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Furry Ageplay Phonesex

I need to do a Furry Ageplay Phonesex session before I attend this Furry Party I was invited to!
Ever since I can remember I’ve loved everything furry.  Even as a preteen girl I used to wear nothing but furry onesies.  Not too long ago I discovered they made onesies for big girls too, and that’s when I started looking around for furry parties in my area.  Well, now I can’t wait to go, I’m so excited to meet other people with a furry fetish!  The guy who invited me is even gonna pick me up & the best part is he said I don’t have to wear anything but my favorite furry outfit.  I’m kinda nervous lol, this is gonna be my first party & I’m still just a newbie little girl!

Does anyone out there wanna have a Furry Ageplay Phonesex call with me & teach me more?

School Girl Tiffany
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Furries Phonesex

Find Furries Phonesex role-plays right here to fulfill all your deviant bestiality desires!

Look what the cat dragged in – a furry little mouse with a massive cock!
Come here, little mousy, come lick my redheaded pussy with your tiny wet tongue; this kinky kitty filled her hairy pussyhole full of peanut butter & cheese just for you ~winks~.  First I want your little mousy tongue to give this pussy a mini orgasm OOOH!  You’re nibbling on my clitty with those sharp little teeth – are you trying to eat my pussy whole?  I think I should smother your furry little face & suffocate you to death, but before I asphyxiate you just yet, this pussy really wants you to fuck it raw with that massive rodent cock between your legs.

Cum get this Furries Phonesex role-play fantasy today!  Call me for a hairy phonesex experience!

Naughty Tease Ruby
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There are at least two factors that devolve into “furry sex.”

The obvious first one is bestiality. That’s obviously wrong, and prosecutable lol (never, and I mean NEVER make the ASPCA angry at you.) Then there are the intertubes, wherein folks indulge in various fantasies, some of which are manga and manga-inspired characters. Besides the worst versions of sexuality, manga characters are sometimes only slightly human and more animal–kind of like what Space Jam did with Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend only worse.

 Toss in wish fulfillment and widely detoured sexual fantasies, and one has an actual industry of “furry sex” that involves football mascots getting it on. It’s more difficult and more sweaty than bestiality, but it’s legal . . . unless one or more haven’t reached 18 years on this planet yet.

🙂 Taboo


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