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AB/DL phonesex

AB/ DL Phonesex

In need of a babysitter?

I have everything you need right here. My name is Beth and I just love taking care of bad boys like you and also talking to you on AB/DL phonesex calls. I can be a stern mommy or a caring, nurturing granny, depending on how good a boy you are. I’ve also been known to give “special” love to a few of the boys & men I sit for!

From loving & gentle, to spankings & granny or mommy fetishes, I do it all! & for you cheating little dick losers out there, I have a pretty damn mean cuckolding roleplay just for you!

Call me for some AB/DL phonesex Lovers fun, granny/grandson ageplay phonesex, Cuckolding fantasies, or hot phonesex with a hot cougar MILF!

BETH – 1-888-221-9006

Beth – CBT & GILF Phone Sex Experience
Available for Cyber sessions! (see rates page)


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My favorite ABDLer is a bed wetter. 
He is now a mature man and just loves the wet feel.
The only thing better is the change.
Now he likes to postpone his change as long as he can.
The feel of being cleaned by a fresh, room temperature wipe is overwhelming. 
The clean, fresh diaper to replace the soiled one is the only experience that comes close.
Do you share any of these feelings ?
I’d love to hear about them.
Call Me for ABDL Phonesex and tell Me about your ABDL experiences.

GILF Jackie

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Fetishistic Infantilism is characterized by the desire to be treated as an infant or toddler.  Roughly 1/3 of those with infantilism fetishes also have fetishes involving Diapers.  Adults who engage in infantilistic play are often known as “Adult Babies”.


Neither Infantilism fetishes, nor diaper fetishes includes a sexual preference for children, and are not related to pedophilia.  There is no single archetype for infantilism, but as with most other fetishes, it exists in a range.  Many infantile fetishists describe the attraction being about relief from responsibility, control, or guilt.  If they have a willing partner, infantile fetishists may partake in mother/baby  father/baby roleplay.  Most “Adult Babies” choose not to engage in sex while in the baby role, because it isn’t considered baby like.  In contrast, those with infantile diaper fetishes often engage in sexual activity while wearing a diaper.

Representative Porn:

With an estimated 100,000 diaper fetishists worldwide,  there are thousands of websites and forums catering to Adult Babies and Infantile Fetishists! This being an Adult Baby friendly Site!

If you need help finding a Mommy or Sitter for your Adult Baby – call Me,  Lexi (I am the owner) or one of our other Dispatchers at our toll free Number!

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