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sissy phonesex

Sissy Phonesex

Is your girlfriend gone for the week  and your left home  getting all horny?  Have your got the need to be all sissy and girly?  Well, get your girl friend’s dirty panties out of the hamper then get some clean ones out of her drawer,  maybe some sexy red ones and a red lace bra.  Now get her round hair brush or dildo out. Get dressed in the sexy garments! Pick up the phone and call me for sissy phonesex!

Is  your little man clitty starting to get hard thinking of it? Go ahead sissy boy,  sniff and lick those dirty panties.  I want you to have the entire feeling of being my little sissy boy  bitch.  The taste,  the feel and the smell.  Then were going to fuck that little bitch hole good til your little clit squirts that hot sticky cum into those red sexy panties.  Now you have to put the cum filled panties into the hamper for your girl friend to find after our sissy phonesex call.

I love making you guys get all nasty for me and make you do things you would not do with anyone else.   Call me now and show me just how nasty you dream of being and have never had the opportunity before.

Do it with me Now!

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Klara –

We do it all!
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Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation

I am so disappointed today. I told you guys about how much I have been craving cock lately. I crave it so much that I can taste it. But anyway, I met this guy who I have class with for lunch. He told me that he always thought that I was such a pretty girl and all the stuff that guys say to get the pussy.

I was horny so it didn’t matter what he said to me. But we end up at my place where we are fooling around. He keeps telling me about how big his cock is and I get instantly wet. I worship big cocks. I love how they feel in my throat and in my pussy. So he starts fingering me and i can’t take it for much longer; I want to taste him. I unbuckle his belt and this little baby dick pops out. He doesn’t even notice how disappointed I was.

It had to be 3 inches, hard. Can you believe that? 3 inches. What the hell are you going to do with 3 measly inches? That thing may as well be a clit. How pathetic is that? And it wasn’t even thick. A guy like that only deserves to worship me and eat me out. So I curse him out and kick him in the crotch for having such a small dick and guess what the little cunt does; he cums. He cums allover himself. He gets off on small dick humiliation. I was more than happy to tell him about that little crayon stub of a dick that he had. Uggghh, why can’t I get a big one? The next small dick guy that I meet is going to really get it, he has no idea what he is in for.

Elizabeth’s Profile Pedophile Phonesex Hottie


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chat Your nasty phonesex whore Ruby

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little dick phonesex

little dick phonesex loserslittle dick phonesex

Hi all of you subby little dick phonesex losers.  I talked to lil penis boy “lil one” again this week and he told he has been so very naughty.

He loves to get off by flashing young girls by showing off his tiny little dick.  It makes him cum so hard when he sees their faces and hears them laughing at his extremely small penis.

Does your member measure up?  If not give Louise a call and she will tease and deny you little dick phonesex too.  I love to cuckold too!

Nothing better then getting pounded by a big fat dick and making you watch while you rub your nub.  hahahahahahahahahahaha


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MILF phonesex for cucold loosersSo I got a call just a little while ago from this guy who I talked to the other night. He was a cuckold loser phonesex addict and was not able to score any pussy while out at the bar and had to resort to fucking his fist in the car on his ride home. Boo hooooo, how pathetic!Come to find out, when he got home he had looked around and read about himself on my site lol, big surprise. I think it got him all turned on or something and he called me. Only this time he is in Vegas laid up in the Venetian and was out with friends and don’t you know it, he couldn’t even score again! This wimpy cuckold loser could not even get a girl to go back to hot hotel suite and one of the most popular hotels on the Vegas strip. Jeez, how much of a loser can you be?

Sound familiar? Wanna talk about it (or me laugh about

Then give me a call…cuckold loser phonesex

are you more pathetic then this? Would love to know!

Sheryl – Mature Phone Sex Hottie

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Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Karissa.

Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Karissa.
Are you a slutty sissy boy? If so you will love me giving you some sissy boy phone sex, I will tell you what to wear and even give you advice on how to wiggle that ass of yours when you’re walking in those high heels. You will have such a raging hard on in those panties, I enjoy the thought of you being humiliated, knowing your squirming as you fill those panties with your creamy mess. sissy boy phone sex with your sweet Karissa!


Reach me at 1*888*666*9340
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This blog is dedicated to my Owner, Master, & the eternal love I feel between my whorish thighs for the way his MASSIVE 12 inch BLACK cock savagely splits my slutty cunt hole open wide enough to piss out a set of 10lb twins.  That’s right, all you white-bred small penis losers out there – read on up & weep about The Ebony God whom for nearly an entire year, has been and is The Master of my mouth, The Gatekeeper of my anal cavity, and The Key that stirs the juices of my wet pussy into a golden honeypot:

Dear Big Daddy Chocolate,
My filthy subservient ass is forever indebted to the way your thick chocolate snake stretches, rips, loosens, widens, gouges, & stabs the slick, bright pink walls of my trashy white vagina out of proportion.
Now that my bludgeoned twat has been made worthy of knowing the delectable agony inflicted uponst it by the writhing fleshy girth of your glistening ebony 12-inch dong, NEVER will I desire to allow another sissy-ass small-dicked cracker boy to fuck me with his puny pink worm.

Thank you for your tramp stamp—your personal seal of ownership & approval; allowing me to tattoo “Property of Big Daddy Chocolate” above my fat white ass.  I want you to know that nothing pleases me more than being the first slut allowed in your Bentley, to have knelt between your silken chocolate thighs & greedily swallowed molten gallons of your salty cum down my parched throat as my impotent husband watched on in a rage of green envy so sublime.

Forever I will worship & bow down to “The Center of my Universe”— “The Thick Black Snake” between your muscular thighs. I am your humble Big Black Cock Worshiper; your personal white slave & cum dump,


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Phone Sex


I see the way you look at my tight phone sex body.  You stroke that pathetic little dick of yours, dreaming about the day you’ll get to slide in between my sweet thighs. Did you ask permission to touch that little dick?  No you didn’t and for that you will be punished.  What you should know though is that I devour little limp dick sissies like you for fun!  You need to kneel before your goddess and show me how much of a devoted phone sex sissy you really are.  After all, you could never please me with that limp dick of yours so why bother trying?  Call Britney now for body worship phonesex with the one you can’t stop thinking of!


bang_britney 1-888-221-9006


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Look at the size of your cock! it’s so fucking tiny! Do you actually fuck girls with that tiny little prick?
Do they even feel you in them? You must have been made fun of ALOT in the gym showers when you were in school!

Call me now for some small cock humiliation phone sex. I promise to humiliate that tiny little prick you have real good.  And when I am done having phone sex with you …… if you want to even call it that! I am going to tell everyone what a teeny weenie little prick you have!
I know girls with clits bigger than your dick! Get on the phone and call me for the absolute best in small cock humiliation phone sex.


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I want you to bury your face right in my tight pink pussy and lick me good, suck those juices up. I want you to tongue fuck me deep thats right work your tongue in and out, now go lick on my asshole tongue fuck my asshole. Do you think you can make my pussy squirt all over your face? Do you have what it takes to make me cum call me up and tell me how you would lick my pussy and ass.



All calls are $ 2.00 per minute 10 minute minimum, and discreetly billed.

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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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I turn heads where ever I go, and I know that I can have any man I want. Older men love that I look so young—some of them think I’m just a little girl! In reality I’m a hardcore slut who gets off on humiliating tiny dick losers and using them as my personal piggy bank *winks* I’m a pampered princess who doesn’t give her pussy out for free. If you treat me right I will fuck and suck you till you pass out from exhaustion—my tight barely legal cunt can cum for days! If you’re looking for a wild teenager who likes anal sex, oral sex, extreme underage roleplay and financial domination, then look no more & call me today!


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Pleasuring a cock is one of My phonesex specialties.
I’m not all about just blowjobs, handjobs, or titty fucking.
I love to do a full sensual session to make you blow like never before.
Now focus on My picture and can you begin to feel it ?
It’s churning up inside you and…. I’m waiting for you.
Your Mature Shay

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Bad Bad Mommy Sandra !
What shall it be today boys ?
I love to hear your phonesex desires.
Is your mind as hedonistic as Mine ?  
Soooo much on the menu.
Nothing feels better than a male body next to Mine.
Call Me to share your secret perverse fantasies.
Cummm share them with Me – What are you waiting for ?
Your MILF Sandra


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You want to fuck me? Come on then… bend me over right here.. right now… I don’t care if someone is watching. I will wrap these long legs around you and ride until you beg me to let you cum.

Use my ass, or let me play with you and a friend. Slide your hands up my pantyhose, feel them against your skin, the heat of my flesh meeting yours through the silk. You know you want me. Let me dress you in my panties and make you my bitch. My strap on has your name all over it. I do love my sissy boys, come on, be my little slut, I won’t tell anyone.

 Call now – Adriana

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I am a true redheaded goddess who will make your fantasies hot & your orgasms even hotter!  How many times in your life can you say you’ve fucked, licked, or sucked a naturally red hairy pussy?  I know you’ll fall in love with it—once you start fucking my juicy pussy I just won’t stop!   Or maybe you’re one of those small-dicked freaks with a teeny little weenie who needs to be blackmailed and denied by an evil little bitch like me!   Call me now, limp-dick, so I can make you grovel at my pretty feet while I masturbate!

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Have you noticed how attractive an older  more mature woman is?

Have you noticed yourself getting a hard on every time your mom’s friend’s come over? What about while you are watching the next door neighbor send her children off to college in the morning? Well I am an older woman, let’s just say way older ~wink~, and I can tell you our pussies get very wet and creamy.

 I can show you just how good we can suck that hard stiff cock and how we know what you want and how to get you off! Experience the “Older is Better” quote first hand!

I enjoy younger and older men alike, but the question is can you handle this granny?

  • Mother/son
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I hope you enjoy my pictures! Call me Anytime at 1-888-820-8084

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Hello sissys, are you willing to turn that pathetic manhood over to me and allow me to turn you into the sissy slut that is screaming to be released? To dress you in MY frilly panties, thigh highs, and sexy bra, to parade you around my gf’s and show them what a sweet little sissy slut I have turned you into?

To have you begging for MY big hard strap on cock to be rammed into your sweet man/pussy, to have you begging to touch your little clitty while I laugh at you? To go on shopping sprees with Me to buy your own sexy panties and frilly petticoats?

Then pick up your phone, put on your panties and heels and be ready to serve me like the sissy slut you are!


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There is nothing hotter then sucking and fucking a big black cock.  I love chatting with little dick cuckold whimps.

Tell me how much you would love to suck on this big hard dick after its been in my pussy.  I know you fantasize about being forced to suck on a great big black cock.  Or are you more interested in eating the cream pie out of my pussy once this big dick shoots a huge creamy load into my pussy hole after I’ve been fucked good and hard.  1-888-221-9006


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