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mj 209 93 lg Humiliation Phonesex, Masturbation & more!

Join Scarlet – Humiliation phonesex

Have you ever been caught masturbating? Were you embarrassed, humiliated, and turned on at the same time? I like that! Maybe your girlfriend comes in and catches you with her dirty panties. You’re sniffing one pair and rubbing your cock in the wet crotch of the other pair. Rubbing your cock head right where her pussy had dripped her creamy cunt juice. You try to stop when you notice your girl friend is watching, but she will not let you stop.

She is quite entertained by the picture she is seeing. She laughs at you and makes you keep going and going until your cock is beet red.. Red because she has no intentions of letting you cum.. so now she is laughing, teasing and denying. She has now found your weakness and will use it all the time to own you and your cock. Sound like you?
Call me and share your masturbation stories, tease & denial, humiliation phonesex.

SCARLET – Naughty Phonesex

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logan n chloe 21 kinky perversions phone sex with Logan

kinky perversions phone sex

I do all role plays or we can just  talk about kinky perversions phone sex. Incest, age play, cuckold, financial domination, rape, blackmail, humiliation. How would you like to be a junior high teacher and get humiliated by a naughty little middle school girl. Teased and denied orgasm, total cock control.

Forced to perform for her and her little friends. Forced to take them all shopping and have to buy them all expensive clothes, shoes, and purses.

Cross dress you and made to suck their boy friend’s young cocks. How embarrassing and degrading.Kinky perversions phone sex!

That turn you on? There is more, so call now to see how I can tease you or please you.. Maybe you will be able to cum or maybe not!

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Last night I felt extra slutty.  Before I went to the gym I dressed in the teeniest black spandex shorts that perfectly outlined the meaty lips of my little girl pussy, and a thin black sports bra that let my hard little nipples poke right through. I jumped on the stair machine, bending down extra low when the trainer passed by.  He finally built up the nerve to ask if I needed any help but I told him to “Fuck off” in my bitchiest redheaded brat voice.  I knew I was asking for trouble but the cheating asshole had been hitting on me forever.  Before I knew it he came back with a security guard and together they forced me into a backroom and shoved their fat cocks deep into my little ass and slutty girl pussy.  I begged them to stop but they only laughed & gagged me with my dirty panties.  Can you really rape a slut if she’s willing?  Gimme a call & let’s find out!


abygail 2818829 Abygail~Teen Rape at the Gym

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Hey you – small tiny penis loser!  Have you ever given a woman an orgasm with that puny little dick???  I’m just a teenager but I’ve seen bigger cocks on dogs & cats *giggles*  You would’ve been better off if they’d chopped that little dick off when you were a baby & made you into a girl, like, seriously.  Wanna come to my barely legal slumber party?  You’re the perfect entertainment for all my schoolgirl friends – we can all play pin the cock on the vagina lol . . . call me now to be sassed & abused by a spoiled princess – I give the best humiliation phonesex sessions!


tiffany 2819629 Tiffany~ Small Penis Phonesex

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So you’re a small dick loser freak, huh?  How me & my redhead preteen girlfriends would get off humiliating you!  I know how hard that fantasy makes your tiny weenie, sick pervert.  Just admit it – you get off on squirting schoolgirls in the face with the little bit of cum that dribbles from that pathetic tiny baby cock, right?  My little baby brother has a cock bigger than your little pink worm!  *Giggles*  Just cut that small penis off, or let us wrap a pink bow around it to make you look more like the girl you really are!  Call today for tiny humiliation penis phonesex, cock & ball torture, humiliation phonesex, or pedo ageplay fantasies.  I have no taboos & wanna play with you!


ruby 28829 Ruby~Tiny Penis Humiliation

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I’m the young hooker standing on the corner with her big tits hanging out & her moist cum-filled pussy showing.  You drive by & I bend over, giving you a full view of my bald, pink jizz-filled slit.  You want to rape & fuck me, spank & punish me for being such a young slut, don’t you?  Maybe I need to be taught a lesson.  Maybe you should fuck me without paying . . .maybe that’s what I really want . . . a mature man to own me & make me serve him.  I want to be your personal young submissive hooker slut.  Call me today for a no taboo phonesex session.  I’m wild, young, horny, & anything goes with me!


danielle 2814729 Danielle~Young Hooker Phonesex

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jenni23 74 Humiliation phone sex
I love toying with a pathetic loser like you with a tiny little pin dick.  Hey loser guess what?
No girl could ever get off with that thing and you should stop trying to fuck them if you could even get that close. You hide your cock, turn off the lights….but she WILL find out and laugh you out of the bedroom!  Stroke it slut boy cus that’s all you’re getting! Laughing At little cocks phone sex is so fun!

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normal kitten 2812929 forced bi phone sex

You’ll do anything to get into my panties, and I know it.

So I play a little game with you during forced bi phone sex.I lead you to believe that I’ll let you get into my panties if you show me how badly you want me. So I put you in my panties!

Haha! Yes, it really turns me on to see you wearing my panties and putting my lipstick on. In fact, I’ll tart you up some more and maybe then I’ll fuck you.

What a turn on that’ll be when we both rub each others pantied crotches together. Oooh, and how about kissing each other while both of us are wearing lipstick. You know you’re getting turned on right now thinking about that forced bi phone sex scenario.

forced bi phone sex with KITTEN

315814ztx9zb8qqa forced bi phone sex

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anarosa 225 208x300 ass worhip phone sex with anarosa

When I say that you can “kiss my ass”, I usually do mean it!. This means I welcome anyone that wants to  woship this ass of mine to do so! 

 You know that you’ve been longing for the perfect ass to submit to, and the right phone sex mistress who will let you do it !

 Domination Ass Play phone sex  is a skill of mine that only the truly worthy picks have gotten to experience, and once you do it then  there is absofuckinglutly no turning back. You need a goddess who will turn your every humiliating desire to the extreme.

So, now that you’ve finally found what you’re looking for, stop looking and start dialing my toll free phone sex number.

ass worhip phone sex with anarosa

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normal ebony hottie%20%282%29 Black size queen for small white dick humiliation

What is with you boys and the big black cock phone sex? So many of you call our girls begging to be forced to slurp the creamy white cum from a huge thick nigger dick, and, well, in our forced bisexuality phone sex scenarios we must say we are happy to accommodate.

Your curiosity regarding nigger dick and big black cock is amusing to us. We use these terms loosely and as entertained observers of the white male syndrome of envy. The  very idea what you big black cock lovers crave is being forced to suck a hung black guy while we watch and laugh is more then satisfying. I will watch and I will make you gag on that big black dick until you make him shoot a hot thick load of cum all over your face!  All role plays will be honored.  Call and ask for Doletta –

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megan 8 230x300 Your dream cum true phonesex.

I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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2058564errd0xn81z tease and denial or humiliation phone sex

What would you do to get a glimpse of my tight pink pussy through my cute pink panties, that you know you will never get into? I’m a total cock tease and I have a lot of fun at your expense, oh how I love to tease and deny you will all my sexy sweet charms. Let’s get your cock hard and I guarantee that I will keep it hard and giggle at your pathetic little thing you call a cock. Call me now for your sweet teen tease and denial or humiliation phone sex session.


normal hottie autumn %2814%29 tease and denial or humiliation phone sex

2058564errd0xn81z tease and denial or humiliation phone sex

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The black thigh high stockings I have on in this seXXXy picture make a perfect gag for that sissy mouth of yours. They’d also look perfect tied around your wrists & ankles. Hell, if you’re really one of those sissyboy faggot losers then perhaps I’ll just make you wear some as well! Have you ever been bound & dominated by a barely legal teenage slut before? I know it drives some men wild to have a bratty little girl like me make them do naughty things like eat a hot dirty pussy, suck a sweaty asshole, & get down on all fours and bark like a dog. If you’re looking for a BDSM teenager, humiliation phonesex, feminization, or just some nasty naughty kink, then give me a call!


normal ruby%20%2814%29 Ruby~Stocking Fetish & Humilation Phonesex

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I turn heads where ever I go, and I know that I can have any man I want. Older men love that I look so young—some of them think I’m just a little girl! In reality I’m a hardcore slut who gets off on humiliating tiny dick losers and using them as my personal piggy bank *winks* I’m a pampered princess who doesn’t give her pussy out for free. If you treat me right I will fuck and suck you till you pass out from exhaustion—my tight barely legal cunt can cum for days! If you’re looking for a wild teenager who likes anal sex, oral sex, extreme underage roleplay and financial domination, then look no more & call me today!


normal abygail1 Abygail~Small Dick Losers Fork Over Your Cash!

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I am a true redheaded goddess who will make your fantasies hot & your orgasms even hotter!  How many times in your life can you say you’ve fucked, licked, or sucked a naturally red hairy pussy?  I know you’ll fall in love with it—once you start fucking my juicy pussy I just won’t stop!   Or maybe you’re one of those small-dicked freaks with a teeny little weenie who needs to be blackmailed and denied by an evil little bitch like me!   Call me now, limp-dick, so I can make you grovel at my pretty feet while I masturbate!

normal ruby%20%2820%29 Ruby~Redheaded Goddess

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sexycharlene 19 198x300 Experienced Phone Women!

Our Lovely Ladies are the Most Experienced Phone Women
On the Internet…Our Ladies  love taboo fetishes with family members,
strangers, best friends or even being Accomplice’s…There’s no stone left unturned and no cock
left un sucked!!!

We are the women
With No Limitations and No Restrictions
In Exloring Your Taboo Phone Sex Fetishes
Don’t Miss Out on the Chance For the Best Phone Sex You Will Ever

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4aaaa OMG thats tiny! Small cock humiliation phonesex


Did you honestly think you stood a chance with me? I mean COME ON! You sit there, hitting on me thinking your the shit with that TIEENIE WIEENIE cock ha ha. You must be kidding yourself as you are a poor excuse for a man thinking you have enough to please me.

 What woman ever told you that you could ever satisfy her? You cant even see it, its so small.  I need a man with a real big cock, and one that satisfy’s my pussy. I do feel sorry for your pathetic ass because your not worthy of ever fucking my pussy.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to use your tongue like a piece of toilet paper to clean my pussy after I have been fucked by a real mans cock. You know the only way you can ever please me is to be my toilet slave, and be ready to clean up the mess. How about my boyfriend ramming his cock down your throat HA HA CALL ME lets see what your capable of.

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normal ruby%20%2853%29 Daddys little girl   Redhead Ruby

So I just got off of the phone with one of my favorite clients. I think  its totally hot when they come up with something extra kinky for us to roleplay. He was my dad’s best friend and I was spending the weekend with him and his wife while my parents were out of town.  While his wife was out shopping we watched a movie together.  I’ve known him since I was born so I thought nothing of laying my head in his lap while watching the movie.  After a while I felt his pants growing against my face and I started rubbing it more with my head on purpose. Then I looked up at him innocently and asked him if he thought I was pretty. My eyes innocently looking him in his eyes, anxiously hoping he would say yes. He did tell me I was pretty and I told him I have had a crush on him for a long time.  At first he told me that was wrong because I was so young and he and my dad were best friends.  

I could feel my panties getting wet.  I trusted him and wanted to kiss him.  As I leaned over, his mouth fell open in shock and it looked like he was going to object, or maybe he was a little upset.  But he knew what I wanted….so I reached down and pulled up my nightie slightly giving him a glimpse of my cute little cotton panties with the little butterflies on them.  As I sat up slightly and pulled his neck down to kiss him I could feel his fingers brush against the outside of my panties.  Call Ruby and ask me what happened with me and my Dad’s buddy. 1-888-221-9006

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112548tbdyv5klr7 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a Great holiday season and be safe…

we will be here to help “gobble you up”

*** Call thankgiving & get 5 minutes free with any 15 min call or longer! ***

icon smile HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Lexi  (:

& our other  Taboo Phone Girls

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pc0031si 007 LOGAN

Do you think im going to touch that small cock of yours? 

You better be prepaired to eat alot of pussy because I am not going to touch that tiny cock.  Give me a big cock you little bitch and I will suck it all day long but your tine cock is not wanted by me or any other self respecting man. 

 You little dick piece of shit, put that shit away you dont even deserve to jerk off to my perfect pussy. 

 Nobody is going to want that little dick in their pussy what are you thinking, better have a good tounge to get things done you little dick mother fucker!!!


Call me now

  •  Humiliation
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Small dick loosers
  • body worship

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