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ageplay phonesex

I just love ageplay phonesex calls with all my specials daddies and pervy uncles! I wanna tell you about a hot time I had with Daddy and Me, last weekend. I was home watching TV and playing my video games, when Daddy came home from work early. He was real happy to see me and told me he had a BIG SURPRISE for me if I could first follow his orders. First, he wanted me to see the first surprise he had for me. It was an awesome short cheerleader outfit. It was pink and white, and looked and felt really great when I put it on. Oh Daddy, I said, it is so cute ! Glad you like it Daddy said.

Daddy then ordered me to come and sit on his lap, after I took off his shoes for him. As I sat on Daddy’s lap, I noticed how big and hard his cock was. Oh WOW, Daddy…did I make your cock get that big ? “Why Yes, ‘lil Nina, you sure did. Oh how excited I was, when Daddy told me to sucageplay phonesexk his cock off right there on the couch. I got on my knees and began sucking that big fat cock Daddy had for me. Daddy just loves to push my head down on his cock and make me gag on it.

After he got hard as a rock, he wanted to have a lil anal play. He told me the BIG SURPRISE was going to be a new sex position for us called, 69. After he told me what it was and how to do it, I was so glad we did. Daddy licked me really well, and it became a huge  rush for him as I sucked his cock really hard and long.

Daddy did more than just that, we had some hot anal play too ! Then Daddy fucked me real hard in my bum hole. I really loved that, “BIG SURPRISE,” Daddy gave me…You’re next, so call me now for ageplay phonesex  and let’s have some hot phone sex and anal play, baby.


Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
Underage Sex – Ageplay Phone Sex
Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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interracial phonesex

I am Doletta and I will offer you the ulitmate interracial phonesex call?  Then come take a walk on the wild side with me.  As you can see I have all that you need and MUCH MUCH MORE.  My dark smooth creamy  skin is as sweet as chocolate silk and my huge round melon tits and perky protruding nipples are every boob man’s dream! I also have a firm heart shaped ass and an especially sweet juicy cheri for the sophisticated man who appreciates a darker, richer berry.

I really, really get into it baby – no games as you can see, I am the REAL thing. Are you a shy guy who wants to taste all life has to offer – try me! As for you experienced thrill seekers, LETS GET IT ON! (Top or bottom!) I am nasty, graphic and extremely creative. So break out from the monotony and go for the gusto – Take a chance and see if this black beauty and  interracial phonesex is for you! Cum and guzzle my sweet cream. All calls are kept completely confidential and I promise our time together will stay our secret forever.

If you have any questions and want to chat before you call find me on IM

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Welcome home Baby !
I’ve been waiting all day for you to return.
I took a nice hot bubble bath with My special bath salts.
I wish you would have been here to help Me put My lotion on.
I love the way you massage My body.
It’s time for some special attention for each other.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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sissy boy phonesex

I got a call from Chris today.  He had a specific role play he wanted to act out.

We have been happily married for the past 10 years.  I have a work conference and will be away for the weekend. Once I’m gone he turns on sissy porn and lays some sexy clothes out to wear.  You are shaving your legs, getting ready to assume your sissy mode.  You hear me open the front door.  I came home early because my meeting was canceled at the last minute.  Opening the door to our bedroom, I’m furious about what I see.  I’m stunned, but can’t help laughing at what you are wearing. You stammer in your squeaky voice “I wanted to know how it feels to be a woman.”  So many options with sissy boy phone sex.

 I tell me to sit on bed and wait until I come back; I go downstairs and secretly call every man we know. Our brothers, fathers, neighbors, coworkers and invite them over.  When I come back upstairs, I’m holding a bottle of tequila and pour you a few shots to get you drunk while I finish dressing you up.  I pull out a little blond wig I bought for a Halloween party a few years ago, The more I dress you up the more you start to look like a real sissy.  I continue to put make up on your eyes and face and of course we can’t forget the “cock sucking” red lipstick I apply to your lips.

 Once I have you looking perfect, I take you downstairs to 15 men and tell you “Now you will know how it feels to be a woman.” They ALL pull out their cocks, I tell them to stick their cocks in your mouth, another abuses your virgin pussy-ass, after a few of them take turns fucking your face and ass, I tell them to piss and cum all over you, I make sure they degrade you, as I make you please EVERY cock in the room like a good little sissy boy phonesex

I watch and laugh as I get to fuck that co-worker I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  You see me enjoying myself with a couple cocks too… I lean over and whisper in your ear “So now you know what it feels like to be a woman!”  Do you have a similar fantasy in mind? 

Call me at: 1-888-221- 9006

Cuckold Wife Marsha

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GFE phonesex


Looking for the ultimate GFE phonesex call to brighten your holiday season? Well that would be Me. The perfect little slut who will do anything to please her Man. I just love share our little secrets together and being the beautiful woman you need to please your cock every night. Let me be your Christmas gift to yourself.

Let share the holidays together. I promise you wont be lonely with your new little girlfriend.

ASHLEY – GFE phonesex

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chat Naughty Santa loves blow job phonesex

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Happy Holidays from all your favorite Taboo Phonesex Girls!



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 Ebony phone sex slut.

Ebony phone sex.

I am very dark but I’ve been told I’m very beautiful, long legs, big tits and an appetite for sex. On Ebony phone sex I want you to imagine me laid on a gorgeous white bed, my body naked and shimmering in the warmth in anticipation of you walking in and seeing me laid there masturbating my smooth brown pussy lips, seeing you getting hard for me would make this hot tight pussy tingle.

Opening my legs and showing you my pink inner lips, my fuck hole dribbling with cream wanting that hot cock of yours buried deep inside it. Seeing a white cock dipping into an ebony hole is such a contrast, fucking me hard and fast, feeling you getting ready to explode, then I want you to withdraw and shoot your cream all over my horny tits, watching me massaging that white cream over my gorgeous dark body, sucking my fingers dry and looking every inch an Ebony phone sex slut.

1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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Dildo Play Phonesex.

I love having Dildo Play Phonesex, whether it’s me using those horny toys on myself or getting you to fuck yourself with them, it’s a huge turn on for me. I love to hear you moaning and groaning as I choose a nice big one to slip inside that little fuck hole of yours, hearing you hit your G-spot and explode in an orgasmic rush.

I imagine I am there holding that dildo, bending  you over and fucking you hard and deep until  you are begging for me to stop and let  you wank that cock to completion.

Or maybe you want to hear me giving myself double penetration, fucking myself on Dildo Play Phonesex with two toys, whichever you want it’s fantastic fun, and so horny!



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Naughty Neighbor phonesex girl Klara! Naughty Neighbor phonesex girl Klara!

So today I was watering the grass when I seen a group of neighbor boys across the street were contently staring at me. Naughty Neighbor phonesex hugh….They were all about 15 or so and practically drooling all over themselves. They kept whistling and stuff so I decided to give them a little show.

I went into the house and changed into my tiniest string bikini. Then I got my little doggie and turned on the sprinkler. I ran through the sprinkler until I was dripping wet. Then I started jumping around and touching myself all over. Those boys couldn’t take their eyes off of me, I mean I cant blame them I am the hottest MILF on the block. If only one of them would of had the balls to come over, I would of rocked his little world. MILF phone sex – Naughty Neighbor phonesex girl Klara!

We do it all!
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Odor Fetish Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

Odor Fetish Phonesex is one hell of a funky time if there are two horny sweaty people talking on the line!  I’ve had lots of calls where men want to hear all about the way I smell.  Most of them really like it when I’m all sticky & nasty from working out, complete with dirty panties & clammy skin lol.  Usually they’ll ask me to rub a hand under my armpit & describe exactly how it smells.  Next they’ll guide me to my pussy, saying to rub against the sides of my cunt & right above my clit, right where my sweat glands are located.  I can always hear them jerking off when I say how stinky I am!  It’s just like they get so fucking horny I have to slow down so they won’t explode right away lol!  I kinda like the way I smell; sometimes after masturbating I’ll lick my fingers & wipe my pussy stank right under my nose just so I can sniff myself all day long.  Guess that makes me a dirty girl ~giggles~

Would you like to have a naughty Odor Fetish Phonesex session with Teen Tiffany?  Call today for a smelly good time!

School Girl Tiffany
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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Spanking Phonesex with Danielle

Spanking Phonesex can be fun if we really get into it!  It really makes my pussy melt when a guy just takes me over his knee & swats my ass with his hand.  Gradually it turns into him grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks apart, & then the part I really love—fingering my cunt.  At this point, a few more good spanks is all it takes to make my cunt cream for his thick naughty fingers to slip right inside.  But please don’t stop there!  I want to be spanked on my tits, pussy, & on my filthy dirty mouth.  I will talk back to you the entire time you’re spanking me, pouring more & more gasoline on your fire of desire.   Want to get all hot & bothered with me?

Call me for a Spanking Phonesex session—the harder you hit me the hornier I get!

College Coed Danielle
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
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Cheating Husband Phonesex with TS Giana

Cheating Husband Phonesex with a shemale like me might be the change of pace you need if your wife used to be spontaneous & stimulating yet is now nothing but dull & boring.  You’ve tried spicing things up in your sex life—toys, seXXXy lingerie, flowers & the whole bit, but no matter what you’ve done she still refuses to change into a sexual creature.  You’ve thought about cheating on her & might have even almost gone through with it, but you’re still too much in love & have too much at stake to take the risk.  So without any more options & nothing left except for sexual frustration & a very hard cock, what can you do?  That’s where I cum in to help you fulfill your wildest desires & naughtiest fantasies.  Some men would NEVER touch a cock with a ten-foot pole, but one look at my page made something deep inside of you flip on the switch of desire & curiosity to know what fucking me & tasting my cock would be like.

Cheating Husband Phonesex with TS Giana can spice up your sex life in ways you’ve never known!  Pick up that phone & call—it’s not REALLY cheating ~winks~

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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Bisexual Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

Bisexual Phonesex sessions are wicked hot in my book!  Even if you’re not a girl calling me, it’s still fucking hot as shit to talk about two girls together!  I would love to tell you all about the first sexual experience I had with a girl when I was VERY very young.  Does that make you curious enough to call LOL?  I really love cock but sometimes I just wanna taste that tangy pussy.  I like spreading a girl’s pussy lips open wide & licking circles around her clit.  Stick some fingers into her moist pink hole & stretch her wide open until she squeals with pleasure.  The one thing that I find super hot about making a girl cum when I’m eating her out is watching her cunt twitch . . . OMG I’m getting so wet thinking about it!

Bisexual Phonesex is one of those fantasies I just love talking about over the phone!  Call me today & hear all my naughty stories!

School Girl Tiffany
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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exhibitionist phone sex

Exhibitionist phone sex with Danny

I have always enjoyed doing exhibitionist phone sex calls, and one day after having a call with a guy who enjoys flashing his cock, I decided I would go out and flash my body.
I was really nervous, but pulled in at a big store, next to me was parked a pickup with two guys in it. I hitched my skirt above my thighs and opened my legs wide, I wasn’t wearing panties and they could see everything! It gave me such a thrill hearing them encouraging me to go further, which I did – much further! Now who knows, you may get much more the a exhibitionist phone sex call!

I enjoy pretty much any type of fantasy/fetish and/or roleplays, even if they are twisted I will do them just for you because I am here to please and make you happy. Well, unless you are some sissy bitch who needs to be put in their place, then I’m not really here to cater to you, I am here to put you in your place and treat you like the pathetic wimp you truly are.Lets Play on a exhibitionist phone sex call or any other hot type of roleplay!

exhibitionist phone sex with Danny
No Taboo Phone Sex  * 1-888-221-9006 * Chatroom

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I was taught at a very young age how to manipulate men, how to tease them to the edge and then make them beg for more! As you can see  from my pictures I am a little older and I love to tease, love to make you think you will get some from me too, but that doesn’t mean you ever will!

I love to hear you moan and beg for more, that’s what gets me off!

Call me for your mature phone sex needs!
Don’t be shy to tell me your fantasies because I’m the one person that you can feel totally safe with.

My Yahoo IM is hypnoticxxxhope
Hope   1-888-221-9006

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When I got home from school my cute little feet hurt so badly from wearing mommy’s black open-toed high heels.  Mommy had warned not to wear them, but I wanted to show my math teacher what a sexy little slut I could be.  I knew he had a foot fetish cuz I’ve caught him so many times staring at my toes when I’ve worn sandals with a French pedicure, licking his lips & trying to hide the HUGE bulge in his jeans.  All the other girls think his fetish is creepy but he’s really fucking hot & all I can think of when I’m sitting in class is how wet my pussy gets when I imagine his big soft lips sucking on my toes!  GAH – I need to go masturbate now lol!  Call me today for some hot foot fetish phonesex & let’s talk about my naughty teacher!

Teen Tiffany

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Seven Days out of the week I wake up horny so i find someone to fuck me. Seven nights a week I go to bed horny so i find someone to fuck me. Why dont you come let me suck your cock. NOTHING makes me happier than to have a nice hard cock to enjoy. There is NOTHING i wont try. You know a hot MILF turns you on and knowing this could be you hard cock im sucking makes you even harder. If you a guy who like to hear my pussy get pounded give me a call at night when my boyfriend comes to visit so you can have him fuck me the way you like it. Make me scream with pleasure to have 2 men fucking me at once. Im naughty, nasty, and oh so very horny………….

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I am told I have a hypnotic voice and men get off just listening to me talking about anything, whether sexual or not. They love asian phone sex.  It’s usally  the voice they go for. I love phone sex calls with men and listening to them beat off, stroking faster and faster, breathing rapidly and deeper.  I then  stroke, mind fuck, whisper  slower and slower, drive them crazy until they blow that nasty creamy load of cum for this asian phonesex whore!

Call me, check me out.

I will addict you, own you, take over your cock.

Asian Phone sex with …Yoshie

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You know those girls who’s idea of kinky phonesex is riding your cock?  I’m not one of those girls.  When I tell you I wanna get extreme I mean it.  That could mean fucking in the bathroom of your work or even on your desk while your secretary is in the other room.  Or maybe you like the idea of accomplice phone sex?  Sexy you find the bitch and I’ll help you tie her up and show her a good time til she’s begging us to stop!  Just know that when you tell me you want to get extreme you better be ready to really get dirty.  The hotter the better!


yahoo mischievous.megan


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I want to feel your tongue go deep inside my warm pink pussy. I like the way it feels going in and out. You take your time as you slide it up and down my pussy lips inside my tight hole. I squeeze on you tight so you won’t stop until I reach my climax.

I want to cum all over your face and lick it off. Put me on top of your big cock and make me ride it until you shoot your cum so deep inside of me. Watch how it slides out of me onto your dick all the way down to your balls.

Join me in some hot phone sex so I can please you the way you need.

XOXOX  Leslie 🙂

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Image the things you could do to me in these positions! Just take a minute and think about it!

 Then give me a call and tell me what you could do to me in this position! Hehe, I love playing games!!

Sweet Lil Nina

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I’m a dirty whore porn phone sex star!

Thats right I phone fuck for a living and love sex. I have an amazing body and I like to cum every day. You could call me a “Nympho phone sex bitch extrordinaire” lol. I love sucking every inch of cum out of your cock until it’s dry.

I have massive boobs that are perfect for you  to play with or have a nice titty fuck that ends in a messy facial! I spread my tight pussy wide for you too….

Cum all over my face and tits. Slap my ass around and fuck me very rough.

Miss Monika

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I have had a great week and would love to share some of the very kinky phone sex fucks I have had with you! We can start by me telling you about the teenager I caught peeking in my bedroom window and what I ended up making him do so I dident tell anyone about his being such a pervert!

Then maybe we can talk about the naughty things I did in the club behind the bar as a “tip” for my favorite bartender!  Taboo Phone sex is always fun!

Call soon ….Taboo Avery

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I offer you everything.
I’ll let you get what you want.
You know you need it.
You’ve wanted it for a while.
It’s being offered to you.
Why don’t you cummm n get it ?

Your TS Veronica

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You seriously think you are going to get away with this ?
You think I don’t have anyone protecting Me ?
You bound Me up in this cheap ass cord.
You could atleast use black satin ribbon.
I like to make it sexy.
Call Me and see how sexy bound can be.

Your Mature PhonesexHottie Shay

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I love wearing fur against My naked body.
Where are the men that love fur as well.
I have had men around Me that love fucking on fur and want to be covered in fur as they do.
Don’t turn your nose up – it is a fabulous feeling.
Drop a dime an lets discuss it.
I’m waiting.

Your Mature PhonesexHottie Shay

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Rape Fantasy  Phonesex

Ever heard of fantasy phonesex roleplay? Trust me to initiate you into it. Just imagine, dusk has fallen and I am walking alone on a deserted stretch of the road. Suddenly, two men appear from nowhere and grab me. They take me to a secluded spot and rip open my blouse. I shout, “Rape! Rape!”, but there is no one present for miles.

 I find my skirt and panty being slipped off, leaving me stark naked. I struggle, but to no avail. One guy holds my hands and the other spreads my legs, takes out his huge dick and plants it deep inside me. I scream in pain, which is soon replaced with a pleasurable sensation, as my pussy slowly turns slippery wet. “Yeah…! Oh Yeah!”, I moan and beg the other person to take me from the rear.

Want to know how my ordeal ended? Would you like to be one of those men? (Rape fantasies phonesex).


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I want you to bury your face right in my tight pink pussy and lick me good, suck those juices up. I want you to tongue fuck me deep thats right work your tongue in and out, now go lick on my asshole tongue fuck my asshole. Do you think you can make my pussy squirt all over your face? Do you have what it takes to make me cum call me up and tell me how you would lick my pussy and ass.



All calls are $ 2.00 per minute 10 minute minimum, and discreetly billed.

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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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