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Hey there Mr. Teacher!  You’re not gonna flunk me this semester, are you?  Cuz if you do, I’ll be in deep shit with Mom & Dad!  Please, I’ll do anything you want if you’ll let me pass your class with an A.  Why don’t you sit on that desk & relax as I slowly pull down your pants, your boxers.  Watch closely as I kneel down and take your aching, stiff cock into my hot teenage mouth, my tongue slowly flicking your swollen, moist head.  Mmmm . . .the feeling of your solid prick filling up my mouth is making my sweet pussy cream.  I think it’s time you take off my pretty pink panties and fuck my cunt good & hard!  I promise you won’t be disappointed, I’ll earn that A for sure!  Call me today for a no taboos phonesex session, barely legal teenage phonesex, rape abuse, student teacher, or for your naughty girl next door fetishes!  Hot, wild kink is the way I like to play!


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Big Teen Tittie Incest Phone Sex 
Hey Baby ! 

Just wanna tell you how Daddy & Me have been
having some hot fucking fun lately.  Well, as you
can see, Daddy has been nursing on my big titties
real good lately, as they have grown.  I just love it
when Daddy comes home and gives me all that hot
sex he gives me.

We are doing it every day and night now, and I just
love it !  Daddy tucks me in at night, with his big fat
hard cock, and wakes up doing the same.  As soon
as he comes through the door from work, he tells me
to take it all off for him, or he strips me down, himself.

I just love the way Daddy romances me by sucking on
my big fucking titties.  Daddy says they will grow to be
bigger than Mommy’s if he continues to suck on them
everyday and night, the way he has been doing since
I was 5 years old.

I just get so turned on by the way he sucks on them
and the way it feels.  All the while he is sucking on
those titties of mines, he is fingering me so damn
could, I sometimes can’t hold it and will have a
sweet golden shower or cum right there in his
mouth, or if he is fingering my sweet lil cunt,
I cum on his fingers !

He is presently trying to teach me more control
with that, but it just feels so good I can’t help it
at times.  I know you want some too, so call me
and let’s have some hot ass teen phone sex fun.

Kisses, Autumn
Call me, now at:  1-888-221-9006

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Ageplay roleplay is hot this summer! So what could be better than some nasty incest phone sex with a barely legal coed teen like myself? Hmmm . . . I’d have to say a naughty phone sex fantasy centered around family fun—that’s right—me, sissy, & you, Daddy ~giggles~ I’m all about being the bad girl or your willing accomplice; no fetish is too wild or taboo for me. So whether you just want me alone or you want mommy, brother, and sister to join in with us too, call me today for the best guided masturbation phonesex session of your life!


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Are you looking for a sweet little daddy’s girl who likes adventure and is willing to try new stuff with her phone sex Daddy? Are you after that perfect teenage phone sex girl?

Maybe you wanna teen who you can spank  for being a naughty little cock tease.  Maybe I will get in trouble for showing off my little school girl panties to your boss. Maybe You have just plain had to much of my teasing and deside to teach me a lesson!

If your looking for a young, naughty little  teen phone sex girl for your big man cock. Call me and tell me what gets your cock off for this little girl.

Teen Phonesex with Brandy

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Whenever I babysit I make sure I’m dressed appropriately : tight little half shirt so short my belly button’s showing, and shorts so tiny that all I have to do is bend over to show the entire world my pussy. Lol, ya, I admit I do it on purpose to attract all those horny fathers. I feel bad for most of them, so unappreciated by their wives.

Do you fall into that category—in need of a wholesome teenage girl with a tight, sweet pussy? Need a babysitter phone sex girl? Well I’m only a phone call away ~winks~ just ring me up and I’ll babysit your cock and balls with my hot cunt and wet throat!


Babysitter phone sex with Abygail

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teen phone sex

teen phone sex girls

 When I was young, I was always close with my daddy.  I love the fact that daddy always paid special attention to me.  being his little princess while growing up had its advantages; now that im a teen I know how to always get what I want!  daddy loves spoiling the beautiful girl I have turned into ….. and thats whey I love teen  phone sex as much as I do

I think that is why I love special attention from older men, I dont waiste my time with guys my age, they do not know how to treat a daddies girl. I want to be pampered and loved. Are you an older man who craves the attention of a little girl? You need teen phone sex?  Call me and I will be your daddys lil girl!

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I’m super cute, and I’m oh so super horny teen phone sex girl! I’m kinda new to the whole phone sex thing – only been doing it about 8 months, but that doesn’t mean I’m new to getting guys off and loving every minute of it! I can’t wait to play with you and hear all your kinky fantasies and fetish’s!

 I like all kinds of phone sex calls! Wanna play with me? Call me now!

  • Student teacher roleplays
  • Your favorite Girl next door
  • Naughty Sister  fantasies
  • Pedo Teen Phone sex
  • Incest Phone sex Roleplays
  • Daddy and Daughter
  • Ageplay phone sex

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If Role Playing is Your Thing~ I can Be your Daddy’s Little
Girl, Naughty Ebony girl, Family Fun, Sexy Studentr, Secretary or Intern, Submissive little girl, Disobedient Slave, 
Naughty Little School Girl, Teenage Hitch Hicker, Bratty Teen Neighbor,
Horny Cheerleader that That Doesn’t Have a Problem Splitting Her Pussy
Lips For you!!!!


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Imagine your redheaded teenage babysitter in pigtails, old frayed daisy dukes, & a sheer white t-shirt that is so tight her nipples poke through. How good would it feel to take her to the downstairs bathroom while your wife’s sleeping and pound that hairy virgin firecrotch until you HEAR her cherry pop . . . hold onto those pigtails while bobbing your hard meatstick in & out of that bratty little mouth .. . . shoot globs of sticky cum all over those big brown freckles? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll be your no taboo bratty babysitter ~giggles~ Call me!


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I’m a barely legal slut who loves stripping and fucking girls & guys alike. I’m also into older men & have a tight little pussy that can handle loads of cum. Maybe anal’s your thing. Well, if it is, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I adore getting fucked in the ass & have even been known on occasion to pop a guy’s cherry with my strapon; especially those big Adult Babies! Fucking them in the ass while I’m supposed to be babysitting is some kinky shit if you ask me! Call me today for some Daddy Daughter Role-play, Barely Legal Phonesex, anal worship, and bukkake fun!

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My daughter has a cheek covered with my hot salty cum. You see I have a daughter that is 16 and about a month ago she told me she was having sex. She thought I would have flipped out. But much to her surprise I took it all in stride. Little did she know the reason why is because I’ve been watching her fuck the last two times she’s had sex at home. 
She has caught me jacking off a few times in the past. She never said anything other than a big smile and turning around. So I figured she would be okay with me jacking off out side her bedroom door. So tonight I did just that. I opened her bedroom door about 1/2 way. It was dark in her room and in the hall way. I wanted her at least see something if she were to wake up in the middle of me jacking off. SO I turned on the hall way light where it light the entire hallway including me and my hard cock. The way she was laying on her side facing me. If she opened her eyes the first thing she would see is me jacking off.
The more I thought about her waking up and seeing the harder I got and the faster I stroked my cock. It seemed the faster I got the louder I got. I got to the point I couldn’t take it any more. With a loud moaning sound I shouted I’m cuming for you Beth. I squirted my hot sticky cum into my hand where I smeared my cum all over my lips and walked into her bedroom naked it my cock only inches from her cute little face.
I got down on my knees right in front of her ans gave her a kiss on her cheek. Her cheek was covered with my hot cum that it started to get my cock hard again. I stood up again with my cock only inches from her face. I turned around and walked out of her room. I can’t wait for her to watch me jack off. I can’t wait to have her watch me cum for her. Until then I’ll be hard every day for her tight little pussy.

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I am a no taboos kind of girl who will talk about anything and everything. Oh, and I really like role playing too. I’d love to be daddy’s special girl, the naughty hot babysitter, your sister or her friend or maybe you would like me to be a horny school girl. I love nasty K-9 or other beastiality role plays. I did have a crush on my high school basketball coach. He had this big German Shepard he would bring to practice and make him sit in the corner while we played. I could see the dog getting excited when he watched us practice… I loved when his big pink poker started sticking out watching it made me excited and wet. To be close to him I would volunteer to stay after school and help the coach with cleaning up the gym and stacking balls. I would get to play with the dog, he was so strong, he’d knock me down and get behind me and try to mount me. Of course nothing happened, but I wonder what it would have been like to get fucked by that big boy. I want to hear all your perverted secret fantasies and I’ll tell you some of mine. Let’s have some hot nasty fun today! I am waiting for your call.

Miss Scarlet 1-888-221-9006


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I like to begin my guided masturbation phonesex sessions by seducing my prey.  Slowly I’ll undress for you by taking off my dirty panties & my tight push-up bra as you stroke your cock into a full-blown erection.  I want you to think of me sliding a 10’ dildo inside of my barely legal cunt as I lick and tease your cock with my hot, red lips.  You want to be inside of me?  Fuck me sooooo hard & good until I scream your name over and over and finally pass out?  oh, please do!  But please don’t forget to sodomize my tight little pink asshole too!  I’m all up for a kinky day of anal, oral, and vaginal fun!  Call me now for some small tit phonesex, bisexual babe fantasy fun, or some plain old vanilla kink!

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Age play phone sex is very HOT! And also very fun. Starting out as your little girl who gets younger and younger for you or just starting out your cute little girl is awesome. It doesn’t matter if I’m your babygirl or if I join you in playing with a very little girl, either way it’s hot!

No matter what the role play is, underage fantasy is hot and I’m your no limits, any age goes girl to play with! Your little Nina knows just how to be that sweet little innocent girl who wants to do anything to make you happy, or the innocent girl you can take full advantage of.

I can be the bratty little girl you want to teach a lesson to, the slutty little girl that Daddy taught to be so good to his friends too, just to name a few things we can do. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to find out what your favorite age play is and have fun with you too!

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

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  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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Are you a horny pedophile who’s looking for some incest ageplay or some daddy daughter roleplay phonesex?  I’m a barely legal babysitter whose sweet little pussy constantly craves big hard cocks—especially those of men much, much older than me!  Mmmm . . . just imagine spanking my sweet, tight ass & then pumping my little cunt full of your warm sticky cum, or having me wear pigtails & a schoolgirl uniform as you cram my bratty mouth full of your hard cock.   Call me, you pervert lol—no one gets all of your sick & twisted dirty fantasies, roleplays, or desires like I do ~wink~

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I’m Danielle, a barely legal teenager who loves to talk dirty on the phone!  One of my all time favorite positions to get fucked in is doggystyle.  How would you like the be the lucky guy behind my sweet school girl cunt—staring right inside of my wet twat and right between my big ass cheeks . . . watching your hard prick sliding in and out of each of my two tight holes?  Mmmmm . . . that’s right , Daddy, fuck me harder—fuck me so hard that my big fat tits bounce!   My little pussy is wet and ready for you to call now.  No taboos, babysitter phonesex, anything goes phonesex, and even ABDL are some of the things I enjoy!

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Today I had a pedo phonesex call with this guy who said I have a young, sexy, phonesex voice.  So sexy, in fact, that I kept his dick was hard as hell for the entire time of our no taboo daddy daughter phonesex fuck.    It was so much fun—I pressed all his right buttons & made him cum like mad in his boxers!!  Mmmmm . . . just turning him on kept my tight virgin pussy creamy for hours after he called!  Do you have any nasty fantasies you wanna talk about with me?  Call me now for some no taboos phonesex with a barely legal cheerleader!

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I still may be young and look very innocent but I love fingering and touching my sweet young body and bare little cunt. The silkiness of my soft legs, all the way up to the sweetness of my luscious teen pussy.  Sometimes at night when I am home alone I love putting on soft music, with the lights dimmed and maybe a few scented candles, then talking to you on the phone while having a mutual masturbation or ageplay phone sex session!

Let’s Play tonight, I am ready if you are!


Teen Phone sex
Teen Phone sex with Nina

 Yahoo Chat with me at: ageplaynina

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Hi Guys,
I’m a nasty teen phone sex slut who loves talking to older guys on the taboo phone sex lines.  I also love getting fucked in the ass and having my tight little pussy stretched out to the max!  I have tons of toys to play with while we’re on our phone sex call too.  Do you have any toys you’d like to use while we talk? 

  Call me if you’re interested in having a great time with a no taboos barely legal teen!  I also LOVE being spanked ~giggles~


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I will moan for hours as you fuck my tight teenage cunt raw. That’s right, fuck my slutty little ass good and hard, make me scream your name, make me like it! I want to be your submissive little whore, but only if you first treat me like the princess that I am! I love hot and nasty sex, and I LOVE fucking older men. I guess you can say I have a daddy complex ~giggles~ So no matter what your roleplay is, I’m the young cumslut for you–call me today!

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I’m a bad girl who just loves to be spoiled by Daddy. There isn’t one kinky thing out there I won’t do in exchange for a new cell phone, designer purse, or a trip the mall on you credit card! I’m all about giving amazing blow jobs . . . mmmm . . . the feel of a hard, throbbing dick sliding down my hot wet throat makes my tight teen cunt drip . . . You in the mood for some daddy daughter roleplay with no age limits or taboos?

 Call me now for some naughty ageplay phone sex & Incest phone sex fun!


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Hey there Daddy !

As I lay here in my bed, all I can think about is a Big Fat Daddy Cock
driving deep down in my throat as I anticipate it afterwards, deep in
my pussy. 

Ooh, I am so horny…Hey Daddy, do you have that big fat cock out for
me ?  You know I long to suck it and fuck it real good, just the way you
like it Daddy.  Are you stroking it for me ?  Umm good, cuz I’m gonna
suck it while you tittie fuck me.  Then I want you to ram it down my
throat some more and fuck me doggie style.

Umm Daddy, your cock sure feels good, deep inside my pussy.
Call me now and let’s see what else we can get into.

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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 cheerleader phonesex

Have you ever had a fantasy that a beautiful cheerleader makes you wear her cheerleading uniform?

Well I’m a cheerleader and I want you to wear mine and some of that dick sucking lipstick you know what color it is.  I have decided to make you into a sissy cheerleader. I would be a great teacher in helping you be the best little dick sucking whore there is. You’ll will enjoy every bit of your training and I will be in complete controll over you.  


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  • sissy boy phonesex with hot teen cheerleader
  • teen dresses up sissy boys

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Every time the phone rings my body starts to quiver in anticipation of whats cuming.  I press my thighs together squeezing my pelvic muscles against my already swollen pussy.  I can’t wait to find out what my next role play will be.  Its so much fun stepping into my caller’s fantasy.  I love it all, there is nothing I don’t get into.  I spent more than half my life experimenting with all different kinds of fetishes and kinks trying to find out where I fit. 

In college and to this date I experiment with any and all requests, the more taboo the better.  I have finally just embraced the fact that I’m an all around whore constantly craving orgasms and wildly turned on by so many nasty, unspeakable things.Call to tell me all your darkest fantasies, lets make sure we cum together

Charlene 1-888-221-9006

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I could suck your cock all day long and love every second of it.

 I really want to be your dirty little ageplay phone sex fuck whore. I love to ride cocks, being bent over your lap, and getting creamed all over. I’d really like to tell you about my naughty experiences.  And for you to tell me about all your pedo pervsions!

Give me a call today!


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Ageplay phonesex can be hot, especially if you get into the little girls and boys pictures. I love crusing the net with guys on the phone looking at nice tight young kids and imagining if they were a little more promiscuous then they seem.

Do you wanna chat on the phone and cruise with me?

Share those naughty thoughts with me as we look together!


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As you can see I am a strong woman of character, and it should not be a shock when I say little dick losers just don’t do it for me. Yes this is for all of you cuckold phone sex lovers, you are only good for driving me to all of my dates.



You can come in and watch if you like. After he is done with stretching my teen pussy and raping my tight virgin ass, you will have to suck the cum out of both of my hot tight holes. I always get what I want and you will do as I say if you are going to be one of my many phone sex slaves. There are no limits or taboos with me. I have a lot of experience with many different fetishes and role plays. Extreme Taboo Age play, Tease and Denial, Teen Rape Phone Sex and the list goes on and on

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I’m an Erotic Teen Slut that has what it takes to Blow your mind as well as
JUST PURE HOT ADULT PHONE SEX…Just Once Is All it will Take!!!
Let The Playing Begin!!!

If Role Playing is Your Thing~ I can Be your Daddy’s Little
Girl,Naughty Mommy, Family Fun, Sexy Teacher, Secretary, Strict
Mistress, Disobedient Slave,Horny Nurse, Domineering Boss Lady
Naughty Little School Girl, Teenage Hitch Hicker,Bratty Teen Neighbor,
Horny Cheerleader that That Doesn’t Have a Problem Splitting Her Pussy
Lips For you!!!!

I also Enjoy Fantasies About Rape,Incest,Gangbangs, B & D, S & M, Oral
Sex, Anal Sex, Watersports, Bondage, K-9, Crossdressing, Humiliation
and Golden Showers And Girls!!

Do You Have Any Favorites You Would Like To Share With Me?

Anything Wild and Kinky Totally Turns Me On and Makes Me So Wet!

I’m Available 24 Hours A Day So Call Me If You Dare!

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 I know what you need. Release all of your naughty fuck secrets with me. NO matter the taboo I am here for only your pleasure. Share the ones that you just can’t share with anyone else for fear of being laughted at, called a pedo, perve, sissy, faggot or anything else. I understand your needs and will fulfil any of them.

 I have a few that will blow your mind and leave you feeling drained. I will suck every last drop of cum out of youI am a big flirt and love flashing my BIG TITS to any and all that would love to see my round firm nipples.

I wear short little skirts (panties sometimes) but either way I will slide my fingers right between my soft coed lips and start to rub my clit while I am being watched.

I love to have an audience while I finger and stoke my pussy.  I guess you can say I am a Voyer.  It is such a turn on knowing cocks are  getting hard and pussies are getting wet.

 Call me anytime!

Here are a few more things I like

teacher student role play  *  family fun  *  rape fantasies  * mutual masturbation  *  sex in public

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I have had a lot of teen incest phone sex calls. Which I know  isn’t a big surprise since I am all about taboo phone sex fantasies and all, but I really do like the extra kink of a hot brother sister or daddy daughter incest roleplay. Incest is best and when it comes to kinky phonesex I can honestly say I !

So if you are a dirty daddy in need of some special attention from your bratty spoiled little girl, you need to know right now that I love to suck daddy’s big hard cock and I’m very good at it. I’ll make you so happy you won’t ever want to mess around with mommy again. I’ll give your nice daddy dick some sweet kisses before I wrap my mouth around it. You’ll be pumping away at my sweet face and throat fucking me before you can say “be a good girl and swallow daddy’s cum”.

Or I might indulge my horny little brother when he is curious about his hot older sister and let him see my perfect pink pussy and maybe even let him have a taste if he promises to do my chores for awhile. If you are a really lucky boy, I might even let you fuck your sexy sister, banging away at my hot box until you squirt gobs of cum all over the both of us. Older brothers aren’t left out, no way. They like to convince their trusting little sis that they really are supposed to do all kinds of forbidden things as long as no one finds out and no one is as eager to please as your little cute sister.

So daddy, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather – it’s time for some special family fuck fun.

I’m here. I’m ready. I’m wet. I’m willing. I’ll never say no.

Distract me already!         Jenni

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