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Erotic phonesex

Erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Do you have a secret desire that no one knows about but you? Well, if it’s a desire I haven’t heard of, I’d love for you to better educate me all about it! No matter what your fetish, from mild to wild, the sensuality of foot worship, or highly dark and deviant taboos—I’m a quick learner and always up for a challenge with erotic phonesex!

I know it can be hard to find the right phone sex girl, but I also know damn well that I am the answer to what you’re looking for! So stop lying to yourself, baby—you know you keep cumming back to my page here on the web to stare at the naughty XXX pics of my sweet pink pussy, soft tits and adorably beautiful face.

You might as well call me ~wink~ I have absolutely no taboos and no restrictions! So here’s your invitation to “cum inside me” and explore your deepest desires on a totally new level of erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Adriana – 1-888-221-2006

* Special Rate for me this week! Must mention this blog!

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If you are ready to enjoy the many magical delights of an asian phone sex girl, you need look no further. I have much knowledge and experience in the art of pleasing men. You will see this from the very first phone call we have. The musical sound of my voices will have you panting from the first “Hi.”

That is only the beginning, too. You will be taken to total sexual satisfaction by me. Asian phone sex with me will be like nothing you ever imagined. You may be horny when you call but as youhear me you will become even more in need of release.

Of course, if you like to be the one in charge of things,  I am okay to that as well. I am more than happy to let you take control of the entire asian phone sex fantasy if that is what you  want from our call. Your pleasure is my goal and I amgoing to make sure that you get the most out of your quality time together.

Asian Yoshie
No Taboo or Restriction Asian phone sex

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Naughty Phonesex with TS Dasha

I’m a Naughty Phonesex shemale who’s as open as a book.  I have lots of stories to tell you & have nothing to hide.  Feel free to cum inside my naughty box any day & confess all of your dirtiest taboo secrets.  I promise not to tell a soul, your secrets are safe with me.  I get off on hearing all your taboo fantasies and sharing mine as well.  Nothing makes my thick cock cum harder than when a guy tells me all about a nasty real life experience he’s had.  I’ll not only be your personal sounding board but your personal fuck toy as well—as long as you let me slip inside your naughty box, I’ll let you crawl as deeply into mine as you like.  I promise you that one trip inside my hot naughty box will make wonder why you’ve wasted all these years merely dreaming about it instead of doing it.  You ready to take the plunge with a woman like me?

Naughty Phonesex with TS Dasha is for naughty men dying to come out and play!   I’m your kinky slutty shemale who takes taboo to the extreme!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Phonesex Story made Danielle Cum!

This Phonesex Story my caller told me made me cum soooo fucking hard—it really rocked:

She was so turned on by the sound of her neighbors fucking, her large pink nipples perked up.  Slowly, she began rubbing the thin shirt over them, the sensation snaking all the way down the moist inside of her damp pussy.  Leaning back in bed, her thumb drew slow circles around the pulsating red button tingling above her hole.  She wanted to see them so badly, craved to watch her studly neighbor stab his meaty cock into his petite girlfriend’s tight little slit.  What she could really use right now, besides a portal through the wall separating their bedroom from hers, was a nice warm tongue in her pussy; slowly tightening, releasing, tightening . . . he was licking her now, she could hear them . . . oh god that loud smack smack smacking of his tongue lapping up his dainty girlfriend’s tart pussy juice . . . his head buried deep between her legs, licking her up and down, fingering her snug cunt until she creamed all over his face.  Oh if only it were she instead, having that moist tongue licking over every single inch of bright pink skin inside her fleshy mound, forcing her vaginal muscles to spasm into a massive eruption!

Gotta Phonesex Story that’ll make me cum again LOL?  I can’t wait to hear it—call now while my wet pussy’s still hot!

College Coed Danielle
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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This blog is dedicated to my Owner, Master, & the eternal love I feel between my whorish thighs for the way his MASSIVE 12 inch BLACK cock savagely splits my slutty cunt hole open wide enough to piss out a set of 10lb twins.  That’s right, all you white-bred small penis losers out there – read on up & weep about The Ebony God whom for nearly an entire year, has been and is The Master of my mouth, The Gatekeeper of my anal cavity, and The Key that stirs the juices of my wet pussy into a golden honeypot:

Dear Big Daddy Chocolate,
My filthy subservient ass is forever indebted to the way your thick chocolate snake stretches, rips, loosens, widens, gouges, & stabs the slick, bright pink walls of my trashy white vagina out of proportion.
Now that my bludgeoned twat has been made worthy of knowing the delectable agony inflicted uponst it by the writhing fleshy girth of your glistening ebony 12-inch dong, NEVER will I desire to allow another sissy-ass small-dicked cracker boy to fuck me with his puny pink worm.

Thank you for your tramp stamp—your personal seal of ownership & approval; allowing me to tattoo “Property of Big Daddy Chocolate” above my fat white ass.  I want you to know that nothing pleases me more than being the first slut allowed in your Bentley, to have knelt between your silken chocolate thighs & greedily swallowed molten gallons of your salty cum down my parched throat as my impotent husband watched on in a rage of green envy so sublime.

Forever I will worship & bow down to “The Center of my Universe”— “The Thick Black Snake” between your muscular thighs. I am your humble Big Black Cock Worshiper; your personal white slave & cum dump,


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Phone sex is the point where we take those moments we all have experienced and go farther than we ever thought we would with them. I love being that fantasy girl for you. That simple moment can have so many outcomes and that’s what I want to explore! It’s what turns me on.

Let that elevator get stuck while you are taking advantage of the situation and sticking it to me. Follow me off and pull me into a vacant room, pressing me against the wall. Maybe you go farther and follow me home, waiting until I get the key in the door before pushing your way in behind me…in more ways that one!

I could give you a list of things I think about and tell you just how it
makes me hot. You understand because you do it yourself too. I like the idea of strong men having control of the scene as much as I love having control of it. With me…it’s the constant give and take, the tease or be teased, chase or be chased. Are you ready to go farther? I hope so.


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Seven Days out of the week I wake up horny so i find someone to fuck me. Seven nights a week I go to bed horny so i find someone to fuck me. Why dont you come let me suck your cock. NOTHING makes me happier than to have a nice hard cock to enjoy. There is NOTHING i wont try. You know a hot MILF turns you on and knowing this could be you hard cock im sucking makes you even harder. If you a guy who like to hear my pussy get pounded give me a call at night when my boyfriend comes to visit so you can have him fuck me the way you like it. Make me scream with pleasure to have 2 men fucking me at once. Im naughty, nasty, and oh so very horny………….

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Electric Shock Therapy with a Sadistic Caller Today!

I’m in a mental facility, the Dr says I need a new type of therapy and pushes me through the automatic sliding doors and assumes his position near the back of my wheelchair. He whisks me to a room on the fifth floor where he straps me down and pokes an IV through my fleshy forearm. He’s giving me a muscle relaxant and purposely forgets to give me the normal general anesthesia.

The doctor places electrodes on either side of  my cranium. Cords extend from the electrodes, connecting to what appears to be an antiquated stereo set. A couple of dials protrude from the machine’s display. He laughs and says do you see this dial, and points to a line that says “danger” and then is red. He said that this will hurt, and he likes to get off seeing me in pain, he flips an unassuming switch.

A three-second burst of 160 volts blasts through me. While I am totally conscious, My torso jerks up and down. My arms and legs writhe only slightly, steadied by muscle relaxants coursing through my veins but that doesn’t help the pain, I scream and pant. My toes curl downward, as if my feet were trying ball up into fists. I’m experiencing a grand mal seizure.

Five minutes later, it’s over. I will feel a bit woozy the rest of the day. My short-term memory will suffer along with the pain and the memory of him squirting all over my face as I lay there helplessly, screaming in agony.

 Fun Call!

Thanks, Dawn

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You crave naughty asian phone sex because you need a certian level of pleasure. You are horny and you need the extra stimulation to help you cum. Well…my nasty mind and seductive voice will be just what you need to take you over the edge and leave you sticky and dripping. Your sexual satisfaction is my main objective today even is you are shy or nervous I will help you to relax and let go of all those stressful things.

Stroke your cock slowly and listen to my asian phone sex voice as I tell you what I am doing to every inch of your body. And you tell me what you will do to mine, anything you want,  All of you dirty secrets are safe with me. (Asian Phone sex)

I love experimenting with things that will have s both feeling so hot & horny that we cum and crash into a deep embrase and lay there unable to move. Call me today and lets cum together.

Yoshie – Asian Phone Sex

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What does EXTREME PHONE SEX mean to you?  Some men may think their sexual thoughts are kinky, strange, twisted, bizarre, or even weird when it comes to what makes them sexually aroused.  Extreme is another word in our vocabulary that is purely based on translation, interpretation and ones internal thoughts and or dialogue.  Extreme (according to Wiktionary) is a situation or idea that is taken to its limit, especially with two opposites or something that is different from normal.   So the next question that comes to mind is:  What is normal?

EXTREME PHONE SEX can mean so many things to so many different people as you can clearly understand.  Some girls in the phone sex industry view an extreme phone sex fantasy call as anything that is illegal in our society.   While other girls think that anal sex and anal exploration is extreme.  The girls found on this phone sex blog are open to anything and have absolutely no limits.  They will go any where your mind wants to travel.  Your extreme becomes their extreme.

We understand that finding the right fantasy phone sex playmate for you and your sexual desires is important.  We also understand it is important to find a  phone sex service that offers cheap phone sex rates so you can try out different girls, one who captures your needs the best and can make you cum the hardest, giving you the most intense release of all.  An operator who you can depend on, one you can trust and feel comfortable with.  One you can explore your deep dark secret fantasies with and who can bring them to life without judgement, just pure pleasure.

Here you will find intelligent, experienced, quality phone sex operators who love to indulge in EXTREME PHONE SEX fantasy calls with men just like you!  Click the phone sex operator links to the right of the page to begin your journey now!
==================================================== Message me or send me an Email on yahoo.

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I’m in the chat room all by myself tonight just looking for someone to get dirty with!!!  So what the hell are you sitting here stroking your dick to my pics for?  Cum find me in our phone sex chat room and let me show you how to really stroke it!


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Hi guys, I know I have spoken with alot of you as the owner and afternoon dispatcher but today I am super horny and for all of you that have been wanting to do a phone sex call with me, I am going to be available for calls all week! Yup, you get ME…lol… or if you want one of the other gals, i would be happy to help you choose!

Also all calls today are only $2.00 per minute but you MUST mention this blog BEFORE your call! Also we have a few new girls on our TEEN site and SHEMALE site! Check those out too! It’s never to early to break the new girls in good! Lol

Have a great week and talk to you real soon!

I am pso_lexi on yahoo if you need to ask any questions, just dont start with “hi” or i will block you thinking your a bot! LOL


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Do you love to look at perfect breasts with a nice aureoles and perky nipples? My Nipples get very perky when I get all excited. I want to know how you want to excite me? Do you like to lick, gently bite or pinch? I want to know what turns you and what games you like to play, Do you like a Nasty girl, one who is a bit dirty but clean, and innocent?

Well Come and show me what you like to teach me tonight!

AUTumN – 🙂

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two girl phone sextwo girl phone sex

Have you ever had a fantasy so wild you were afraid to share it with anyone? Cum talk to the girls of  ” Taboo Phone Girls” and they will create a fantasy so real you won’t believe your ears!
From young and sweet to wild and nasty to older and sexy, we have a beautiful group of ladies just waiting to play with you!
And just because they are beautiful, doesn’t mean they don’t get down and dirty! They love talking about naughty things that some women won’t talk about or don’t have experience in.
Cum give us a try! You won’t be sorry!

Oral, Anal, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &Fantasies Welcome!

TWO Girl Phone Sex Specials – 15 Min for $50.00 (must ask)

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I have to start college soon and Daddy said that I needed to make sure and practice all the things he taught me and make him proud while I am away.  So here I am looking for NEW Daddies and Uncles to play with, and I just can’t wait.

Now Daddy, I am pretty spoiled and I always get what I want, so don’t try and resist *giggle* You know that pretty soon I will have you wrapped around my little finger and you will have me wrapped around you, just the way you like it. I am your very own special princess and I will do ANYTHING to make my Daddy happy, you just have to ask.


Taboo.amelia on yahoo messenger

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I know you love when I sit in your lap and cuddle with you, feeling those big, strong arms wrap around me and hug me close. I love our special little games. I remember the first time you hid treats in your pockets and I had to dig in to find which one it was in. I know it’s our secret and I promise I will never tell. I can be your sweet little dress up girl or your  teen that desperately needs a lesson from your firm hand.

I know that if I do what you like, I know I will get lots of surprises!

Kinky Krystal

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I am someone who loves the feeling of something so deliciously hard, yet delicately smooth in my mouth, that I could cum just thinking about it! I love the sensation of the throbbing hardness and the musky scent of a man so much, Imagine my lips wrapped around you then CALL ME!

 You won’t be disappointed. I promise!
I love to show off my body and I’m a big tease. =)


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Jenni’s Phonesex Weekend with you!

I want to be your personal slut for the entire weekend. I want to make you cum in all the ways you’ve been wanting to lately. You can push it deep in my soft, wet, mouth, for a nice juicy deepthroat blowjob. I would love to show you how I gag on that cock while it’s going down my throat!

Then it will be time to get my sweet tight pussy wet so that I can climb right up on that thick cock of yours. I want it so deep inside of my pussy I’m going to fuck you hard!  Then it’s time to put it deep in my pink little ass. Come fuck me hard and give me that cream I need!


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Add a little bit of erotic pleasure to your day with this mature phone sex STUNNER . I will have you doing things you never thought a phone sex girl could ever possibly have you doing!

This phone sex call will be an electrifying timeboth of us . You live to please me, to love me, to cum with me.

Men love my mischievous smile, but mostly my addiction for cock. It gets me extremely excited to wrap my lips and suck on a nice hard stick. I love to slide it down my throat and gag as my pussy becomes excited. I am no church girl like I may appear, but the back door slut you always wanted.

My Kinky Sex Addictions:

Dildo Play ~ Strap On ~ Masturbating my Pussy ~Sucking the Cock
Rimming Your Ass ~Toe Sucking ~Ass Smothering


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Kitten's Phone Sex with Swim Coach, Frank

Hey Baby !
Everyone on the swim team knows what a huge crush I have on Coach Frank.
I haven’t exactly let him know how I feel about him, though.  One day after practice,
as I was getting out the pool…our bodies brushed up against each other.  That’s when
I knew I had to make my move.  I saw and felt the look and rise in his trunks, instantly.

He looked at me in amazement, yet embarrassed a lil as well.  I gave him a reassuring
look with my eyes, that it was ok.  I then told him that since everyone was gone, I wanted
to know if he could help me more with my backstroke.  I thought he would say no, but instead
he graciously accepted the invite to help me.

I was so happy, I didn’t know if I was coming or going at that moment.
The water suddenly felt good allover my body.  Feeling very erotic and
bold, I suddenly felt the need to grab his cock under water.  He said,
“Ugh, Kitten, I don’t think you should be doing that hun.”

I told him that it was ok, no one was around and I promise not to mention
it to anyone, if he would just do me right there and now.  At first, he gave
me another look of rejection, but then with his big strong hands, he began
to play with my nipples, and then rub my clit, finger fucking me real good.

The next thing I knew, we were in the locker room all to ourselves,
as he carried me straight to the benches, he fucked me harder than
I ever got it before.

WOW, Coach Frank, thanx for an awesome hot fuck…
I hope we do it again real soon !  Umm, are you next?
Call me now, and let’s have some hot steamy phone sex.

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

Call Me Now at:  1-888-221-9006

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Hey there Mr. Teacher!  You’re not gonna flunk me this semester, are you?  Cuz if you do, I’ll be in deep shit with Mom & Dad!  Please, I’ll do anything you want if you’ll let me pass your class with an A.  Why don’t you sit on that desk & relax as I slowly pull down your pants, your boxers.  Watch closely as I kneel down and take your aching, stiff cock into my hot teenage mouth, my tongue slowly flicking your swollen, moist head.  Mmmm . . .the feeling of your solid prick filling up my mouth is making my sweet pussy cream.  I think it’s time you take off my pretty pink panties and fuck my cunt good & hard!  I promise you won’t be disappointed, I’ll earn that A for sure!  Call me today for a no taboos phonesex session, barely legal teenage phonesex, rape abuse, student teacher, or for your naughty girl next door fetishes!  Hot, wild kink is the way I like to play!


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Remember that babysitter who watched you as a child, the hot one with the big tits and the way too small shorts? She used to make your dick so hard you’d run off to the bathroom and yank your cock until you exploded all over your hand. I bet your dad probably wanted to fuck her too, wanted to shove his face right between her barely legal thighs and lick her tight pussy until she gushed into his mouth. Maybe daddy really did and you watched the entire time, you naughty boy! So what are you waiting for? Call me and tell me all about it! Babysitter phonesex, pedo roleplay, ageplay fantasies, and the cheerleader girl next door are all fetishes I cater too ~winks~


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What happens on a phone sex call after you get off? Do you hang up on the girl? Does it feel all awkward when you cum? I encounter all types of callers with different reactions afte they squirt their load. I have guys who have called me several times and still hang up on me the second they cum on the phonesex call. Maybe they wanted to go to get cleaned up. Maybe they are in a hurry. Maybe it is “dirtier” that way! Sort of like picking a chick up in a bar and fucking her senseless and then kicking her out the minute you’ve cum lol!

I have some callers who obviously feel some sense of shame after. They almost behave like they are embarrassed. I’m sure not, but they seem to be. I have some callers who are less than embarrassed but maybe just don’t know what to say after.

I even know many operators who seem to clam up or feel some of the mentioned ways. I’ve known of girls in this business that actually get pissed off because a guy just hangs up. I always felt like it’s your call, you can end it how you want so it’s never offended me as a person. But I do think also that there is an after phone sex protocol that is almost no different then having real sex.

It’s a very private, real, and personal thing to share your orgasm with me. The least I can do is try to make you laugh after to release the tension of all that blood flow returning to your brain again. I guess we can’t cuddle after but we can be sweet to each other, or chitchat about something normal for a few minutes. Also releases that tension of returning blood flow. Sometimes the nicest thing a guy says to me is simply “thank you”. I’m not a rocket scientist, I am not making a major contribution to the world… but the thank you is always really nice to hear!


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The first time I ever had sex I was 15. My boyfriend, who I’d been with for 7 months at that time, was 18. He and I had talked about having sex, but he never pushed me. One night, he came to my window. I was surprised, and I let him in my room and laid in my bed with him. It was probably 12:30 at night. He’d said he’d been thinking about me all day, and I the same for him.

He started to kiss me, and I pushed my body close to his. He started to play with the elastic on my pajama shorts, and asked me if it was okay. I said, yes, of course. He slowly slid my shorts off…and started to finger me. I moaned and sighed with pleasure, trying not to wake up my sister across the hall.

He asked me if he could taste me. He slowly went down to my wet pussy, licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. This was the first time I’d ever been eaten out. I put a pillow over my face and moaned when I’d reached an orgasm.

He came back up to me, taking my shirt off and sucking my nipples. He put his hand in between my legs, and I spread them. His cock was throbbing. He teased my clit with it, and then finally stuck it in me. I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me.

He pulled out of me and came on my stomach. He cleaned it off like a gentlemen, and I sucked him hard again. After this, he turned me on my side and started to finger me again. He was ready for round two. I stayed laying sideways as he fucked me slowly at first and then faster and faster. The next day I was sore and bleeding, but it was well worth it.

LOGAN – Hot Phonesex Girl

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Mommy phone sex with Jackie

Mommy phone sex with Jackie
ABDL, MILF, GILF – that Granny you love to look up at.
As you lay on the oversized diaper changing table you see Me.
Mommy and Grandma never had such a wonderful touch.
My tender loving care bringing you to My breast – just for you Baby.
I’m a talented MILF/GILF who loves  to have fun!
andtruley enjoy mature phonesex sessions with abdl’s, diaper lovers and young men.
Call Me now so you can feel that diaper on your sweet bottom.
Mommy phone sex with  GILF Jackie
888 221-9006


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Bad Bad Mommy Sandra !
What shall it be today boys ?
I love to hear your phonesex desires.
Is your mind as hedonistic as Mine ?  
Soooo much on the menu.
Nothing feels better than a male body next to Mine.
Call Me to share your secret perverse fantasies.
Cummm share them with Me – What are you waiting for ?
Your MILF Sandra


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I’m Valley and I am your hot BBW phone sex slut. LOL, who am I kidding? I am always a bit of a slut not just on my phone sex calls! I love to get nasty with you and just love when you lick my sweet plump pussy. I will wrap my nice thick thighs around your head and pull you in even closer. Squeezing the back of your head as you tongue my slippery slit and nibble on my swollen clit.
Call me now for some hot oral phone sex with your favorite bbw phone sex girl!!
Your plump phone sex slut, Valley

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Well, this naughty woman wants to have a little phone fun with you; to beg for you to fuck my mouth, then splatter my face with your hot cum. You like to be in control, don’t you – to claim ownership of my hungry pussy?

I am yours for the taking, so please come and get me. I am a no-taboo kind of lady, and love to try anything once, twice, three times. If you’re up front and tell me what fantasies you would like to explore, I’ll take you on that journey as gently or as nastily as you desire. Just say the word, and your wish is my command.

Call me, Scarlet

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Sexually wise and very experienced in the kinkiest forms of sex play! My kinks and likes are to many to list. I am into all the exotic and taboo no no’s that you so crave to talk and dream about!

I am very kinky and open minded but I doubt that you will suprise me as i have heard and done many things in my life.

Call me today to talk about that Extreme Taboo with me!


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I love dressing up in my hot sexy lingerie. From my adorable babydolls, my camisoles, garter belts, thigh high stockings, silky panties and of course my variety of heels.  Dressing up isn’t fun unless I have someone to dress up with.

I know there is a sissy boy out there dying for a girl to call his own and do a complete formation into a sissy girl that you are.  You need lots training to become a successful sissy and discipline.  Once you make this big decision to change you can never go back to your man world and start dressing and acting like a slutty sissy girl.  Your Sissification sessions begin NOW!


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