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I LOVE cum. I love the feel of a throbbing cock pounding deep into my throat. The Inability to breathe while your hands are on the back of my head gets my pussy soaking wet. I love it when a man seemingly looses control and just uses me to get himself off. That is one of my biggest turn-ons. I love knowing a man is turned on and love getting him off. I suppose that’s what attracted me to phone sex in the first place!

taboo phonesex taboo phonesex

I know that you would love to have taboo phonesex. There is someone in your family that you want to have sex with. It could be your aunt, sister or young mom. There is someone now that you dream about or it could be fantasies of the past when you were younger. Wouldn’t you just love to suck your mother’s breasts again?  You would love to have sex with her. You don’t dare mention it to anyone.

I love to wear next to nothing while walking around the house.
Sometimes I walk to the bathroom at night with no clothes on (you see me & peek).
Sometimes I masturbate in my room with the door open.
Am I a tease or am I just a hot slut?

You decide!

You may have a daughter who turns you on so much that you need to use self control to prevent yourself from raping her. Perhaps you can explore this fantasy in our phone sex talk. Decide if you really want to go through with it. We can talk about any kind of taboo phonesex that you want to do. there are no taboos here.

Your Taboo Girl … Leslie

1047407l6bgh8l3ow Leslie   Taboo Phonesex!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!

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two girl phonesex


Two Girl Phonesex

Next time you want some sexy two girl phonesex fun, my friend and I are ready for you. We’re such horny sluts and will act out your filthiest scenarios and horniest fantasies. We will do anything and everything for you. Pounding our pussies and licking each other’s asses, imagining you spunking your load all over us, watching it lick it off each other. Double the fun and twice as much action with two girl phonesex, trust me it will rock your cock.


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Phonesex chatroom

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Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Hi there Cutie !
Well, all who know me, know that I am and can be a hot little nympho, with or without toys to play with.  However, I do LOVE MY TOYS, BOYS…and would very much like it if you did too, lol.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…I would love for you to come and play with me and my toys, so we can have an awesome play time in the bedroom and explore new sexual boundaries.  I’ll admit, I am still young, so I don’t know it all when it comes to the bedroom.  I do know enough though, when it comes to what I want exactly.

You will have a nice juicy cock for me to suck and play with. I would love for you to insert my big fat dildo in my tight ass. I want double penetration with the dildo in my ass, and my vibrator in my pussy, while you suck my titts and feed me your cock.

Umm, doesn’t that sound yummy baby ?  If you think you can handle my tight ass,  cum on over and give me what you got. Phone Sex Toys!

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Danielle and Leslie


Fist fucking session

Watch Leslie work that coed pussy!

2 Girl Phone Sex

Bi-sexual Phone sex


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I want to feel your tongue go deep inside my warm pink pussy. I like the way it feels going in and out. You take your time as you slide it up and down my pussy lips inside my tight hole. I squeeze on you tight so you won’t stop until I reach my climax.

I want to cum all over your face and lick it off. Put me on top of your big cock and make me ride it until you shoot your cum so deep inside of me. Watch how it slides out of me onto your dick all the way down to your balls.

Join me in some hot phone sex so I can please you the way you need.

XOXOX  Leslie 🙂

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The best thing about phone sex is that you can talk about anything your twisted mind can come up with. And the girl you talking to like me is just as sick and twisted as you are!  I need a guy like you to call me for some no taboo phone sex! Lets talk and see what the sickest twisted thing we can come up with that will get us off like never before! The sky is the limit baby!
There isn’t anything you can say to me that will make me blush. HOT, twisted, sick, perverted, no taboo phone sex, right here, right now!
Call Me!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!

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I just love jack off addicts!

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Nothing turns me on more than a guy that calls me ready to beat his meat.

I have this one guys who gets off  4 times a day !  What a stud!  Another caller who is into watersports calls me 3 times a week because he likes to hear stories of me pissing on him and bleeding on him when its the right time of month while he  jacks off!


The thought of a guy on the other end of the line jacking his cock while I play with my pussy and talk like a nasty slut sets my pussy on fire!

Leslie –

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Leslie and I are getting loads of great calls! We are having so much fun with you naughty little pervs. This one guy wanted me to fuck Leslie with a small vase and since it was see through I saw way inside of her tight cunt.

I fucked her so good I watched her cum all over the vase. I could see that creamy load go down the outside of it… it was fucking awesome! Give us a call so we can have more fun!


2 girl special 40.00 for 15 minutes!!!!


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Golden Showers Phone Sex, with Leslie

Hello there, I’m Leslie ~

I hope you are the type to explore new things and enjoy a good kinky sex
act every chance you get like me, lol.  I guess what I’m saying is…I love
hot kinky sex and big hard cocks, but I also love a man who can get into
hot golden showers with me.  I love to straddle you and play with your
cock before I let loose.

Umm, as I straddle you and stroke your cock baby, I want you to finger
my tight pussy real good before I ride your face and cum allover you
with my beautiful golden showers.  I want you to lick every drop of
my sweet essences and tell me how much more you wanna receive
from me, for next time.

After that, I want you to fuck me real good doggie-style and let me
feel those big balls bouncing off my tight dancer’s ass, baby.  Oh, I
just love the way you ride me.  I’m horny mostly all the time, so
whenever you are ready to do it again, I will be right here waiting
for you baby !

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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submissive phonesex

Hi guys, I am here…And Horny as HELL!
I need for you to call me, Master!
I want you to tell me to spank my ass for you,
Then, I want you to listen while I do!
I want you to hear my cry, as I apply those nipple clamps you like me to wear.
I want you to make me fuck myself, up the ass, with that big dildo,
while you tell me how you like to lick my pussy at the same time.
I want you to hear all the pain you give me, all the pleasure I feel.
I kneel here waiting for permission to suck your cock, to lick your balls and to drink your cum!
I want you to listen while I cum just for you!

Submissive phone sex with Leslie!

View my Profile!

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Hi, my name’s Leslie. I’m an 19 year old sexy Teen phone sex girl. My hobbies are science fiction and anime. I have cute feet and
luv buying pretty shoes. Would you like to worship my feet? Maybe we can go shoe shopping. I might even let you
smell my used stockings. I know i can help you out with Body Odor humiliation and for sure your shoe and foot
fetishes. If your a good boy i might even let you suck on my toes or may even do a  little Shoe dangling but if your a naughty
one then i just might have to do a little Trampling/facestepping
Give me a call and let’s play! you’ll just love this sexy teen tease!


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I have recently had one of the HOTTEST role plays with a guy on the phone sex line today. I was this college coed, and he was my english  professer. Apparently, I am failing his class, and what is a girl to do when she is  in desperate need of a passing grade, and failing a college course?

Well, Fuck the teacher of course.  I love extra credit and it is so much easier then studying everyday, after all a girl needs to be a girl!


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Lay back and put yourself in my sensual hands. Let my sexy erotic voice and depraved imagination take us both on a journey of pure ecstasy and intense pleasure. You’ll be able to feel me there with you. You’ll feel every touch of my hand, every stroke of my legs and every sound of my sultry breath as it pours onto your mind.

Once you close your eyes you’ll be able to imagine me being right there with you. You’ll have no doubts that I’m pleasuring myself and riding the same waves of passion that you are. The sound of my seductive voice will etch itself into your erogenous mind, causing you to count the minutes until we can cum together again.

I’ll be waiting for you… Kisses


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I love to party hard and do all kinds of kinky shit.

 Gang bangs, group sex, anal, dual penetration, girl on girl, make guys suck cock with me, two girls on one guy. Fuck and suck are my favorite sports. I also love role play, oral, foreplay, body worship, and family fun.

I have no taboos. Not shy about sex. Will try anything. Nothing shocks me.. give me a call and just try. There aren’t too many things I haven’t tried but love new challenges..

Call now!


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I have a big imagination and ever since I first started playing with my clit I have always been into role play. I am kinky and enjoy everything from being that little mall rat princess to the mistress who loves to torture cock.  I enjoy dressing up and appreciate kinky men and women who feel like I do, sex should be fun and orgasmic.

I squirt when I cum and love a man who can produce a steady stream of pre cum. Maybe that’s why I am into submissive cocks so much. Anyway you want it is how I like it. I enjoy romantic fucks on the beach as much as kinky gang bangs at our local swinger club. I am bisexual, a bit of a nympho and have a kinky streak towards rough and tumble nipple play.

My pussy might appear tight and delicate, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fuck my twat hard and like you mean it. I cum quick that way. Lately I have been exploring the bondage and discipline lifestyle and I am still conflicted about whether I am a sub or dominant. I can’t decide what gets me off more. I do like to be tied up and tortured till my pussy is dripping wet. 

Leslie –

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Me, Leslie and my boyfriend all went out together.  We had a plan to get Leslie really fucked up and take her  home to take advantage of  her. We had a few shots and then more & more & more, she was pretty slammed when we finally got her home.

We giggled and took off our clothes, then chris asked us to kiss. Before you know it we were all naked and Chris’s Big cock was in her mouth!

 Mmmm . . . I licked Leslie’s sweet little clit as he fucked her deep inside of her virgin  ass. Such a wet little pussy–I felt her juices smearing my face with a thick, white cream!

Danielle & Leslie

SPECIAL RATE:  30 Minute 2 girl call for only $99.00

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I noticed him the last few times I went on my morning jog, he was dressed in baggy sweats but I could tell he had a built and sexy body under his jogging cloths. I followed close behind him, imagining he would turn around and grab me, pulling me close and we would retreat the the bushes for a real work out session.

I love forced sex rolplays and sex with perfect strangers. So what stranger would you be to me? The grocer, the delivery man, the local lawyer or maybe the old perv down the road!

Call soon & let me know how you would take me!


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What is the naughtiest thing I did when I was younger? My girlfriends and I decided to have a slumber party this weekend. Well after the manicures, peticures and the munchie fest popcorn,pizza and sodas…someone started talking about sex..we talked about blow jobs, our wierdest place for sex, and if we had had two guys or not?

 Someone asked if  anyone had been with another girl and a few of the girls looked around to see who was going to admit to it..well I admitted to it to see who would then a few others admitted it . So then the question arose of who actually liked it…I gladly admitted hoping afew others would be eager..the next thing I knew girls where kissing and rubbing eachother…we went all night with each other we did everything..

that was such fun thats the first time I ever saw and particapated in a daisy chain..that was the most fun I had in my life.


Call us for a hot 2 girl!  Danielle & Leslie

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Look at my hot friend Leslie! This is what happens when two hot girls go to a sex party and then have too muck  to drink. Her boyfriend is the one that took the pictures of us fucking this double headed dildo. If felt so good when she pushed that cock deep inside my cunt.

I really liked watching her rub her clit, now I have to clean the 2 wet spots on the couch. We had a really good time giving her boyfriend a good show but, he was mad about not being able to join. After all, we had everything that we needed wight there between us ! Giggles

Humiliation Phone Sex
Incest Phone sex

Kinky Phone Fetish’s
Leg fetish phone sex


Danielle 1-888-221-9006

Leslie 1-888-221-9006

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blow job phonesex girl Leslie

Can you feel my soft warm wet lips gently swirling and flicking around the tip of your cock head, Moving  underneath it as I take my long tongue and start moving it up & down the shaft deep throating all you have to offer down my throat. Licking and sucking on your swollen balls while feeling them getting harder inside my mouth. I can taste the salty taste of your pre-cum starting to slide down the back of my throat.

** LESLIE **

Hope to hear from you soon! Cant wait to please you!

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 2 GIRLS! Normal 2 girl Rate per min is $3.75 ….But when you do a 15 min call the charge will be $37.50 (That is a saving of $18.50 enough for a regular call as well.)

(It’s like buying 10 & getting 5 free)

*That is only $7.50 more than a “single girl” call for 15 min at $30.00*


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The anticipation of cum, the taste of cum, the feel of Cum, everything and anything to do with cum. I love the feel of sticky, hot cum shooting hard into my pussy, deep in (and all over) my tight Little ass, covering my tummy and round tits, drenching my face and Definitely, definitely tasting it as it slides down my throat.

Again, I LOVE cum. I love the feel of a throbbing cock pounding deep into my throat. The Inability to breathe while your hands are on the back of my head gets my pussy soaking wet. I love it when a man seemingly looses control and just uses me to get himself off. That is one of my biggest turn-ons. I love knowing a man is turned on and love getting him off. I suppose that’s what attracted me to phone sex in the first place!

My Profile comming soon!


You can call me at 1-888-221-9006!

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