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Pedophile Phone Sex


Pedophile Phone Sex

Hey, are you sick  Pedophile Phone Sex guys who  looking for some little ones to rape and torture tonight? ha! I’m just the accomplice your looking for. Imagine the cold edge of my knife running over their stomach’s down to their pussy or balls *grin* I push my blade a little harder and they shutter and moan. I push harder  and feel the tip of my blade penetrate their skin. A single drop of blood rolls down their sides as I lean down and run my tongue along the trail it has made… is your fucking cock hard thinking about it you sick perverted mother fucker… ready to get your cock covered in blood? Let’s go hunting tonight you Pedophile Phone Sex freak.

RYDER – Pedophile Phone Sex

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slutty phoensex


Slutty Phonesex with Ashley

Slutty Ashley at your service. I am the school slut always suspended because I can not control the urge to please and cum all over faces and cock’s. I even like the taste of myself “giggles”. All the girls hate me at school, I am their boyfriend pleaser. If your ready to have your cock jump up and down then pick up the phone to have Slutty Phonesex with Ashley. I am the type everyone dreams of.

I love football games only because I have an audience to watch me fuck and suck all the cock that is around. I have no shame in my game “giggles”. We can go to a park or even make a movie. I am down for anything and ready to have some fun, so pick up the phone to have Slutty Phonesex with Ashley.

I’m waiting!
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Cheerleader Phonesex with Danielle

Cheerleader Phonesex fantasies are always a naughty good time.  I especially get a kick out of the ones where I’m the school slut who fucks the team just because they say so.  I’m like their pussy mascot lol, giving them more support than any silly old bear or beaver ever could.  They use me before games, after games at parties, and pretty much at practice & whatever else.  I like the times after practice the best, when everyone’s gone home except for maybe four of us who hook up in the showers.  They fuck me against the lockers while I’m still dressed, pulling up my skirt & ripping off my panties.  Taking turns shoving their cocks into my tight pussy while one of them plunges his meat stick deep down my throat.  Their end game is to see who shoots the biggest load of cum all over my pussy.  Whoever wins gets to fuck me the entire weekend!

Cheerleader Phonesex with Danielle, because who doesn’t want to fuck a hot giggly dumb tramp?  I have no taboos & do it all—call me today!

College Coed Danielle
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Schoolgirl Phonesex with Danielle

Schoolgirl Phonesex never gets boring for me lol.  I’m all about playing out the taboo fantasies that every man (& girl) secretly dreams about.  There is one fantasy I’ve always wanted to try out in real life, though:  I’m sitting at the front of the class, wearing a tight pink tee shirt & a short skirt.  Of course I’m not wearing a bra or panties, & I have the teacher’s full attention since my tits are so huge & my nipples are super hard.  I’m chewing on the pencil when it accidentally falls to the floor, between my legs.  I have to scoot back my chair & spread my legs to pick it up, & that’s when the teacher sees my naked pussy.  I get so wet that he notices, that I begin to slowly rub the eraser all around my fat pussy lips & up & down my swollen clit.  Game on—we’re gonna fuck when class is over!    

Schoolgirl Phonesex sessions are in session!  Call me today for a no taboos teacher student fantasy!

College Coed Danielle
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Teenage Lesbian SchoolGirl Phonesex

Today I’m blogging about Teenage Lesbian SchoolGirl Phonesex – the really kinky kind!!
This summer one of my lesbian girlfriends (I’m bisexual ~giggles~) started a part-time job at the food court in the mall.  She has to wear this tight bright yellow half-shirt that barely holds in her fat tits, and a teeny-weeny short red skirt that shows her fat little girl ass to the world every time she bends over.  Even though it’s just like a corn dog & lemonade stand, I swear to god they have her dressed like a Hooter’s Girl!  

The other day when I dropped by to visit her, I couldn’t stop staring at her big tits bouncing up and down every time she churned the lemonade machine.  Just seeing all that sweat pouring down the middle of her cleavage made my preteen pussy so fucking wet!  I know it sounds silly, but when I went to get my food, she bent over to grab a cup from under the counter & I swear I could smell her sweet fat pussy.   I sooooo just wanted to rip off of her shirt and play with those big fat teenage tits of hers, reach under that short skirt and finger that stinky wet pussy!  OMFG!
I really wanna discuss this Teenage Lesbian SchoolGirl Phonesex roleplay with a horny guy . . . are you him?

School Girl Tiffany
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When I think of a little girl’s daddy coming home & finding his little princess fingering her cunt like a prostitute in his bed, it makes my hungry pussy slick & hot.  My swollen clit quivers thinking about him violating his daughter with these acts of pedophilia, incest & rape, even though that’s what the little whore secretly wants.  I ache all over for that scenario; to be a fly on the wall watching a naughty pedo daddy punishing his tramp daughter’s creamy little virgin vagina with a brutal insertion from his massive cheating cock. If I put on a schoolgirl skirt that shows my tramp stamp tattoo & a tiny little blouse that shows off my little nipples & belly button ring, can I be the daddy’s little girl in your naughtiest sexual fantasies?  I want to be your young fuck toy or your accomplice in crime.  Call me for a no taboos phonesex session – I have a warped mind & a hot young body!

Dirty Danielle

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 Do you fantasize about underage preteen little girls that you can’t have?  Well I’m here to help you with that ~winks~  I’m sweet & submissive daddy’s girl that pedos  ALWAYS mistake for underaged schoolgirl jailbait.  Really I’m just a barely legal whore that gets off on fucking pedophiles who are convinced I’m the preteen fuck of their dreams. It turns me on to fool old perverts like you.  I’d love to be your special little girl & call you daddy as your stretching out my young pussy & filling it with enough cum to cream down my leg.   . . . mmmm . . . If you’ll be my daddy, I’ll be your cum dump any day of the week.  Call today for a no taboos pedophile phonesex fantasy.  My wet little snatch is waxed, oiled, & can pass for an underage pussy so tight you’ll cream your pants just thinking about me.

Teen Tiffany

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Hey you – small tiny penis loser!  Have you ever given a woman an orgasm with that puny little dick???  I’m just a teenager but I’ve seen bigger cocks on dogs & cats *giggles*  You would’ve been better off if they’d chopped that little dick off when you were a baby & made you into a girl, like, seriously.  Wanna come to my barely legal slumber party?  You’re the perfect entertainment for all my schoolgirl friends – we can all play pin the cock on the vagina lol . . . call me now to be sassed & abused by a spoiled princess – I give the best humiliation phonesex sessions!


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One day after cheerleading practice I missed my ride and had to walk home.  A man in a trenchcoat pulled me into an alley and forced me to  my knees.   He said the more I screamed the deeper he was gonna shove his dirty massive prick into my innocent little virgin pussy.  Even though it hurt and I cried my twat got really bloody wet and I wanted him to rape me harder.  Does this make me a dirty little whore?  Call me today and tell me what you think about my nauhty teenage cheerleader rape fantasy!


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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
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I know you love when I sit in your lap and cuddle with you, feeling those big, strong arms wrap around me and hug me close. I love our special little games. I remember the first time you hid treats in your pockets and I had to dig in to find which one it was in. I know it’s our secret and I promise I will never tell. I can be your sweet little dress up girl or your  teen that desperately needs a lesson from your firm hand.

I know that if I do what you like, I know I will get lots of surprises!

Kinky Krystal

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I’m a young, extremely horny girl who just can’t say no!

I will do ANYTHING to get your cock super hard and ready
to blow that hot and sticky load for me…

Take me hard and ram the hell out of me or let me or let me get on top and ride your fat throbbing cock untill your balls get so tight they want to explode.

Do me really good, honey – or I’ll do you if you want me to turn the tides!
Call me NOW for some of the hottest kinky phone fucking around!

Kinky phonesex teen Nina

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Phone Sex Playtime with Amelia

Hi there Guys !
I’m Amelia and I just love playtime with a hot guy like you.  I am still young and
learning new things everyday.  I am a good lil sub, and am sure you could teach
me how to be an even better little sub for you, Sir.  I love to serve and know how
to give an awesome blow job as it pleases you, Sir.

Call your avorite teen sub, today !  I’m waiting to serve you, Sir.

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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The first time I fucked a black man he stretched my tight barely legal teenage pussy to it’s limits. At first I thought I was gonna pass out when I saw that monstrous black snake cumming towards my snatch! But he knew it was my first time fucking a black cock so he gently eased his enormous head into my twat, then ran it up and down between my lips until my pussy creamed. He stretched me open with his fingers and then jammed his cock inside. OMG I screamed so loud, but after a while I couldn’t get enough of that sweet chocolate fucking my pussy raw! What can I say, I’m now officially addicted to black dicks! Wanna hear more of my interracial stories? Call me tonight for some extreme ageplay, interracial phonesex, pedophile fantasies, golden showers, or creampie phonesex!


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Hey there!  My name is Tiffany (but you can call me Tiffy) & I’m a naughty barely legal cheerleader.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many guys I’ve fucked from school!  I love taking it in my tight teenage ass & pussy—the more anal, the better!  I’m also a great cocksucker too!  I attract pedophiles like flies lol, they think I’m still a little girl because I look so young!  Daddy Daughter roleplay, extreme ageplay phonesex, cheerleader phonesex, girl next door fantasy, & golden showers are just some of the many things we can talk about when you call me for your very own XXX phonesex session today!


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I am a no taboos kind of girl who will talk about anything and everything. Oh, and I really like role playing too. I’d love to be daddy’s special girl, the naughty hot babysitter, your sister or her friend or maybe you would like me to be a horny school girl. I love nasty K-9 or other beastiality role plays. I did have a crush on my high school basketball coach. He had this big German Shepard he would bring to practice and make him sit in the corner while we played. I could see the dog getting excited when he watched us practice… I loved when his big pink poker started sticking out watching it made me excited and wet. To be close to him I would volunteer to stay after school and help the coach with cleaning up the gym and stacking balls. I would get to play with the dog, he was so strong, he’d knock me down and get behind me and try to mount me. Of course nothing happened, but I wonder what it would have been like to get fucked by that big boy. I want to hear all your perverted secret fantasies and I’ll tell you some of mine. Let’s have some hot nasty fun today! I am waiting for your call.

Miss Scarlet 1-888-221-9006


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 cheerleader phonesex

Have you ever had a fantasy that a beautiful cheerleader makes you wear her cheerleading uniform?

Well I’m a cheerleader and I want you to wear mine and some of that dick sucking lipstick you know what color it is.  I have decided to make you into a sissy cheerleader. I would be a great teacher in helping you be the best little dick sucking whore there is. You’ll will enjoy every bit of your training and I will be in complete controll over you.  


  • cheerleader phonesex sissy’s
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  • teen dresses up sissy boys

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Do you wanna fuck and taste my hot golden sprinkles ?
Umm, I bet you do.  This weekend, Brad and I had a hot
time together, as we did a schoolgirl roleplay, which is one
of my favorites, and I gave him the hot surprise of my warm
and golden sprinkles as well.

Brad picked me up from the mall.  I had just purchased a pair
of hot pumps and my new schoolgirl outfit.  Umm, as we get
back to his place, I can hardly wait to put on my new outfit
and pumps, so I could seduce Brad to the ultimate fantasy
with me !

I sat on his near rockhard cock til I got it harder, and then
told him I was about to sit on his face so he could taste my
juicy golden sprinkles…Umm, “Here it comes baby, open
wide, I said.”  Ooh, he looked so sexy, Brad did as he took
it all in like the trooper he was.  He licked my dripping
pussy real good afterwards…I kept my pumps on and
we fucked the night away.  His cock was so good…
Are you next ?

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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first public fuck

About 7 years ago – when I was a junior in high school I was allowed to go to the city without my mom and dad spoiling my good time. So my girlfriend and I took the train to the biggest night club downtown. The place was packed and you could barely move on the dance floor, but I didn’t care. It was exciting being packed, bumped and grinded by all those good hot guys.

 After a while I got separated from my buddies and was stuck in a group of guys. I felt someone lifting my skirt and touching my pussy. I wasn’t sure if I should scream or enjoy it since it felt good and I was a little wet. I played along, letting him fell me and even slighty bending forward to give him a better feel.

The next thing I know I felt a hard cock thrust into my my twat. I just spread myself a bit and let it happen. When I felt his hot load, I quietly came. That was so taboo getting fucked in that huge crowd and I loved every minute of it. I have no clue who it was fucking me, but what makes it even kinkier is i was only 16! 

 I have no restrictions except one. I want my orgasms to be really kinky.

ADRIANA 1-888-221-2006

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Every time the phone rings my body starts to quiver in anticipation of whats cuming.  I press my thighs together squeezing my pelvic muscles against my already swollen pussy.  I can’t wait to find out what my next role play will be.  Its so much fun stepping into my caller’s fantasy.  I love it all, there is nothing I don’t get into.  I spent more than half my life experimenting with all different kinds of fetishes and kinks trying to find out where I fit. 

In college and to this date I experiment with any and all requests, the more taboo the better.  I have finally just embraced the fact that I’m an all around whore constantly craving orgasms and wildly turned on by so many nasty, unspeakable things.Call to tell me all your darkest fantasies, lets make sure we cum together

Charlene 1-888-221-9006

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So I just got off of the phone with one of my favorite clients. I think  its totally hot when they come up with something extra kinky for us to roleplay. He was my dad’s best friend and I was spending the weekend with him and his wife while my parents were out of town.  While his wife was out shopping we watched a movie together.  I’ve known him since I was born so I thought nothing of laying my head in his lap while watching the movie.  After a while I felt his pants growing against my face and I started rubbing it more with my head on purpose. Then I looked up at him innocently and asked him if he thought I was pretty. My eyes innocently looking him in his eyes, anxiously hoping he would say yes. He did tell me I was pretty and I told him I have had a crush on him for a long time.  At first he told me that was wrong because I was so young and he and my dad were best friends.  

I could feel my panties getting wet.  I trusted him and wanted to kiss him.  As I leaned over, his mouth fell open in shock and it looked like he was going to object, or maybe he was a little upset.  But he knew what I wanted….so I reached down and pulled up my nightie slightly giving him a glimpse of my cute little cotton panties with the little butterflies on them.  As I sat up slightly and pulled his neck down to kiss him I could feel his fingers brush against the outside of my panties.  Call Ruby and ask me what happened with me and my Dad’s buddy. 1-888-221-9006

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1111 11111 4444

   Amelia                 ***             Nina            ***               Tiffany

Call today and Join us in many different kinds of hot kinky play!

We may be young, but we love to experience many different things!

Hot teen phone sex, Barely Legal phone sex and college coed girls for your pleasure! We love Role Play phone fun, we have Cute Voice’s, were your Cum Sluts, Princess Bitch’s, Financial Domination teens, Feminization, Pantie Boy Mistress’s, Seductive phone Sex, Soft Domme teenagers, Pedo phonesex, Pedophile Daddy’s & more!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Yes I know, I look like the young innocent girl-next-door but that’s part of my hot teen appeal!  The fact that I look like Little Miss Innocent and act like a raging nymphomaniac makes you want to protect and nurture me during the day, and ravage my cute little tight body at night.

You can treat me like a princess, or like a two-dollar hooker and I’ll be happy either way. You better come prepared though because I may amaze you with my erotic imagination.

I have a youthful voice and a firm tight body -so if that gets you all hot and bothered don’t sit there pick up the phone and we can have hot kinky phone sex all night! Call Me!


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When I watch my boyfriends teen daughter tease the young high school boys my pussy starts to get wet. I see the way she teases her daddy too. They have no clue I have the craziest fantasy about her being in our bed watching us fuck!!

In my fantasy her daddy and licking her young cunt while I just watch. Then he tells me to come and taste her, I slide my fingers inside of her while I am licking her pussy. Her daddy gets behind me and shoves his cock inside of my pussy and I just finger fuck her harder. He tells me he wants me to fuck his little girls pussy and tells her to get the strap on ready.

Just as enter her sweet pussy I cum so hard I never get any further with the fantasy.



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Yahoo ID: TabooDanielle

I know I look innocent but don’t let that keep you from your true fantasy!! I will be glad to help you hold down that little bitch Jenni as we rape her tight young pussy together! She won’t get away from us, I will force feed her my pussy while you finger fuck her balded cunt!! If she fights too much we can just beat her into submission. I would love to smack the cute little smile off her face! That cock teasing whore will get what she deserves; I will bit, kick, punch, and cut her little body.

While you are raping that little pussy, I would love to take a knife and cut her little nipples. While I am at it I will cut the fucking little clit off too! I don’t want the bitch to feel any pleasure, I want her screaming in pain! After you are done abusing that barely legal pussy and it is no longer needed; I would love to watch her face as you make her clean your bloody cock with her tongue.

When we are done she will be lucky to leave with her life, that’s if we let her leave at all!! I can think of all kinds of different things to do to her. She can be our little submissive toy, I wonder how loud she would scream pouring bleach inside of her pussy? Maybe we can even give her a bleach enema, my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it!!!  Calls us to play out whatever fantasy you may have.


Yahoo ID: TabooJenni

When we are done with her I will give her this picture to remind her how beautiful she used to be!! Now she will only be known as a used little whore!!

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Daddy and I have a lot of family fun together. We had another one of our “special nights” last night, I love making him happy. He needed my tight bald pussy to use again. He said I do things that mommy won’t do for him and I would never find anyone that will love me the way he does. I like it when he fingers my young cunt and he likes it when I cum in his hand.

We both lick it off his fingers together. Daddy says after I cum he has to lick his little girls pussy clean. He told me I was a good girl and tasted so sweet. He wanted to show me how he tasted next. He pulled out his cock, I put both of my little hands around the shaft and started sucking on the head like it was a giant blow pop. I sucked it as hard as I could and it  got bigger and bigger.

All I could hear while I was sucking and rubbing his cock was.     ” Make your daddy cum honey, Take all of daddy’s cock, oh yeah be daddy’s good little girl“. Then a massive amount of creamy cum exploded in my mouth it was so sweet and I swallowed very bit of it.

This is the new outfit Daddy bought for us the next time we have daddy/daughter fun. I love it when Daddy lets me model the new things he buys for me in his chair.

Tiffany 1-888-205-1309


Yahoo Name: tabootiffany


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whiteundiesI love men who call me to talk about the feelings and sexual urges to fuck that girl down the street, their sister, or daughter or even a student or girl scout with me on their phonesex call

Does that sound like you?

Can’t get that little fantasy out of your head? Daddy’s little princess, kid sister, teacher/student, little brownie scout selling cookies. Do any of these fantasies get your cock hard.

You need a pair of little hands to jerk you off, or cute little girl’s mouth to suck out that hot cum load. Hot incest, age play, spoiled little princess, run away slave.

All fetishes & fantasies turn me on. So call me and tell me some forbidden secrets that force you to masturbate and need some masturbation assistance from a naughty little phone whore like me..

DAWN 1-888-221-9006

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