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no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex

There are many no taboo phone sex fantasies that we can do together and some that make me (just at the thought of them) cream in my panties. I want to be the nasty and vial lil slut in all of your role-play needs, I have NO TABOOS so tell me all of your nasty stories.

I love it all from naughty babysitter to the seductive teen next door you have been lusting over for years and years, you watched me grow up and develop into quite a girl. You have probably jerked that cock off to me more times then you have with your boring ole wife!

It is time for you to show me exactly what you have for me, all those years wishing and yearning to fuck me and cum all over me, well i am 18 now and a flirtatious lil fuck! Come show me what you have been wanting to do!

* Roleplay * Gang bangs * Family Fun * Humiliation/Feminization * Tease & Denial * Cuckold * no taboo phone sex

I can’t wait to hear about all your dirty little secrets and no taboo phone sex needs!


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 chat Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

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Hot Teen Phone Fuck, Kitten

Hi Baby !
Well, as usual I have been up to my naughty ‘lil adventures again.  This weekend my cute Uncle Dave came over to check on me, since my parents were away for the weekend.  I have ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS had a hot ass crush on him.  I had just gotten some sexy lingerie at the mall that day, and couldn’t wait to feel really alluring by testing it out on uncle Dave.

I had it all planned.  He’d come over and I would already be wearing it when I answered the door.  This is Exactly what happened…

I opened the door and his eyes nearly popped out
of the sockets.  He said, “Why Kitten, Why are you dressed that way?”  I told him that tonight was the night he was going to see what I really thought of him for a long time now.  Puzzled by my statement he asked, “what do you mean exactly Kitten?”

I told him how I had the hots for him and continued to sit on his lap and instantly rip out his cock and suck it profusely, before he could even know what happened to him.  After a few moments of that hot ass blow job, I felt his hands stroking my hair first, then downward to my titts and grabbing on to my hot teen ass. 

I knew I had him then, whenhe flipped me over and gave me some hot anal sex… My Cute & Rock Fuckin’ Hard, Uncle Dave !

I fucked him all through the night…and guess what? I’m ready for more, so get your hard cock over here and call me now…You know you need some of this hot juicy phone sex fucking from me, too !

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

Call Me Now at:  1-888-221-9006

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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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Click to view full size image

I love  men who will fully appreciate this sexy BBW woman, and who know how to touch  deep inside of me. And the best way for me to get what I want is to meet you sexy guys on the telephone seven days a week!

My silky skin will look so good against you, and your hands will feel incredible moving up and down my curves while you make hot and horny love to me. My intelligent voice will hypnotize you and my soft hands and long nails will melt you.

BBW Valley – Hot chubby phone sex girl!

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Kinky phonesex

Kinky Phonesex

I go by Ashley…. People think I’m an innocent and a dumb blonde, but that’s not really the case. I’m a freak undercover but no one will ever suspect anything that I do. I love to wear short shorts and let my sexy butt cheeks hang out because I know you’re looking. I can be what you want, anything you want, you got it. I can suck your cock so hard you won’t even know your cumming. Call me if you want to have some fun kinky phonesex… Ohhhh bring your friends too hehehe! I have the most sexy and sweetest voice ever, your dicks going to leak once you hear my sweet seductive voice.  I’m down for anything, if you don’t believe me then call me to find out what I’m really about during this hot and kinky phonesex conversation. You know I’m your dream girl. Come On give me a call.


My Yahoo ID is: squirt4ashley

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normal beth 2810129 No Taboo Phonesex with Granny Beth

No Taboo Phonesex with Granny Beth

Do you crave the kind of No Taboo Phonesex where you can be as perverted & downright dirty as your nasty little heart desires?  I have been in the adult sex industry for many many years now & there isn’t anything I don’t like talking about.  Nothing is too taboo or kinky for me.   As a wild mature woman, I enjoy most fetishes & role-plays & also like mixing it up by trying new kinky things.  Ageplay, cougar phonesex, adult babies, cuckolding, & domination are just a few tricks of my trade.  So whatever it is your hungry for tonight, I’m sure if you give me a call we can make it happen!

No Taboo Phonesex with Granny Beth can be found right here for all your jerking pleasures.  Call our cheap phonesex line for a session today!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
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chat Rape Abuse Phone Sex   Lonely Hitchhiker

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 accent phonesex

I love to get my big dildo and parting my legs. Then I take it and lube to up and rub it up and down on my clit. My legs spread wide open and just rubbing my clit. It is so kinky when i talk to men on  erotic phone sex calls while I do this.

My wet  pink clit just all out there and waiting for an explosion. I would love for you to watch or listen to me rubbing it and getting it nice and wet. Let’s have some kinky phone sex, i think you will also love my voice if your into erotic phone sex, I have a sweet Russian accent and love to get nasty with you!


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Kinky Phonesex

Kinky Phonesex Addict

I am such a Kinky Phonesex addict, the dirtier the better for me. I would love you to call me and tell me your dirtiest, most perverted fantasies, and you will get to hear mine. I love anything and everything, especially a fuck filthy bukkake party where I’ve swallowed 11 men’s spunk and still wanted more.

Call me and let’s release those horny fantasies of yours, and mine too, hope you’re ready as I have no morals whatsoever because I’m such a Kinky Phonesex addict.

Vote for us & get 3 free minutes with paid call – Just let the dispatcher have your 3 digit code!.

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Brother Sister Phonesex

Brother Sister Phonesex 

How often has your horny imagination wandered and you’ve thought about fucking your Sister? I love having Brother Sister Phonesex chat, knowing that I have been teasing you for years, and now it’s time for you to get your own back, and fulfill all those filthy thoughts. I want to be your Sister and you can do to me whatever you want.

Imagine me on my knees sucking your cock for the first time, tasting your precum before bending over and offering my hot holes to you. You can tell me how often you have found my dirty panties and wanked off into them imagining all of this happening for real. Brother Sister Phonesex can be as filthy as you want.


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Lexi-ok (19)What happens on a phone sex call after you get off? Do you hang up on the girl? Does it feel all awkward when you cum? I encounter all types of callers with different reactions afte they squirt their load. I have guys who have called me several times and still hang up on me the second they cum on the phonesex call. Maybe they wanted to go to get cleaned up. Maybe they are in a hurry. Maybe it is “dirtier” that way! Sort of like picking a chick up in a bar and fucking her senseless and then kicking her out the minute you’ve cum lol!

I have some callers who obviously feel some sense of shame after. They almost behave like they are embarrassed. I’m sure not, but they seem to be. I have some callers who are less than embarrassed but maybe just don’t know what to say after.

I even know many phone sex operators who seem to clam up or feel some of the mentioned ways. I’ve known of girls in this business that actually get pissed off because a guy just hangs up. I always felt like it’s your call, you can end it how you want so it’s never offended me as a person. But I do think also that there is an after phone sex protocol that is almost no different then having real sex.

It’s a very private, real, and personal thing to share your orgasm with me. The least I can do is try to make you laugh after to release the tension of all that blood flow returning to your brain again. I guess we can’t cuddle after but we can be sweet to each other, or chitchat about something normal for a few minutes. Also releases that tension of returning blood flow. Sometimes the nicest thing a guy says to me on/after a phone sex call is simply “thank you”. I’m not a rocket scientist, I am not making a major contribution to the world… but the thank you is always really nice to hear!

LEXI – Website Owner and phone sex Girl!

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Roleplay or Fetish Phonesex with Redhead Ruby

Roleplay or Fetish Phonesex with no taboos!  Any fantasy, any kind of kink, any ageplay—no matter what it is, I’m here to cater to your every need and desire.  And if you’re still wondering just how nasty I can be, well feel free to click on my blog link & read up on all the naughty things I’ve posted throughout the years ~winks~.  Trust me when I say that there will be many more to cum as I’m feeling especially horny when summer’s fast approaching; I can always count on summer fun in the air to make my pussy wet lol.  I know there is at least one blog on my page custom-made for just about every man out there, since I really enjoy writing about my kinkiest fantasies & what my personal callers & I enjoy getting off to!  There are literally tons of examples of how nasty I can be on the phone!

Are you in the mood for Roleplay or Fetish Phonesex with Redhead Ruby?  Call our cheap phonesex line today for the kinds of fantasy fetish role-plays dreams are made of!

Naughty Tease Ruby
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
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Gagging Phonesex with TS Dasha

Gagging Phonesex makes my thick cock grow so hard . . . I love the sound of a man trying his fucking hardest to swallow my entire 9 inches of shemale cock meat down his hot dry throat.  All that spittle dripping from his mouth as I force my way deeper inside, tears streaming from his burning eyes, my balls loudly slapping against his face, all the while he greedily sucks me into an explosive frenzy of cum that he gulps down whole like its his last supper.  Sound like fun to you?  For the right guy I have no problem doing the same, all I ask is that you turn me on too!

Is a Gagging Phonesex call in your future?  Call today for a wild no taboo shemale experience!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut

Right now I’m so fucking horny I’m craving to be someone’s Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut.  I am ready, willing, & able for some kinky nasty downright dirty deviant sex.  My pussy is WET & aching for a good hard fucking with a thick cock & loads of sticky cum.  I just love cumming for men while hearing them cum for me . . . from mild to fucking kinky wild & everything in between, I know my vivid imagination will get you off HARD.  Are you ready to hear my slutty redhead pussy slosh & cream for you?  

I know I can be your favorite Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut that makes all those perverse fantasies cum to life via my phone sex line.  Call me now!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
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No restrictions phonesex with Logan

No restrictions phonesex

No restrictions phonesex.Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to know everything about sex, and I think I’ve tried most things, even when I shouldn’t!
Come and have a full-on, No restrictions phonesex chat with me about anything you want. No matter how disgusting you think it is, I’m sure it won’t faze me, I’ve yet to be shocked by what I hear. Give it a try, it would be nice if you could surprise me actually!

I am young and sweet but so, so dirty! I am pretty sure that a naughty man like you can keep me entertained for a few, can’t you? I bet you have so many naughty thoughts running through your head that you’re having a hard time keeping up with them! So you better call and tell me all your dirty thoughts.

My ass, my pussy and my mouth are here for you to fuck, so lets get together for a hot nasty phone fuck where I can drive you nuts and make that hard cock of your shoot! I am no taboo No restrictions phonesexx- Anything goes!


Check out  Our Specials  – Visit our Chatroom
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mature phone sex with Louise - Mature phonesex roleplays

Mature phone sex with Louise – Mature phonesex roleplays

Its all a hot mature phone sex fantasy and I bet you cant stop thinking of new things to do to me. I am the typical mature woman next door  you see mowing the grass in her short shorts with my  titties clinging to my wet tank. Or on my way going to teach my sex-ed class looking all innocent looking except the fact that I cant hide my big tits under my blouse. You see me take out the trash every night at the same time  and have fantasized about popping out of the bushes and take me right then and there. You have always dreamed of raping me and hearing me scream “no”. You imagine kidnapping me and using me for your perverted desires.

I know your thinking all these mature phone sex fantasies over & over in your mind, but the only thing is, I would be using YOU, for MY games. I would have you doing everything I wanted and more, you see I love to let you THINK your in control and then give you a total MIND FUCK. Oh how I love demented little mature phone sex games…

I have been around the block a time or two, even done some hot porn vids, but I really get off to having mature phone sex. I think I like it because guys are so free tongued when it comes to telling all there dirty little secrets, on the mature phone sex calls they can be free of judgement and freely share even the most taboo of fantasies and role plays that they have hidden away. I am very easy to talk to and can easily make your mature phone sex fantasies a reality!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
** Naughty Mature Phone Sex with  Louise
Call Me at: 1-866-909-9059

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I am such a naughty girl; I like being naughty when I’m having phonesex because between you and me I need a hard bottom spanking.

My little dress is way too short, and they way I suck my thumb is oh, so sweet, as I look at you with my big eyes, begging you not to spank me again. Knowing full well that bulge in your pants is only going to bet bigger.

I insist that I am sorry, but I know Daddy needs to give his little Princess a hot red booty for the naughty things she gets up to.


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When I think of a little girl’s daddy coming home & finding his little princess fingering her cunt like a prostitute in his bed, it makes my hungry pussy slick & hot.  My swollen clit quivers thinking about him violating his daughter with these acts of pedophilia, incest & rape, even though that’s what the little whore secretly wants.  I ache all over for that scenario; to be a fly on the wall watching a naughty pedo daddy punishing his tramp daughter’s creamy little virgin vagina with a brutal insertion from his massive cheating cock. If I put on a schoolgirl skirt that shows my tramp stamp tattoo & a tiny little blouse that shows off my little nipples & belly button ring, can I be the daddy’s little girl in your naughtiest sexual fantasies?  I want to be your young fuck toy or your accomplice in crime.  Call me for a no taboos phonesex session – I have a warped mind & a hot young body!

Dirty Danielle

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Today at the coffee shop I sat in a corner, sipping on an extra creamy frap. When I noticed businessmen drooling over the plaid skirt & thigh high stockings I had on, I made sure to accidentally smear an extra dollop of sticky cream on my face.  Even though I totally ignored the naughty old perverts when I passed them by, secretly my little girl’s cunt burned for one of the strong rich sugar daddy’s to fuck me like a filthy cheap whore.  I wanted the tall one with greying temples to bend me over doggy style, rip off my dirty panties, and laugh as I screamed when his meaty fingers plunged deep into my bright pink vagina hole open.   I knew if his thick cock even so much as grazed across my swollen clit, that my squirting pussy and sweaty thighs would give me away for the trashy cum loving teen I am.  I want you to rape me behind that coffee shop, suck on my puffy little nipples & force your greedy thick daddy cock into my hungry pussy.  Call me today for an accomplice phonesex session, pedophile ageplay fantasy, or any other morally degrading roleplay you can think of!


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I get off on tease and denial, owning a man through his cock. Making him know who is in charge. Once I own your cock, I own you. It then becomes “all about me” I am young and spoiled and have always gotten my way. I will hypnotize you with my voice, mentally lock your cock away so you can’t stroke it off.

There will be no release for you unless I allow it. Funny thing though, you will love it and will never do anything to disappoint me. Once you have reached that stage, I will request that you get a chastity cage with a key for your little cockette. You will lock it on and send the key to me. I will then be your “Key holder”. You will have to really work to get that key back. Does that excite you? Does the thought of me owning you to that extent turn you on?

Well call me then. I want your balls full and your little cock hard. I want you already aching when we begin.


(being offline does not mean im not avail for calls…try me!)

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Do you enjoy public masturbation? I sure do!

I was out in a diner the other night late after a few hours at a bar and one (okay 10) to many drinks. It was 3am, and needless to say I was feeling very frisky & the guy sitting across from me was steady watching me,

I decided to see just how interested he was, so i reached under my table and lifted my skirt so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes got huge and I saw him unzip his pants.

I slid my hand to my already very wet and warm pussy and began spreading my legs further apart. He pulled his cock out, and It was already very hard! We passed glances and halted our movement for the occasional waitress asking us if everything was okay with our food. We both ended up cumming at almost the same time and it was really fucking hot! Let’s talk about the naughty things you have done & I may tell you about more things that I have done!



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I got involved with a man a few years back that showed me what a true slut and dominate girl that I really am,  and since then there was no turning back. Now I am here to live out your domme phonesex fantasies fantasies, let say there is the hot girl in the office and you would really love to roleplay out a hot fantasy about her walking up behind you and just taking you without a word, grabbing your tie and forcing you to do Very naughty and perverted things on your desk, with all of your co-workers a few feet away behind an unlocked door…how exciting would that be!


Office phone sex roleplays and dominate girl phone sex calls!

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Electric Shock Therapy with a Sadistic Caller Today!

I’m in a mental facility, the Dr says I need a new type of therapy and pushes me through the automatic sliding doors and assumes his position near the back of my wheelchair. He whisks me to a room on the fifth floor where he straps me down and pokes an IV through my fleshy forearm. He’s giving me a muscle relaxant and purposely forgets to give me the normal general anesthesia.

The doctor places electrodes on either side of  my cranium. Cords extend from the electrodes, connecting to what appears to be an antiquated stereo set. A couple of dials protrude from the machine’s display. He laughs and says do you see this dial, and points to a line that says “danger” and then is red. He said that this will hurt, and he likes to get off seeing me in pain, he flips an unassuming switch.

A three-second burst of 160 volts blasts through me. While I am totally conscious, My torso jerks up and down. My arms and legs writhe only slightly, steadied by muscle relaxants coursing through my veins but that doesn’t help the pain, I scream and pant. My toes curl downward, as if my feet were trying ball up into fists. I’m experiencing a grand mal seizure.

Five minutes later, it’s over. I will feel a bit woozy the rest of the day. My short-term memory will suffer along with the pain and the memory of him squirting all over my face as I lay there helplessly, screaming in agony.

 Fun Call!

Thanks, Dawn

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Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.


Yahoo: taboodoletta

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ebony phonesex with trinity

My uncle caught my gf eating my pussy!

I was staying with my Uncle for a few days while my parents are away and you’ll never guess what happened to me! I invited my girlfriend over after school and we were fooling around on the couch. I had a beige mini skirt on and a tight fitting pink tshirt. Long story short the mini skirt ended up being around my waist, my legs up in the air, and my girlfriends head between my thighs. What I was unaware of that day was my Uncle getting off work early. He walked in the door and caught my girlfriend eating my pussy on his couch!  At first he was angry, but when my girlfriend tried to leave he locked the door and told us both we weren’t going anywhere, and proceeded to make us both strip naked for him. I’d love to tell you more during a hot phone sex session, give me a call!

XOXO Trinity!

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  I am looking for some hot nasty phone sex, I love it to be so

 fucking taboo and no limits. Call me with your deepest darkest
fantasies and lets have some fun doing them. Anything goes
with this hot horny teen slut. Remember No TABOOS or should
I said what the fuck is a taboo lol. Call now so we can play.


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I enjoy watching porn with my phonesex caller, he is so much fun we like looking at hot naughty porn together. While we are watching the porn he is telling me about his fantasies, and I am telling him how I enjoy being with girls. I like having my cake and eating it too. So if you want to look at porn with me and talk about your fantasies and desires then call me up I am that teen phonesex slut for you.

Megan call me at  1-888-221-9006 Anytime…I will be waiting!

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ABDL Phone sex Babysitter

Hot age play phone sex with teen Krystal! I got a little baby all my own *hee hee* he’s 26 and he wear diapers.  He’s a little person who I dressed up as a baby while he was supposed to be baby sitting me! *hee hee* To say that I’m 4 times his size wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Oh Please! Mom wants to hire an adult who looks like a baby to baby sit me?!  Then I’ll make him an adult baby.

I had him breast feed from me and everything.  I giggled when I changed his diaper and saw his teeny little winky. I made him wear my ruffled panties over his cloth diaper.  He was a bad boy, so he got a spanking too!


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The best thing about phone sex is that you can talk about anything your twisted mind can come up with. And the girl you talking to like me is just as sick and twisted as you are!  I need a guy like you to call me for some no taboo phone sex! Lets talk and see what the sickest twisted thing we can come up with that will get us off like never before! The sky is the limit baby!
There isn’t anything you can say to me that will make me blush. HOT, twisted, sick, perverted, no taboo phone sex, right here, right now!
Call Me!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!

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babysitter phonesex with BrandyBabysitter Travails

I keep telling my phonesex friends that we babysitters are a vulnerable lot. No, not to the tykes we have to babysit, but from their dads. They’re forever eying us in a most lustful manner and waiting for an opportunity to strike oil! I am a regular babysitter, making a few bucks on the side in my spare time. Let me tell you what happened once.

The kid I was babysitting was no brat and that made my job easier. However, his dad, Alan, was forever trying to touch me, much to the consternation of his wife. One evening the couple left me with the kid. I got him busy in games, took out my book and started reading. After an hour or so, I heard the key turn in the door and found Alan entering alone. He told me he is here to fetch something and called me up to the closet to help him out. The moment I entered, he grabbed me. Before I could do anything he had raised my skirt from behind and tore off my panty and with one hand holding me, he parted my legs. Then he shoved his huge dong inside my tiny pussy. I screamed both in pain and pleasure, while he raped me well and proper. (Rape phonesex)


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A few days ago this guy called me for a wild mother/son roleplay phonesex session.  It was BY FAR the nastiest MILF fantasy I’ve ever had; he caught me fucking a guy in my room & joined in on the fun.  It was more of a mother son cuckolding fantasy . . . I humiliated him in front of my bf & then forced him into cocksucking.  What a fucking nasty sissyboy slut!

Whatever scenario you have, we can play it out together.  I have no taboos & like sucking cock & pussy alike.  All ageplay phonesex welcum, lactation fantasies, GILF roleplays, ABDL . . . nothing is too taboo for this wild cougar!  Call me today for a orgasmic phonesex session at a cheap Phone Sex rate!


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