunt hole with his fat pedo daddy cock & make me like it.  Then . . . I want him to make me have bisexual lesbian incest with my underage little sister.  Oh I’m such a shameless filthy whore!  Is this a fantasy phonesex roleplay you share with me?  If it is, call me today for a wild ageplay phonesex session & let’s masturbate together!


abygail 2810829 Abygail~Young Taboo Fantasy Phonesex

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Why are 2 sluts better? Because we’re always the life of the party – the last ones to leave & the first ones to fuck!  I doubt there is any kinky story or naughty fetish you can mention that I haven’t already done *giggles*  I have TONS of erotic stories I can share with you during  our cheap phoneseXXX session, do you have any to share with me?  My specialties are Cheerleader School Girl Fantasies, Mature Man Younger Woman, Ageplay Fantasy Phonesex, and even bisexual 2 girl role plays.  Call me now & as for Big Tits Danielle!


normal 1danielle 283129 Danielle~2 Sluts R Better Than 1!

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Slide your hard throbbing cock between my two huge tits while I gently suckle that sweet drop of pre cum from your cock.  Pinch my hard nipples and spank these big tits until my tight teenage pussy creams with slut juice.  I want you to fuck my big breasts, pussy and asshole and make me YOURS!  I need a daddy to show me how to behave!  Do you need a sassy slut to get you off?  Call me today for daddy/daughter ageplay fantasy phonesex session!


normal 1danielle 28729 Danielle~Big Tit Phonesex

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amelia 39 Naughty teen phone sex girl Amelia

I have been so naughty this year on the teen phone sex lines that I think I will take a break…


I have had to much fun with all you pedo perverts and ageplay phone sex guys! I want to take a second to tell you THANK YOU for helping me discover the naughty naughty world of taboo fantasies!

I am sooooo looking forward to the next year and wander what will be in store for me to learn!

Call me anytime!


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Daddy caught me playing with my little cunt. He scared me when he walked in the room! I thought he was mad but he was not, he said he wanted to make sure his little girl was satisfied without going to a stranger that might hurt me. And, I needed to be taught how to masturbate the right way. He went to his room and got one of mommy’s dildos.

nina1 Teach Nina how to work her barely legal pussy.

Then he laid me on the bed spreading my little legs and started rubbing his fingers up and down my creamy teen slit.  I got so wet.  Daddy could not resist pushing that dildo inside my young cunt.

“‘My god I can’t believe I am fucking my little girl” he said.

I could tell daddy really liked it, and I knew it felt real good. I didn’t want him to stop. He started licking my little clit tasting the cream from my young pussy. He told me he could not hold back anymore and pulled out his cock. He yelled again oh my god I am going to fuck my baby girls cunt. As he slipped his throbbing cock inside my tight fuck hole. 

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006


  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles


 Teach Nina how to work her barely legal pussy.


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monika234 550x826 Monika

Working as an executive in my Daddy’s company for the past 15 years has opened many doors for me.

I have always been his spoiled little princess, but I have earned every dollar I have made. As a top notch work-a-holic and slut…I know how to get the job done. But I like to PLAY as HARD as I WORK.  Cum have some unrestricted nasty play with a very nasty girl.  A a lady who likes to take charge and have her way with you.

 No Taboos, and All Fantasies are always granted. Your Ass will be stuffed full and fucked HARD. What are your nasty little fantasies? Are you a spoiled bad boy just needing discipline? Are you a sissy boy playing dress up? Maybe you just a little slut puppy, panting, begging and just waiting to please? I enjoy many types of S&M fun, from hypnotic, sensual to sadistic, mean and cruel.

Together we will search, find and strech your limits to new heights. A few of my favorite things include feminization, anal play ( can you spell STRAP -ON) , CBT, Humiliation and spankings. Have you ever fantasied about being kidnapped or ass raped? I am in search of cock craving, begging, whinnig, needy little pussy bitches, dress up boys, toilet slaves, and slutty students who want to earn some extra credit…

1992385t7gn87myoj Monika

Monika <–Click to view my Pesonal Profile
taboo.monika <–is where you can IM me on yahoo
Blogs <– View My Personal Blogs Here

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0amelia 6 550x468 daddys lil girl phone sex

I am on the prowl.

I need a very bad Daddy to take me by the hand and lead me down that creepy hall and take all my little girl innocents right there in my room covered in all those stuffed animals. I will do anything you want Daddy, as long as you make the first time hurt and me scream. You love to hurt me Daddy dont you? And I love to make you WANT to punish me.

I am the teen dream who will drive you crazy with her naughty mind and cute body. Nothing is going to take you to the edge faster or harder then my tight barely legal pussy. I have been told pussy this good would make a grown man cry to taste the creamy sweetness. Try it Daddy.

You know you want to. Call me for hot Daddy phone sex.


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Dressing up in my sluttiest school girl uniform for roleplay fantasies is something kinky I really like doing for my phonesex callers!  Do you like to dress up too?  I like playing with sissy boys, cross dressers, and have no taboos!  Call me today for a mutual masturbation phone session with a horny school girl slut!


tiffany 2813429 Tiffany~ Schoolgirl Phonesex




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charlene 289629 School Girl Phonesex

Hola Caballeros !  Hello Gentlemen – Now I know a “Cougar” isn’t usually considered
a school girl but I am committed to fulfilling My callers request.  My mature caller
wanted to play he was My Papi. He wanted Me to be 16 years old cuz he wanted cuerpo
(body).  I informed him that someone like Me was born with a body.  He liked the idea
of My white cotton panties under My little plaid school girl skirt. 

Have you had that fantasy ?  Where did you go with yours ? I love a nasty Daddy that
I can wrap around My body or My little finger.  Do you want to be My Papi ? I can be
a your school girl or your Cougar…name your poison. 

Si, hablo espanol Papi.

Cougar Charlene

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nina 38 300x450 Ageplay Phonesex with Nina

I am  into older/younger stuff – Ageplay, incest, daddy & daughter roleplays!

Nothing is sexier than a man who can be the daddy I always dreamed of. I can think of some real kinky ways to go with that fantasy.
Most of all, I say we have fun and explore some real taboo stuff, water sports sure looks like fun. Don’t be shy and lets take our kinks and fetishes to new levels. I have no restrictions. Do you?

490773cu1kg3dkzs Ageplay Phonesex with Nina

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megan 32 216x300 Bring in June right with having hot phonesex with me.

  I am looking for some hot nasty phone sex, I love it to be so

 fucking taboo and no limits. Call me with your deepest darkest
fantasies and lets have some fun doing them. Anything goes
with this hot horny teen slut. Remember No TABOOS or should
I said what the fuck is a taboo lol. Call now so we can play.


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0amelia teen phonesex with Amelia

I am in the mood for some hot daddy daughter phonesex fun! I want a big hot daddy to teach me how to become a real woman like mommy! Do you think that you can teach me a thing or two? I love to cry and whine and beg to get my way but I think your gonna give into your own temptations and naughty perverted pedo thoughts and just take me arent you?

Call me for naughty teen phone sex


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normal c01 Teen Phone sex with Nina
I like the element of shock when guys first meet me or hear my voice over the teen phonesex line. I come off as so sweet, cute and innocent. I am just that. A real Daddy’s girl, the kind of girl you want to have your mom meet.  But don’t mess with me. I am spoiled and get what I want as a rule. I use my cutsy ways and appearance to addict you, captivate you and once you are under my spell, you will do whatever it takes to play with me.

There is a mystery about me and some say I am in league with the best and nastiest of teen phonesex. Maybe torment your cock until you submit to me in whatever way I choose to allow or not allow the cock to release.  I will have you agreeing to do whatever it takes to get to cum on our teen phonesex call.  Black mail you, force you into chastity, cuckold you, forced financial slavery, buy my school clothes, pay for my spa outing for me and my friends, trips to the mall, or maybe a nice new car. You want to cum, don’t fuss just pay up. Do whatever I say.

Teen phone Sex with Nina

120247mcv711uxx1 Teen Phone sex with Nina

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krystal 12 233x300  Its older man/ younger girl phonesex time!It’s older man/ younger girl phonesex time!

I really need and older guy to get me off! My name is Krystal, I am a 19 year old coed totally into older guys! If your over 30 call me for some older guy/younger girl phonesex. Young guys do nothing for me! they just can’t quench my fire down below! The first time I had sex with my boyfriend he came so fast!  Thats when I decided to break up with him and go for the experience of an older guy! Look at my nice hard body and firm tit’s and ass, you know you want it! so what are you waiting for!

Pick up the phone! don’t be shy! we can have a real hot older man/ younger girl phonesex time!


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