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Naughty Neighbor Phonesex with Danielle

The slut in me likes Naughty Neighbor Phonesex sessions because they take you to a fantasy place where sex with anyone at any time is a possibility.  My favorite role-play has to be the one where I’m the young slut next door whose neighbor has been crushing on for a long time.  We know each other kinda well, I grew up next to him & say hi & stuff but we’re not like best friends or anything.  I tease him with my tight clothes & torture him by masturbating with my bedroom curtains open at night.  I know he watches me playing with my pussy but he doesn’t know that I do it just for him!  Then one night when I’m sure he’s being a peeping pervert, I text him & say I’m so hot for your cock, baby, wanna play?   From there it can be as mild or wild as we choose to take it!  What dark kinky place would you take this hot role-play to if you were my older, married neighbor?

Call me for a Naughty Neighbor Phonesex session full of steamy no taboo sex!  I have no limits & anything goes here as long as you get off!

College Coed Danielle
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sissy boy phonesex

I got a call from Chris today.  He had a specific role play he wanted to act out.

We have been happily married for the past 10 years.  I have a work conference and will be away for the weekend. Once I’m gone he turns on sissy porn and lays some sexy clothes out to wear.  You are shaving your legs, getting ready to assume your sissy mode.  You hear me open the front door.  I came home early because my meeting was canceled at the last minute.  Opening the door to our bedroom, I’m furious about what I see.  I’m stunned, but can’t help laughing at what you are wearing. You stammer in your squeaky voice “I wanted to know how it feels to be a woman.”  So many options with sissy boy phone sex.

 I tell me to sit on bed and wait until I come back; I go downstairs and secretly call every man we know. Our brothers, fathers, neighbors, coworkers and invite them over.  When I come back upstairs, I’m holding a bottle of tequila and pour you a few shots to get you drunk while I finish dressing you up.  I pull out a little blond wig I bought for a Halloween party a few years ago, The more I dress you up the more you start to look like a real sissy.  I continue to put make up on your eyes and face and of course we can’t forget the “cock sucking” red lipstick I apply to your lips.

 Once I have you looking perfect, I take you downstairs to 15 men and tell you “Now you will know how it feels to be a woman.” They ALL pull out their cocks, I tell them to stick their cocks in your mouth, another abuses your virgin pussy-ass, after a few of them take turns fucking your face and ass, I tell them to piss and cum all over you, I make sure they degrade you, as I make you please EVERY cock in the room like a good little sissy boy phonesex

I watch and laugh as I get to fuck that co-worker I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  You see me enjoying myself with a couple cocks too… I lean over and whisper in your ear “So now you know what it feels like to be a woman!”  Do you have a similar fantasy in mind? 

Call me at: 1-888-221- 9006

Cuckold Wife Marsha

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Public phone sex with kinky Girl Jasmine -  Exhibitionist phone sex

Public phone sex with kinky Girl Jasmine

Hot public phone sex chat with guys is hot I know. I was keeping my voice very quiet, but I knew the guy a few feet in front of me got the gist of my call. I started twirling my hair and smiling at him, licking my glossy lips.

He began to squirm, especially when I put my hand down the waist of my skirt – he knew what I was doing. I was so hot from the call that when I was done with it, I just knew what I was gonna do!! He followed me into the woods after my public phone sex call where I got onto my knees and gave him one hell of a blow job.

I have no limits and no taboos so join me and experience more public phone sex roleplays and fantasies with no restrictions. Mention this hot blog and you can get 5 free minutes on your call and please take a minute to vote!

 Exhibitionist phone sex
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Public phone sex, Sex in Public, people watching you have sex, naked in public, flashing phone sex, hot sexy public nudity, Outdoor phone sex …Join me in anything you would like – I love Exhibitionist syle phone play and I am sure you fantasise about it too!

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Hot Two Girl Phonesex = We want you and your friends to come fill our cunts asses and mouths with your hot sticky cream. Then shove your big dicks down our throats gagging us and making us bed for more.

Or join in on one of my fuckfest gangbangs and see me and my slutty teen girlfriends show you what being a professional Two Girl Phonesex cum whore is all about. Any two girls would pair up nicely for your dream cum true!

 Basically I like it all, I am down for anything baby! The nastier the better!

Abygail &  Jenni

 (& other hot friends)


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Exhibitionist Phonesex Slut Danielle

Sometimes my Exhibitionist Phonesex calls lead me to dark places with lots of bushes.  Other times it’s been as simple as walking out a door.  I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty horny on a few of them & have taken up a dare or two!  Once I changed into a really short skirt with no panties, slid a small dildo up my pussy, & sat across the elevator doors at my friend’s apartment building (I was apartment-sitting).  The guy made me play with myself while he described what he wanted me to do.  It was so hot!  I sat in a position on the floor in a way that made it hard for someone walking by to see that I was getting off, unless they really stopped & took a good look.  I felt like such a filthy slut but swear I came like 3 times while we were on the phone!  Have you ever done something as nasty as this?

Exhibitionist Phonesex Slut Danielle has lots of uninhibited erotic stories to share with you!  Call today & experience a true phone sex slut!

College Coed Danielle
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Exhibitionist Phonesex with Redhead Abygail

Exhibitionist Phonesex calls always make me want to go out & get into some awful trouble!  I think the perfect time for that would probably be when I go for my morning jog in the summers.  I love the way the
fresh morning air makes my nipples hard, erect against the flimsy tank tops I always wear.  When I feel the thud of my breasts bouncing against my chest, I instantly become aware of the older men around me fetching their newspapers.  I know they’re watching me with their morning wood, wondering how fucking good a quick thrust into my slick young pussy would feel.  I swear one of these days I’m going to stop & give one of those men a good fucking show . . . take him straight to the bushes & peel my pussy lips apart.  I could make myself come so quick knowing how badly he craves to be inside of me!

Exhibitionist Phonesex always makes me cum so hard.  What about you?  Do you care to share in a nasty fantasy like this with me?

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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flexible phone sex girl

Flexible phone sex  girl Jasmine

Do you want my mouth around your cock or do you want my tight pussy? My petite body is such a cock tease! I am small enough to jump up into your arms, wrap my legs around you and slide that cock in while you hold me up and fuck the crap of of me…Flexible phone sex girl.

Don’t worry I wont break and I do like if rough! I am a master at positions, very small and very flexible to that makes for some kinky sex in some unexpected places and times! Water parks, churches, parks, airplanes and even a football game while sitting in the crowded bleachers!

Join me in some hot and steamy Flexible phone sex  today!


Haughty & Nasty phone sex

Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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exhibitionist phone sex

Exhibitionist phone sex with Danny

I have always enjoyed doing exhibitionist phone sex calls, and one day after having a call with a guy who enjoys flashing his cock, I decided I would go out and flash my body.
I was really nervous, but pulled in at a big store, next to me was parked a pickup with two guys in it. I hitched my skirt above my thighs and opened my legs wide, I wasn’t wearing panties and they could see everything! It gave me such a thrill hearing them encouraging me to go further, which I did – much further! Now who knows, you may get much more the a exhibitionist phone sex call!

I enjoy pretty much any type of fantasy/fetish and/or roleplays, even if they are twisted I will do them just for you because I am here to please and make you happy. Well, unless you are some sissy bitch who needs to be put in their place, then I’m not really here to cater to you, I am here to put you in your place and treat you like the pathetic wimp you truly are.Lets Play on a exhibitionist phone sex call or any other hot type of roleplay!

exhibitionist phone sex with Danny
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Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex

Anyone up for a Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex fantasy today?  I once did this photo shoot where they painted my entire body silver.  And since sex is usually on my mind (DUH!), the entire time the photographer clicked away all I thought of was how wild it would be if I were an exhibit in a museum.  I fantasize about the museum closing.  The soft glow of the room refracts my shiny silver hair against the dim white walls.  A man comes from behind a large pedestal, walking up to me with his enormous cock swollen & throbbing.  He places one hand beneath the arch of my back as the other cups a voluptuous breast, forcing me forward & down towards his naked cock.  The dry paint around my lips cracks as he fishhooks my mouth & makes me bob up & down on his throbbing dick.  I choke & gag as it snakes wildly down my chapped, dry throat, recognizing the man as art professor.   He made me take on this assignment if I wanted to pass his class.  Now I know why.
This Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex fantasy I’m having is doing something awful to my slut cunt lol.  Any lucky guy out there wanna help me “blow the lid” off this thing?

College Coed Danielle
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Submissive TS Exhibitionist Phonesex

Let Shemale Giana show you the many pleasures of a Submissive TS Exhibitionist Phonesex call, because, who doesn’t like to be watched!

I know you’re watching me, even though you think I don’t know.  You’re staring straight at my hard nipples underneath my lime green sundress.  Your eyes are slowly raking over my body; from my big shemale tits to the pair of tan espadrilles housing my pretty French-pedicured feet.  You want to suck on my cute little toes, don’t you?

I’m pretending I don’t see your cock growing hard in those tight pants you’re wearing, but I secretly want to kiss your thick athletic thighs & slowly suck all the cum from your thick cock.  Maybe if I show you my bulge underneath this slutty sundress you’ll come over & slip off these dirty panties.  That’s right, baby, whisper in my ear that you want this kinky tranny to give you exhibitionist head right here in this park, in the middle of the afternoon with all these people around.  I like being watched too.  Cum pound my tight lady boy pussy . . .I want to feel your cum fill all my shemale holes!  

Call me, baby, let’s have a wild, no taboos Submissive TS Exhibitionist Phonesex session today!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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I was taught at a very young age how to manipulate men, how to tease them to the edge and then make them beg for more! As you can see  from my pictures I am a little older and I love to tease, love to make you think you will get some from me too, but that doesn’t mean you ever will!

I love to hear you moan and beg for more, that’s what gets me off!

Call me for your mature phone sex needs!
Don’t be shy to tell me your fantasies because I’m the one person that you can feel totally safe with.

My Yahoo IM is hypnoticxxxhope
Hope   1-888-221-9006

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Today I went to the grocery store wearing black fishnets stockings and short skirt that screamed easy access.  When the young man at the check out line – clearly staring into my ample cleavage – asked if needed anything eXXXtra, I said, “Yea, how about your young cock between these fat tits?”  He blushed for a bit but had no complaints when I grabbed the aching cock in his jeans & said, “Bring the groceries to my car.”  10 minutes later he was sucking on grandma’s big nipples & stabbing my hot GILF pussy with his young dick.  My MILF sluthole dominated that young cock so bad he couldn’t walk straight after I pushed him out of the car.  Granny needs cock.  Want some of this?  Call today for some mature cougar phonesex, exhibitionist roleplay, or grandma incest fantasy fun!

Granny Beth

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When I think of a little girl’s daddy coming home & finding his little princess fingering her cunt like a prostitute in his bed, it makes my hungry pussy slick & hot.  My swollen clit quivers thinking about him violating his daughter with these acts of pedophilia, incest & rape, even though that’s what the little whore secretly wants.  I ache all over for that scenario; to be a fly on the wall watching a naughty pedo daddy punishing his tramp daughter’s creamy little virgin vagina with a brutal insertion from his massive cheating cock. If I put on a schoolgirl skirt that shows my tramp stamp tattoo & a tiny little blouse that shows off my little nipples & belly button ring, can I be the daddy’s little girl in your naughtiest sexual fantasies?  I want to be your young fuck toy or your accomplice in crime.  Call me for a no taboos phonesex session – I have a warped mind & a hot young body!

Dirty Danielle

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This blog is dedicated to my Owner, Master, & the eternal love I feel between my whorish thighs for the way his MASSIVE 12 inch BLACK cock savagely splits my slutty cunt hole open wide enough to piss out a set of 10lb twins.  That’s right, all you white-bred small penis losers out there – read on up & weep about The Ebony God whom for nearly an entire year, has been and is The Master of my mouth, The Gatekeeper of my anal cavity, and The Key that stirs the juices of my wet pussy into a golden honeypot:

Dear Big Daddy Chocolate,
My filthy subservient ass is forever indebted to the way your thick chocolate snake stretches, rips, loosens, widens, gouges, & stabs the slick, bright pink walls of my trashy white vagina out of proportion.
Now that my bludgeoned twat has been made worthy of knowing the delectable agony inflicted uponst it by the writhing fleshy girth of your glistening ebony 12-inch dong, NEVER will I desire to allow another sissy-ass small-dicked cracker boy to fuck me with his puny pink worm.

Thank you for your tramp stamp—your personal seal of ownership & approval; allowing me to tattoo “Property of Big Daddy Chocolate” above my fat white ass.  I want you to know that nothing pleases me more than being the first slut allowed in your Bentley, to have knelt between your silken chocolate thighs & greedily swallowed molten gallons of your salty cum down my parched throat as my impotent husband watched on in a rage of green envy so sublime.

Forever I will worship & bow down to “The Center of my Universe”— “The Thick Black Snake” between your muscular thighs. I am your humble Big Black Cock Worshiper; your personal white slave & cum dump,


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In public I tease and flirt with you, play with my long blonde hair, pull up just enough of my skirt to show you the long curve of my leg & lace hem of my stockings.  I know all the cute little girl tricks to make any man’s cock hard.  But in private I’ll push you onto your back, then slowly slide my wet slutty pussy & tight little ass all the way over your chest & mouth; smothering your face in my hot dripping mess.  You will be sensually suffocated & teased until you lick my musty wet twat clean to my satisfaction.  I ride cock hard and love having my little nipples suckled & bitten.  In turn, you can shoot your cum anywhere you like on my barely legal body.  Let’s have a hot smothering phonesex session, call me today!

Dirty Danielle

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What turns me on:

  • I love the feel of soft lips on the small of my back, wet cold lips!
  • Hearing what you want to do to me and you going into detail
  • KNOWING i am turning you on.
  • I love my toes sucked and rubbed, nothing gets me wetter!
  • Lot’s of Oral sex, pussy eating and blow jobs are so fucking hot!
  • Hearing how you wanna rape me when you break into my bedroom late at night and what you will do to me!
  • A woman in thigh highs and a corset, Mmmm – so hot!
  • Hot steamy showers, washing each other off, all the naughty places.
  • I am very Voyeuristic, and a bit of an exhibitionist, seeing & doing with others watching is hot!

I guess you can say that new things turn me on. I love to hear the guys on the phone tell me about unusual fetish’s and fantasies…Its weird because I even get turned on to some of the wierdest things. I never imagined that there was so many different fetish’s out there!


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Hey there, Sexy Guy !

So like I was just thinking something while taking a nice dip
in the pool today…wouldn’t that be lovely to have a hard cock
not only taking a sexy dip in the pool alongside me today, but
licking and sucking on my sweet cunt, as I lay poolside amidst 
the morning sun.  Umm, cum and feed me sweet ripened
chocolate coated strawberries, as we lay intertwined on
the beach chairs, sucking, licking and fucking each other
in between you getting some sweet kisses from my juicy
lips; in other sexy places from me, as well.

I want you to Cum n Get Some of my tantilizing luvin’…
Trust me, it will be like no other you have experienced.
I will whisper sweet sexy moans in your ear and make your
cock truly rise to the occasion. 

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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This Slutty Teen loves to put things in her mouth as you can tell, she will suck down the largest or nibble on the smallest! As long as there is something in this hot teen’s mouth, shes happy!!

     Logan  loves attention, And she demands it, growing up as a “Rich Teen Bitch” she is use to getting her way. She even makes her BF’s watch her while she blows other men right in front of him, even though she has money she will get everything she can from her worthless little “fuck toys” and she usually gets it!

      Call Logan Today, Let her blow you away!


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Call Tiffany – Your little tease & Denial phonesex Teen

All the guys I have been with tell me the same thing. “You are nothing but a cock tease.”  I can’t really help myself, you know? I enjoy my work. I have become an expert at something at such a young age. The power I have over you in unreal.

I feed off your energy to cum, the stronger your urge becomes to release your juices, the stronger my urge is to make you suffer before giving you any pleasure. I get so energized hearing you squirm and beg. I just love giving your balls the workout I demand.

Never doubt my abilities, You will only cum when I want you. Until then I challenge you to man up and take what comes to you and be happy that I am allowing you the pleasure of just hearing my voice.

Nervous?  GOOD!  I like to see you tremble.


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Public Sex Phonesex with Dawn

The hottest fuck I ever had was on the overpass to the interstate where I’m from! It was so hot getting my pussy drilled as the cars below were beeping and waiving at us! Call me for some public sex phonesex!

Tell me over the phone in what public place you want to do me! I’m totally addicted to public sex! I’ll do it anywhere! Public restrooms, dressing rooms, I even gave a guy head once sitting in a restaurant waiting on dinner! He was a sweety though and came in my mouth right before dinner was served! Call me and lets have some public sex phonesex and you can tell me the wildest place you mind can make up to have public sex!

Public Sex Phonesex with Dawn

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I’m ADRIANA and I’m a gang bang freak! Call me for some hot gang bang phone sex and tell me about your freaky wild experiences! I just love being in a group and being the center attraction …LOL!

The more the merrier with cock everywhere! I have always fantasizes about having my ass and cunt stretched to the limit, two cocks fucking my ass another in my mouth, another pounding my throbbing wet pussy and a cock in each hand with more waiting in line to use and abuse me! What kind of gang bang phone sex scenario can you throw at me?

Call me now for the nastiest gangbang phone sex experience this side of Bangcock!


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Hi Boys ! My name is Jackie – I am a bit of an exhibitionist – are you ? I have My share of what some might call naughty tales. I bet you have some sexual tales of your own. I love the idea of you Me and one of your friends. Wouldn’t you love to watch your friend with Me…then he can watch us. Which fetish is your baliwick ? Are you more into rolepays or fantasies ? I love hearing about them. I’m sure you never tire of reliving your best.

Cummm spend some time with Me. I know I can hit it out of the park for you.

GILF Jackie

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I am into exhibitionism & Love it!

I am an exhibitionist and I love showing my perky titties and lifting my skirt to flash my fuckable ass and tight long juicy thighs. I drive my neighbors crazy by walking around the house wearing nothing but high heels and a garter belt. And yes…the drapes and shades are wide open for all you peeping toms to see.

It’s quite a show. It makes my  pussy dripping wet knowing that I have an audience and my neighbors are jerking their cocks watching me. If you want to be a phonesex voyeur, give me a call! I have lots of pics I can share with you during or after the call!


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Do you enjoy public masturbation? I sure do!

I was out in a diner the other night late after a few hours at a bar and one (okay 10) to many drinks. It was 3am, and needless to say I was feeling very frisky & the guy sitting across from me was steady watching me,

I decided to see just how interested he was, so i reached under my table and lifted my skirt so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes got huge and I saw him unzip his pants.

I slid my hand to my already very wet and warm pussy and began spreading my legs further apart. He pulled his cock out, and It was already very hard! We passed glances and halted our movement for the occasional waitress asking us if everything was okay with our food. We both ended up cumming at almost the same time and it was really fucking hot! Let’s talk about the naughty things you have done & I may tell you about more things that I have done!



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Let me cum for you hard!

Do you want to hear my wet pussy getting wetter as we talk naughty on the phone? I will let you listen to me as I finger myself into a hot fucking exploding orgasm. I will cum over and over for you if you want me to, letting you deside how quick and how hard.

I will let you pick from my array of toys (so long as my batteries hold up) and let you deside where to put those toys… In my mouth, cunt or even slip it into my tight brown hole.

I just have one request form you and you know what that is, I want to hear you cum as well. Mmmmmmmmmm call me now I’ve already started!


Talk to ya soon!

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How often can you say you’ve been humiliated by a barely legal bratty teenage princess? I know you’re the kind of sick pedo pervert who has a fetish for underage girls; those flawlessly smooth bodies, soft bare silken pussies, and puffy little round nipples; just how hard does that image make your cock? You know you want to pop that cherry, rub your hands all over her tiny body, and fill her tight pink cunt up with a hot creamy load of your cum *winks*. I’m willing to be your accomplice to eXXXtreme underage roleplays. Call me today for a filthy phonesex session!


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doletta4I’m a hot black  mommy with a wild sex drive. Sometimes, when I don’t have anyone to play with, I get the urge to rub one off in the middle of the day. I have an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and toys at my disposal in case I’m having a sex emergency. I even carry a vibrator in my car in case I feel the urge to pull off some where and pleasure my hungry black pussy.  

The other day I was at a office meetng and they just hired this fly brother I couldn’t stop staring at.  I was having such filthy thoughts about jumping his bones.  I just couldn’t fight off the urge any longer, so I went to the ladies room and pulled a mini vibrator I keep in my purse for just such occasions. I went in the stall, played with my nipples till my pussy was wet and throbbing, then fucked myself good with my secret vibrator. Want to use my vibrator and your cock on me? Call for Doletta 1-888-221-9006!  

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Lay back and put yourself in my sensual hands. Let my sexy erotic voice and depraved imagination take us both on a journey of pure ecstasy and intense pleasure. You’ll be able to feel me there with you. You’ll feel every touch of my hand, every stroke of my legs and every sound of my sultry breath as it pours onto your mind.

Once you close your eyes you’ll be able to imagine me being right there with you. You’ll have no doubts that I’m pleasuring myself and riding the same waves of passion that you are. The sound of my seductive voice will etch itself into your erogenous mind, causing you to count the minutes until we can cum together again.

I’ll be waiting for you… Kisses


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I just got a pretty light pink french manicure done and I went to see amovie  and wow, I really had fun with my date! He had not seen it, so he was totally into the whole movie thing. But he was even more into my fingernails, slowly sliding up and down his thigh during the movie! I could hear him start to breathe a little harder and squrim all around the seat.

 I giggled to myself and began to slightly brush my  fingertips up and down his twitching, throbbing dick! This happened for a good thirty minutes into the movie.

He leaned over and gave me a teasing little kiss on the lips, a few times. But every time he tried to stick his toungue in my mouth, I would just slowly push him away. I really love tease and denial……. especially when the guy thinks he has a chance at fucking me! Yeah, I’m hard to get…..and I intend to keep it that way! That’s why phone sex is so fun. I can tease my guys with my sexy voice and deny as much as I want!

Sexy Autumn

Tease and Denial Phone sex with Sexy Teen girls!

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Doug has been a fuck buddy of mine for a couple of years.  His perverted fantasies always make me cream myself.  He likes to fuck me hard, rough, and dirty.  He asked me if he could film it next time he banged me and I told him that since I knew he’d show it to all his friends I wanted some money for it, and he agreed.  I now have a copy of our sex tape,  and I masturbate to it every day. 

First Doug came all over my tits, and then he laid me down on my back and got on his knees.  He brutally slammed his still hard cock in my wet twat. 

In the video you can see my face, and watch my cum drenched tits bounce up and down with every forceful thrust of his thick cock into my willing hole.  As you see his huge member pound in me you will want his cock to be yours.  Doug drilled at my pussy until he was ready to cum again, then pulled out and splooged all over my tummy. 

If you want a girl with no inhibitions, and no taboos then you want me!


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