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Kinky Phonesex

Kinky Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

I am one kinds of nurse. I do not give ordinary check ups. I get down to the bone during my check ups. I can be aggressive and very dominate. I can also be very sensitive and emotional if you want. I understand there are some problems at home and you need to relieve some stress so why not pick up the phone and call for some KinkyPhonesex.

 I can help you with all of your health problems. I bet I can even stop you from having a heart attack giggles… Pick up the phone and call Nurse Ellen for some Hot KinkyPhonesex.

I’ll be waiting for my patients.

Ellen – Naughty Nurse Phone sex MILF
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Punishment Phonesex


Punishment Phonesex with Mommy Ellen

 I’m Mommy Ellen; I’m open for business with my very special clients. Mommy needs you to handle some instructions for being naughty boys… Have you been naughty little boy who needs some of mommy’s lessons?

 Are you ready for punishment phonesex with Mommy Ellen today? Or maybe Mommy needs to take charge. My specialty is to train you, instruct you, and teach you naughty little boys a lesson with punishment phonesex. Mommy specializes in many areas, which are all listed below and if your particular fetish is not listed just ask to see if I cater to those.

 Punishment phonesex /Domination/Humiliation/Strap on Play/ABDL/Gangbangs/Anal Sex/Oral Sex/enemas/and much more!!

 So why don’t you pick up that phone and dial in to the hottest Mommy on the net?


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Kinky Phonesex


Kinky Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

The nurse everyone loves to call. I am the number one adrenaline rusher you can ever have. If your heart is slowing down and not beating right
then I am the one to call. I will have your heart beating so fast you will have to call 911. “giggles”. I love to hear the hard breathing and
moaning of your cocks spraying that tasty cum out. I have to taste it just to make sure you are up to date. Pick up the phone to have Kinky Phonesex
with Nurse Ellen. Nurse Ellen will fix all of your problems that can’t be fixed at home. You know you want a hot sexy nurse to fill those balls
and taste your cum so, I think you know what you need to do. Pick up that phone and call Nurse Ellen right now to have some Kinky Phonesex with
Nurse Ellen.

Patients I am waiting.
Call 1-888-666-9340

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Medical Phonesex

Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

I am the nurse everyone dreams of. I am the sexiest and most pleasing nurse you will ever meet. I do check up’s, but only special one’s if you know what I mean. I am the commander and chief in my office. Anything goes with me only on my say so. If you are up for a health challenge then pick up the phone and call to have Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen.
If your cock can’t stand then I will fix it for you naturally if you know what I mean. Pick up and call to have Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen.

Patients I am waiting for you!
Nurse Ellen

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Medical Phonesex


Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen


The one of a kind nurse that you will never find.  I will surely give you a wonderful check up to make sure all of your reflexes are working right.  I am the dominatrix of nurses I control everything. When I want your dick to jump, it jumps! You know you want to have to hot Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen.  I only specialize in certain health problems and if you think I am the right nurse for you then I think you should call me and have some fun so we can get you healthy “giggles”. Don’t be shy pick up that phone and call Medical Phonesex with nurse Ellen to have some hot Phonesex.  I know your having problems at home that can’t get you to cum, but if you call nurse Ellen I’m 100% positive you will explode.


Pick up the phone and call to have Medical Phonesex with Nurse Ellen.

I’ll be waiting. Call 1-888-666-9340

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Nurse Phonesex

Nurse Phonesex

Nurse Ellen is online and ready for action. I have high clientele due to the fact of I am not an ordinary nurse. If you want someone to check your blood pressure then I am not the one to call. If you have a big hard cock and you need to relieve stress then Nurse Phonesex is what you need. If you can’t get your cock all nice and hard then, I am pretty sure I CAN.


I can help you with only your SPECIAL health problems. So, why don’t you sit back relax and unbutton your pants and pick up the phone to have some kinky hot Nurse Phonesex.


I’m waiting..

Ellen – Naughty Nurse Phone sex MILF
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Phonesex chatroom

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Do you have a medical fetish or just plain feel like playing doctor – what better way to fist a slut’s pussy than while her legs are in stirrups and a jar of lube is near by? I want your fist so far up my cunt that I can feel you pounding my cervix all the way up to my slutty cum-filled throat.  Who knows, you might just like it so much that in no time you’ll be begging me to fist your ass with both of my hands!  Call me today for a wild no taboos phonesex session with a slutty teen! 


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Electric Shock Therapy with a Sadistic Caller Today!

I’m in a mental facility, the Dr says I need a new type of therapy and pushes me through the automatic sliding doors and assumes his position near the back of my wheelchair. He whisks me to a room on the fifth floor where he straps me down and pokes an IV through my fleshy forearm. He’s giving me a muscle relaxant and purposely forgets to give me the normal general anesthesia.

The doctor places electrodes on either side of  my cranium. Cords extend from the electrodes, connecting to what appears to be an antiquated stereo set. A couple of dials protrude from the machine’s display. He laughs and says do you see this dial, and points to a line that says “danger” and then is red. He said that this will hurt, and he likes to get off seeing me in pain, he flips an unassuming switch.

A three-second burst of 160 volts blasts through me. While I am totally conscious, My torso jerks up and down. My arms and legs writhe only slightly, steadied by muscle relaxants coursing through my veins but that doesn’t help the pain, I scream and pant. My toes curl downward, as if my feet were trying ball up into fists. I’m experiencing a grand mal seizure.

Five minutes later, it’s over. I will feel a bit woozy the rest of the day. My short-term memory will suffer along with the pain and the memory of him squirting all over my face as I lay there helplessly, screaming in agony.

 Fun Call!

Thanks, Dawn

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CBT Phonesex Sessions with Adriana – In a destructive mood the last few days!

   “Larry the slut” Then called- I had him use a wooden hairbrush to beat his cock and balls untill they were black & blue. He said it took him back to memories of getting spanked by mommy!  Then of course, I made him tell me where it hurt the most – Dumb ass – they always tell me in a stupid subbie effort to please me, knowing that where ever they tell me, i will make an extra effort to get that spot even more!

    For my next CBT session, it was all about anal insertions. And it was a very intense one. I had him gather objects from around his house varying in shapes, girth & length. He managed to aquire the following things for our CBT Phone sex session: a tooth brush, a wooden spoon, a candle, a full wine bottle, a toilet bowl brush and some rubberbands. My favorite was listening to him use the phone to fuck his ass for me on the phone. Good Cbt  Slut!

Last fetish phone sex call today was a Gyno Fetish with a twist! This call involved a pair of sturrips, some KY Lube Jelly and a HUGE anal probe fetish!

Give me a call!

Anal probe Fetish 
Strap on Fetish /Forced Bi
Gyno Fetish / Doctor
Leather Fetish / Latex Fetish
Enema Fetish
CBT Fetish / CBT Pain
Medical Fetish
Boot Fetish / Crush Fetish
Smoking Fetish
Cage Fetish
Lots More! Call me a Phone Sex Fetish Call

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Doctor/Nurse patient play is sooo much fun. Can you imagine NOT having time to masturbate ?

Your balls are all swollen with hot fluffy white cumm and you need a place to deposit. Some come to Me for faggot treatment. Some come cuz they just love a hot sexy Doctor/Nurse/Physicians Assistant.

Do you need an injection, your temperature taken ? I’m ready for any of it or all of it. Cummm for medical treatment from Louise.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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Hi there, Hope here, and I am sad to say I have been missing all those naughty young mommy phone sex calls I use to get. I know I haven’t blogged to much here lately but that will change! I am home full time now and just doing this and going to nursing school PT!

So, you ready to have me give the boy a full check up? (medical fetish phonesex) I will lay you down and treat you very good! I will however poke and prode you and make sure everything works okay. Maybe you need help releasing your semen, well I can give you a good prostate milking. (Prostate milking phone sex calls and roleplays) Or maybe you are all backed up and in need of a nice warm enema?

I will do it all for you, even if you need a little physical stimulation, after all I always notice you young men staring at my huge tits! Well boys (and older men) Give me a call and lets have some naughty nurse phone sex calls!

Your Naughty Nurse

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Call and mention this blog before your call and recieve your call for only…

$1.69 per minute
(15 minute minimum)

Hurry These great Phonesex savings wont last long!

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Bad Bad Mommy Sandra !
What shall it be today boys ?
I love to hear your phonesex desires.
Is your mind as hedonistic as Mine ?  
Soooo much on the menu.
Nothing feels better than a male body next to Mine.
Call Me to share your secret perverse fantasies.
Cummm share them with Me – What are you waiting for ?
Your MILF Sandra


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Those little college hotties think they know how its done, but when I get done with them they learn a thing or two, being I’ve been around a bit longer then they have. You want a milf  for mature phone sex who knows how to please you.  I know my son’s friends have always whacked their little willies after seeing a hot bodied mommy like me.  Now that they are older, and my son is off at college I let them cum and visit me, he will never know.  I lick my lips thinking about which one of them will come begging to taste my hot & wet pussy.  I can drain these young cocks within minutes because I know how to get the job done.  You will be coming back for more mature phone sex.


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Our JUNE Everyday Weekly Specials!

MUST tell the Dispatcher BEFORE call!

  • Monday ~ 15 Minutes for $25.00
  • Tuesday ~ 20 Minutes for $35.00
  • Wendsday ~ 25 Minutes for $45.00
  • Thursday ~ 15 Minutes for $25.00
  • Friday ~ 30 Minutes for $50.00

Check Back to this blog for HOT Weekend Specials!

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In search of a phonesex Girlfriend Fantasy Experience? Well here I am! I may be young but I’m a redheaded, red-blooded, lusty young lady with loads of experience in prostate milking, anal play, & making a man feel like he’s loved inside & out. I have no problems sharing XXX pictures & exchanging quick emails with you just to find out how your day is going.

Even though I love taking care of my special guys, I can be really feisty so you better know how to handle me! I’m into all kinds of no taboo kinky plays, including fantasy phonesex, cross-dressing, bratty evil cheerleaders, & daddy daughter family fun! What are you waiting for—call me now for a guided masturbation session you’ll never forget!

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I am here for all your medical fetish fantasy needs.  I specialize in several different fields.  Please choose the one that is right for you.  Do you need a Proctologist, a Urologist, Sexologist or reproduction assistance?  I am quite knowledgeable and will give you good advice or we can role play a specific scenerio.  Some of my favorites are:

** You need assistance with your sperm donation**

** post surgery sponge bath from the hot nurse**

** you shoved an inanimate object up your ass and need help to get it out

** You took too much Viagra and have a raging hard-on for over 4 hours

All requests and role plays accepted, just call Dr. Louise for a good time.

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We do bestiality phone sex!! We found it funny, in a way. We also found that we were spelling it wrong when we called it beastiality phone sex haha- no ‘a’. The other day we wrote a phone sex blog entry about our willingness to accommodate and extreme taboo phone sex fantasy. Our phone rang off the hook because so many places won’t touch these topics, but the one that we got even more questions about seemed to be the most taboo of all- bestiality phone sex. To answer- YES, we do it, and more so happily. We keep it in the realm of FANTASY of course (we always like to qualify our willingness with that point), but if you want young teens sucking horse cock, or girls fucking their dogs, well, we can play with the best of them. It’s all for pretend, and 100% fantasy, so cum play with thses no taboo teens, right?
Beast is a topic that is certainly extreme taboo phone sex, but that doesn’t mean you should feel uncomfortable to ask for it. We are in the business of offering you the kinkiest teen phone sex that the web has to offer with no taboos and no restrictions, so go ahead and ask- ye shall receive with happy teen sluts any time, 24.7. Beastiality and all.


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We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a Great holiday season and be safe…

we will be here to help “gobble you up”

*** Call thankgiving & get 5 minutes free with any 15 min call or longer! ***

🙂  Lexi  (:

& our other  Taboo Phone Girls

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Does my Baby need to be fed? … Mommy knows just what you need. A nice clean diaper and some powder.

Mommy has to punish her bad little boy!

I lay you across my lap and spank your bare ass for messing in that diaper right after I changed you.

For my GOOD little boys, Mommy will wake you up for school in her see through nightie, no panties, and with her hands stroking that morning wood of yours.

  • Did you dream about fucking Mommy last night? CUM do it…
  • Granny likes it nasty, all of these holes are for hire.
  • This blonde bimbo likes to party and needs her next fix.
  • Can you help me get my medicine?
  • I will do whatever it takes.
  • I could invite my daughter to join us. I trained her well on how to please.
  • I’m as nasty as it gets.


Mommy – Cuckold – ABDL – Infantilism – Incest – Accomplice – Wicked Step Mother – Domination or Submission – Strap On – Beastiality – Bathroom Games – Enema – Medical – Period Play – Gang Bang – Cum Queen – Naughty Nanny – Preacher’s Wife

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