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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex

Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex…..BBC phonesex

You know how much horny girls love having Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex, the old saying ‘once you’ve had black you won’t look back, is so true. I love hearing about a nice big hard black cock, imagining it buried deep inside me. I use toys and stretch my holes just like the real thing would. Cum and hear me begging for more, wanting a hot horny fuck from a black dick. Imagine spraying me with your hot spunky load, knowing that the girls on Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex lines adore the taste and texture of a fresh spunky load. Come and experience some horny girls who know what they want and know how to get it. They just can’t get enough black cock, white cock just isn’t enough for them anymore.

Danny – Taboo Coed Phonesex & BBC lover

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Gloryhole Phonesex with Shemale Giana

I’m such a slut for Gloryhole Phonesex calls.  As a subbie Shemale, I’ve been forced to work Gloryhole booths all over, draining more balls than I could ever try to count.  My cock twitches with anticipation each time I’m dragged to a booth & forced to kneel down & open wide.  I suck, lick, & swallow for as long as it takes to please my Master.  I love it when my throat gets raped so hard that tears blind me & I literally piss myself, emptying the entire contents of my bladder onto the floor.  Sometimes I’ll swallow too much of a long thick rod & vomit.  When this happens, my Master forces me to sit in my nasty puddle of food as punishment until other’s can no longer stand my stench.  Because of my uncleanliness Master always puts me in a stall with a drain & hoses me off between cock suckings, saying that I’m nothing but a stupid undeserving cum dump.  I’ve been kept in booths for days at a time, allowed only small sips of water for drink & nothing but cum as food.  I love the abuse.  Would you like to use me too?

Book your Gloryhole Phonesex session with Shemale Giana today!  Anal, oral, watersports & scat fantasies welcum!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone SexWe do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Gagging Phonesex with Danielle

Gagging Phonesex sessions & blow job fantasies, I do it all.  I want to feel your fingers tighten around my hair as I look up at you, licking the tip of your fat swollen cock.  Can you see the way my big naked tits sway as you pull my mouth further down on you?   Please pull me closer . . . force my hot wet mouth to gag . . . I want to see gallons of my spit drip down my fat tits and make puddles on the floor.  I’m not ashamed of being a cocksucking cumslut.  The harder you gag my tight throat with your cock, the more swollen my tight wet pussy becomes.  Imagine how great sex will be with me after I’ve milked you dry!

Gagging Phonesex with Danielle, call now while my pussy’s still wet & hot!

College Coed Danielle
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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kinky perversions phone sex

kinky perversions phone sex

I do all role plays or we can just  talk about kinky perversions phone sex. Incest, age play, cuckold, financial domination, rape, blackmail, humiliation. How would you like to be a junior high teacher and get humiliated by a naughty little middle school girl. Teased and denied orgasm, total cock control.

Forced to perform for her and her little friends. Forced to take them all shopping and have to buy them all expensive clothes, shoes, and purses.

Cross dress you and made to suck their boy friend’s young cocks. How embarrassing and degrading.Kinky perversions phone sex!

That turn you on? There is more, so call now to see how I can tease you or please you.. Maybe you will be able to cum or maybe not!

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Gagging Phonesex with TS Dasha

Gagging Phonesex makes my thick cock grow so hard . . . I love the sound of a man trying his fucking hardest to swallow my entire 9 inches of shemale cock meat down his hot dry throat.  All that spittle dripping from his mouth as I force my way deeper inside, tears streaming from his burning eyes, my balls loudly slapping against his face, all the while he greedily sucks me into an explosive frenzy of cum that he gulps down whole like its his last supper.  Sound like fun to you?  For the right guy I have no problem doing the same, all I ask is that you turn me on too!

Is a Gagging Phonesex call in your future?  Call today for a wild no taboo shemale experience!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Gagging PhoneSex Slut

Gagging PhoneSex Slut calls seriously make me want to give someone a blowjob!

Imagine a redheaded cum guzzling slut like me, swallowing your thobbing cock all the way down my throat in one breath; my neck & face turning a shade of scarlet red bright enough to match my hair.  Even though I’m gagging, choking, clawing at your thighs to free myself, my little red pussy still gets wetter by the minute, the juices running down my legs proof in themselves. Saliva oozes from the corners of my mouth as I cling to your thighs, trying not to suffocate, but that only makes you tug my red piggy tails closer to your groin.  You groan in low breaths as your cock snakes down my hot, dry throat, stretching out my little mouth and pouty red lips so wide they’re about to crack & split . . .

Treat yourself today by purchasing a no taboo Gagging PhoneSex Slut session with Abygail!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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OK guys, I want you to place you face in between my tittys and start kissing your way down and you will see just how much you will increase my sexual pleasure. I am so looking for the man who can make me wet enough to drip my sweet juices everywhere. Come play with this horny MILF and see how hard you can cum…………….1-888-221-9006

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Hey there, Sexy Guy !

So like I was just thinking something while taking a nice dip
in the pool today…wouldn’t that be lovely to have a hard cock
not only taking a sexy dip in the pool alongside me today, but
licking and sucking on my sweet cunt, as I lay poolside amidst 
the morning sun.  Umm, cum and feed me sweet ripened
chocolate coated strawberries, as we lay intertwined on
the beach chairs, sucking, licking and fucking each other
in between you getting some sweet kisses from my juicy
lips; in other sexy places from me, as well.

I want you to Cum n Get Some of my tantilizing luvin’…
Trust me, it will be like no other you have experienced.
I will whisper sweet sexy moans in your ear and make your
cock truly rise to the occasion. 

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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Take me back n forth to the brink of reality; deeply ram your hard cock into my soggy wet pussy as you choke my delicate white throat . . . Make me beg for your cum, make me your dirty redhead whore.  I want to be dominated by you, submit to you, feel the pain you inflict on me . . . please allow me to orgasm between the alternating clutches of your grasp.  My name is Abygail and I have no taboos.  I’m a slutty teen tramp here for your pleasure; Breath Play fantasy rape, Daddy Daughter Fun, or your wildest BDSM Fetishes, call me today!


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Siempre te pregunto si estas listo para Mi ?
I always ask you if you are ready for Me ?
I’m here to make those wild, nasty fantasies cummm true.
You know how you been thinking about it.
I know…you wonder if it makes you a fag ?
I say No…you know why ? ? ?
Cuz I don’t like fags but I like you.
Your sexy…call Me.
Tu eres muy sexy…llama Me.

Your TS Veronica

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I want a real man willing to take control, and really use me. I want you to grab me by my hair and shove his cock down my throat till I gag and beg for more. I want to be the best fucking cum slut he has ever fucked. I want to feel the cold blade of a knife at my throat when he forces me to suck his cock.

My hair in one of his hands the knife at my neck in his other. He has a handful of my hair and if shoving my face down further, he seems turned on by the sound of my gagging. I can feel the cold edge of the  knife each time my head moves, I know its cutting me I feel a drop of blood streaming down my cheast and knowing that is making me even wetter.

He has laid the knife down and is sitting on my chest. He slaps me across the face and yells, “you’re my fucking cunt now and I’ll do as I please with you whore!”. He wants to make sure I know he means it, I feel the knife dragging across from my neck down to my breast, he is letting the edge of the steel blade run over my hardened nipple.


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School Girl Phone Sex, with Autumn

Hi Guys !

I just love being your cute little phonesex girl.

Do you wanna do a roleplay where I am that naughty lil school girl that you always see walking by your house before and after school? I walk by and adjust my thigh highs in the reflection of the car window that is parked a few feet from your window… Makes you hard and want to just grab me and fuck me right there, but you dont have the balls, you just imagine…

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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I yearn for a hot, steamy & passionate phone sex call, to hear your voice tell me that you want and need me. I am a sensuous, passionate and mature woman with a soft Russian accent who is experienced at making your erotic fantasy’s come true, and I will make our phone call one of the hottest you will ever have. . You will get a total package with me!

Some of my favorite role plays and fetish’s are: Feminization, Guided Masturbation, Sensual Domination, Sissy Play , CBT , Golden Showers , Mommy Play, ABDL, Tease & Denial and so so much more.

Now pick up that phone and give me a call – let’s have some fun tonight! Don’t keep this naughty girl waiting.


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Stop right here & stop kidding yourself: You’re not looking at my nasty pictures out of curiosity or disgust, but out of the need to feel my shemale cock stuffed inside of your mouth & rammed into your tight, virgin ass. I know the type of man you are; you’re the type that sneaks out of your good wife’s bed late at night and goes to an adult bookstore to secretly swallow loads of cum from girls like me. You may be able to lie to your family & possibly yourself, but your lies & secret life of fetishes stops right here. Open that mouth wide, faggot lover, and spread those glorious ass cheeks open so I can make a runny, creamy mess out of mancunt with my stiff prick. I’m going to fulfill that nasty homosexual fantasy of yours and turn you into my personal sissyboy! Call me wearing panties, with a dildo, lube, & an open mind and asshole! I do shemale goddess phonesex, sodomy, panty lovers, forced bi, and ass worship phonsex!



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Big Tittie Phone Sex with Autumn

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I would love to lay you on your back, stroke your dick til it’s throbbing hard, and slip my nice thick cock between your thighs as you suck on my nipples.  I prefer being on top when I fuck you, so I can watch the expression on your face turn to pure pleasure & pain when I ram my prick into your tight ass!  Just so you know, I am a big black cock lover that’s into bukkake & anal worship, so if any of those fantasies sound like something you’d enjoy, call me now!

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Hey there Luvah !

So, here we are…You and I going out to dinner.
Although I am All Dolled Up for the nite out,
all I can think about in the car is being real
slutty with you while at this gorgeous restaurant.

You see, I have it in my head that this time, instead
of me rubbing my feet allover your cock under the
table, as we wait patiently for our dinner…I will
summon you to the bathroom to cum and fuck me
right there in the men’s bathroom stall.

As soon as you meet me in there, I will attack that
big fat cock of yours, sucking you like the kinky horny
slut that I am.   Umm, give it to me baby, lemme deep
throat you and then have you pick my ass up and fuck me
mid air, as I moan and groan through the motions. I just
love the way you stop to suck and squeeze on my titts
while kissing me passionately, as you pound me harder
and harder.

After our quick fuck, you gently put me down and I suck
that cock once more, before we return to the dinner table
to consume our meal, after just consuming each  other so
fucking intensely.  Dessert I cannot wait for, because it
will be me and you for dessert…as we continue what we
started, once we quickly get home.  Umm, gimme that
hard cock baby…You know I’ll take good care of it !

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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Like my body baby?

I know you can’t wait to dive that throbbing cock right into it~ please, do! Get me nice and slippery wet, then slide your cock right in and claim your PRIZE – a little piece of Heaven. I can be the Innocent angel on your arm and your secret freak in thebedroom!

 You have a nasty fantasy? I will deliver! Is there one you’ve never told anyone about? cum tell your sexy horny  lil Phone sex Slut!

I have, absolutely NO TABOOS ~ TELL ME ANYTHING! TELL ME EVERYTHING…it’s just between us, baby. We’ll even whisper if that’ll make you feel better – but I will have you groaning and screaming before you know it!


Phone Sex Desires …
Secret Phone Fantasies…
Agonizing Thoughts of CBT Fetish’s…
Extreme Phone Sex Fetishes …
Forbidden Phone Sex Needs …
Illegal Needs…Any Fetishes are wonderful for me… You see, anything that gets you OFF is just what I want to do and say to you~ ANYTHING~
The filthier and nastier the better!

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Dawn is what everyone calls me but the ultimate cock sucker is what my phone sex friends call me…

I’m a hot phone sex op who knows what and how a guy wants his cocked sucked. Most guys I give phone blow jobs to cum instantly cause the nice warm feeling of my pretty little mouth around there cock is and amazing feeling.

There cocks get really hard and than I start at the base of the huge cocks and work my way up to the very tip of there head and than after I lick the tip of there cocks for a little bit I get and extreme cum shot that makes me go crazy.

I’am the greatest phone sex cock sucker alive and I can prove it.

Call soon!

Tahoo ID: taboodawn

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teen phone sex

Hi there, I’m your barely legal teen slutty girl! I love to have naughty phone sex, while playing with my tight barely legal pussy, and rubbing my tiny little breasts. One of my favorite roleplays is being the hot teen girl next door. Can you just imagine me turning up on your door step…..think you’d be able to resist me? Or maybe I’m the new student, ready to show my teacher how bad us slutty teen babes can be! Make sure you give me a call, I love dirty talk and filthy phone sex, so what are you waiting for? Maybe your just in the mood for a hot sloppy teen blow job.

Seriously, girls today ALL suck cock. All the older pervs who play with me tell me that today’s teens are far more horny and wild than teenagers were when they were young.  I believe them!

I’ve always had a thing for older men, and my young, tight body has always gotten plenty of attention from them. So, do you think it’s true? Come find out how horney us young girls are!  

Dont forget I also do Cyber Sex Sessions !
IM me on yahoo at:  ageplaynina


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Hey there Daddy !

As I lay here in my bed, all I can think about is a Big Fat Daddy Cock
driving deep down in my throat as I anticipate it afterwards, deep in
my pussy. 

Ooh, I am so horny…Hey Daddy, do you have that big fat cock out for
me ?  You know I long to suck it and fuck it real good, just the way you
like it Daddy.  Are you stroking it for me ?  Umm good, cuz I’m gonna
suck it while you tittie fuck me.  Then I want you to ram it down my
throat some more and fuck me doggie style.

Umm Daddy, your cock sure feels good, deep inside my pussy.
Call me now and let’s see what else we can get into.

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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kitten599I had a gang bang party the other night. Invited were 20 guys and 20 girls…
This SexXSay Event was planned for months !Everyone was real fuckin’ excited as they began arriving through the door.  I was all dolled up in a red flaming tight, slinky short dress, black thigh highs,with 6 inch black stilettos.
Oh yeah, I was looking too fuckin cute that nite.  Mind you, this was my first real orgy party.  I was just as excited as my guests. 
As part of the entrance requirements, all my guests were forwarned that I’d be grabbing on their cocks, and for the ladies, I would be feeling their titts !
A little fun upon their arrival couldn’t hurt, right ?  Yup, you’re damn right. Afterall, I’m da sexy ass hostess. After everyone arrived, we began dancing the night away, feeling on body parts at the same time, was totally exhilarating.
The ones that really turned me on, began to get picked for a special
room I had all setup to really get the party started.
While I don’t have much time to give ya the whole scoop of the party…I will shed light on a few highlights, with my gang bangs.
For starters, I had five guys, of which two of them were wins, meet me in the special “Fuck Palace Room.”  It was adorned with hot lava lamps, fuck toyz, condoms, wipes & lotions and potions…I had porn tapes running continuously on two different flat-screens. 
Red satin sheets and red and white rose petals, set the tone of my hot ass bed of love.  Rob, was the first one to come and play with me on it.  Oh, what a big fat long dick he had.  He started out by sucking my titties.  I just loved jerking his dick off in my mouth. 
He told me he wanted to fuck my ass. 
I turned over and he grabbed my tight ass. Peeling apart my ass cheeks, he rammed that big dick inside me in record time. “Oh yeah Rob, Fuck Me Hard, I Yelled !”
Green eyed Chris, was just sitting in the  chair by the bed, stroking his cock, watching us and waiting patiently for his chance at limitless fuckdum.  “Umm Chris, you look so hot baby…cum here, I told him.”
Meanwhile, Rob was still fucking my hot ass. I began to suck Chris off from the bedside. Umm, I just love his long ass cock.  Sucking
back n forth on his beautiful cock and balls.    Oh, he has such a swet tasting cock.  Umm, as I nursed his long cock, John came over.  I told him to lay down next to me.  I began immediately feeling on his shaft. 
I motioned his face toward my titts for him to suck on. I then began to get on top of him and slid his now hard cock inside my pussy, so he and Rob could make a hot lil sandwich out of me. 
Umm, I just love that feeling, being fucked in both holes at same time, it’s the ultimate !  Chris was receiving the biggest cock sucking of his life, it seemed.  He was moaning louder and louder, “Oh yeah Kitten Baby, suck my big hard cock.” 
I grabbed harder on it and took longer tighter  slurps of his long dick going deeper and deeper  in my mouth.  He just loved it, and within a few  more minutes, he cream-pied allover my face.
Rob and John both came inside me right after that.  “Damn, that felt so fuckin good.”  Lastly, I the twins, Greg and Fred, come be my little clean-up boys.  While they ate all the cum out of both holes, I sucked on both Rob and John’s dicks.  “Oh, what a freakin’ good fuck, that was.”
Call me, so we can have some good fuckin times, too !  I just love a big hard dick to get fucked by.
Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a Great holiday season and be safe…

we will be here to help “gobble you up”

*** Call thankgiving & get 5 minutes free with any 15 min call or longer! ***

🙂  Lexi  (:

& our other  Taboo Phone Girls

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Blow Job (“BJ”) Fetish Phonsex with Dawn!

What do you give to the man that has it all, that would also please the man that has nothing? Why it’s a BLOW JOB, of course! Show us a man that says “no” to a blow job, and I’ll show you a creature from outer space, ‘cause there’s not a red-blooded man ALIVE that passes on sweet wet lips wrapped around his cock.

The funny thing is, ‘blow jobs’ usually have nothing to do with blowing at all, but rather sucking, and suckling. A man can take his blowjob much in the way nowadays that a person can take their coffee; there’s so many variety of methods. He can get it as fast or slow as he wishes, with tongue or no tongue, sucked or slurped, you get the picture. Any way you like it, just like coffee, it always brings things to a steaming hot boiling point!

DAWN 1-888-221-9006

Yahoo ID:   taboodawn

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I enjoy roleplaying. Wouldn’t you like to fuck your slutty next door neighbor, your sexy aunt, or your favorite teacher or co-worker. What
other hidden secret fantasies do you have? I’d love to explore them
with you.

Let’s explore crossdressing, incest, K-9, watersports, bondage,
spanking, domination/submission. humiliation, toilet training,
masterbation,gangbangs, oral and anal sex. There’s lots more too!

Call me today & get 5 free minutes with any paid call!

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Are you a breast man? Ass man or is it long legs, feet and stockings that gets you standing at attention? Delotta knows just how you want it and how to give it to you. Cum on, don’t be afraid to call and tell me whats been on your mind. I’m a great listener and an expert role player. Tell me your secret desires and I will make your fantasy come true.

Imagine your cock burried between these two big melons with my hot mouth and thick full lips wrapped around your hard cock.  I love getting titty fucked while sucking on a nice big cock, feeling you push that up and down between my breats and into my hungry warm mouth.  Don’t be shy, call me now at 1-888-820-8092 or Instant Message at taboodelotta on yahoo if you have any questions or want to talk about a specific role play fantasy. Talk to you soon


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