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Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Are you one of those perv guys who loves having Dirty Panties Phone Sex? Describing to these gorgeous girls what you would like to do if you had a pair of their sticky panties with you. I hope so, I love the thought of someone stealing a pair of my used panties, and phoning me up to tell me that they are wanking themselves in that silky, lacy fabric. All along knowing that my pussy has been creaming in them all day. Don’t you want to fill them with your hot spunky load before returning them to me.

Let’s have some Dirty Panties Phone Sex and you can reveal your naughty panty fetishes to me, I want you imagine you’re smelling and filling mine with your hot load. Pick up the phone and dial my Dirty Panties Phone Sex line baby, I’m waiting!

XOXOX Shay – Dirty Panties Phone Sex

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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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Voyeur PhoneSex with Granny Beth

Voyeur PhoneSex with Granny Beth is for all the bad little children of the world. I know how the thought process worked in all you little shits as kids.  All I need to do is HEAR your voice once & I instantly imagine you creeping out of bed & eavesdroppin’ or peepin’ in on whoever the fuck was fucking at your house at the time; mommy & daddy, sissy & the biker dude, your older brother & the neighborhood skank, granny & the old man from across the way.

It all begins with an innocent young man’s curiosity of what’s makin’ his bedroom walls shake & quake.  All that moaning & groaning is cummin’ from somewhere, but from who, where, and why?  As he listens intently something happens . . . his baby balls tighten & tickle, some invisible little worm twitches up the shaft of his little penis, making it nice & firm.  Scared and confused, he pushes his erection down only to realize just how fuckin’ good that feels!  Oooh—Yea‼!  Pretty soon he’s stroking, pulling, yanking at full force, looking through that door & seeing the back of mommy’s fat ass bounce up & down on daddy’s huge cock, gobbling and sucking his big piece of beef deeper & deeper inside until her hairy cunt hole farts out a loud squish squish.  Sonny looks down at his hand, sees his first load of warm gooey cum, and now he’s addicted.
Never fear, Granny’s here to help you with that ~winks~

Voyeur PhoneSex with Granny Beth, tired of being the outsider looking in?  Call Granny now & experience the joys of guided family fun voyeurism!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
Call Me at: 1-888-221-9006

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Peeping Tom Phonesex.

I love the thought of being watched while I’m masturbating or having sex, this is why I enjoy Peeping Tom Phonesex so much. I love to describe to my callers what I’m doing and what I’m wearing and have a real horny role play about him living across the street and the fact that he’d been watching me for a while.

Hearing him telling me what I’m doing, then my door would open and in he’d come, his hot cock in his hand telling me what a prick teasing little slut I am. Slamming me down on my bed and fucking me hard and deep, trying to push him off but he’d be too heavy and his urges too strong for me to move him until he’s spunked his load deep inside my teasing little pussy. Peeping Tom Phonesex does it for me every time.

1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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Teenage Pussy Phonesex with Tiffany

Teenage Pussy Phonesex is so naughty!  Hey pedo perverts—do you wanna piece of my little girl pussy?  I see you staring at me whenever I ride my bike into the park.  You think I don’t notice that you’re always looking up my skirt, but I do.  You wanna take me under that tree & rip off my cute little dress, that’s what mommy says.  She says not to talk to strangers like you, that all you men are the same & just wanna get inside my panties.  What mommy doesn’t know is that I have an aching teenage pussy & wanna get fucked so bad!  I dream about having a cock inside of me every night & that’s the reason why I go to the park when you’re there!  So what do you say, you wanna fuck my sweet teenage pussy today?

Teenage Pussy Phonesex, pedo play, rape abuse, & no taboo phone sex sessions are availiable with Tiffany today!  Call now for a hot time!  Call taboos & fetishes welcum!

School Girl Tiffany
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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peep-show.jpgGuided Masturbation Phone Sex. The doors open and there is the girl of your dreams behind the glass. She is dressed in a red garter belt and stockings, 5 inch heels, and the hottest bra you have ever seen. Her long blonde hair is curly and flowing. Bright red lips set the mood for the show. She grinds her hips on the pole in the middle never once taking her eyes off of you. You can’t look away. Your hypnotized by her beauty and the raw sex the seeps out of her every pour.

Place your money in slot and she will take off the clothing. You slip the first hundred in, but tell her to leave the stockings on. She points to your cock and motions for you to stroke it. This is the kind of girl that could make you cum without even touching yourself. You have never wanted a girl more then you want her now. Taking your cock in your hand she whispers for you to use the next hundred to stroke with. Wrap it around your cock she asks. Stroke for me she pleads as she slips her finger in her well lubed pussy. She takes the money you slipped through the hole and rubs it across her clit as she cums. Your cock has a mind of its own and sprays the glass without notice.

She points to the opening and asks for the hundred covered in your cum in exchange for the one covered in hers. Just as you exchange the money the shade closes. She is gone, but the scent she left behind can never be forgotten…

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Try our Chatroom!

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For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what the sticky white dried-up shit on my dresses, dirty panties, garter belts, & crotch of my pantyhose was.  Then one night while undressing in what’s supposed to be the privacy of my own bedroom, I realized my perverted little grandson was watching from the closet. Apparently my boy wasn’t really the sweet innocent child I thought him to be but really a pussy-obsessed peeping Tom.  When I opened the closet, I told him he was lucky that granny loves her cock meat young and also has a penchant for family fun incest.  I then threw that little shit on the bed and laid my fat granny ass & tart wet pussy straight onto his filthy little face.  After fucking him for a good solid hour the little bastard creampied my hairy old cunt with throbbing pee pee.  As further punishment, I made him suck the my cum clean out of my wide, quivering sluthole & sticky ass.  Do you have a thing for cougar grannies too?  Call me today & let’s play!

Granny Beth 

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Even though I’m pretty bitchy to cheating married men & have the reputation of being a tease, I admit that I really want nothing more than having my ginger cunt stuffed full with their cocks.
I like to masturbate, plunging my long fingers & toys into my wet pussy while thinking of how hard & raw an old married pervert would fuck my young red bush.  I dream of bending over, arching my naked back, puckering my tight asshole & moaning with hunger for a pedophile’s throbbing cock as he watches me through binoculars from his bedroom window. If you have the balls to cum over, I promise to ride your hard fat rod until you squirt cum deep inside of my little girl pussy, but only if you first beg to smell my tight red pussy.  Call me today for a sick & twisted phonesex fantasy with the redheaded slut of your dreams.


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Do the curtains match the rug – how bad do you wanna find out?  Maybe you’re a naughty pedophile that sneaks a peek at me in the dressing room while I’m trying on bikini bottoms.  Get a good look at my firecrotch?  I know it’ll feel really fucking good to smash my red pussy against your face.   That’s right, pervert – suck my sluthole and make my strawberry pussy cream into your naughty mouth.  I know you’ve always wanted to bang a redhead, and the answer is YES – I have a temper.  Don’t be surprised if I smother you with my bright pink vagina.  Call me today for all your slutty redhead phonesex needs!


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Seven Days out of the week I wake up horny so i find someone to fuck me. Seven nights a week I go to bed horny so i find someone to fuck me. Why dont you come let me suck your cock. NOTHING makes me happier than to have a nice hard cock to enjoy. There is NOTHING i wont try. You know a hot MILF turns you on and knowing this could be you hard cock im sucking makes you even harder. If you a guy who like to hear my pussy get pounded give me a call at night when my boyfriend comes to visit so you can have him fuck me the way you like it. Make me scream with pleasure to have 2 men fucking me at once. Im naughty, nasty, and oh so very horny………….

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I have had a great week and would love to share some of the very kinky phone sex fucks I have had with you! We can start by me telling you about the teenager I caught peeking in my bedroom window and what I ended up making him do so I dident tell anyone about his being such a pervert!

Then maybe we can talk about the naughty things I did in the club behind the bar as a “tip” for my favorite bartender!  Taboo Phone sex is always fun!

Call soon ….Taboo Avery

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The Pervert Next door – What moves beyond the fence!

I was sunbathing in my back yard soaking up the almost 90 degree sun yesterday when I had the feeling I was being watched. You know when the hair on your neck stands up and you start to tingle all over.

Well I heard a stir from the yard next door and I knew right away that old pervert was at it yet again trying to catch a glimpse. You see the old man next door loves to peek at me laying naked in the yard.

I love the feel of the sun on my entire body so I tend to sunbath naked. Well today he was going to get a little show. I spread my legs wide open and let him watch while I slid my fingers in myself and masturbated. I got so fucking hot knowing he was blowing a load on the other side of the fence, it prolly dident take him but a minute!


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Siempre te pregunto si estas listo para Mi ?
I always ask you if you are ready for Me ?
I’m here to make those wild, nasty fantasies cummm true.
You know how you been thinking about it.
I know…you wonder if it makes you a fag ?
I say No…you know why ? ? ?
Cuz I don’t like fags but I like you.
Your sexy…call Me.
Tu eres muy sexy…llama Me.

Your TS Veronica

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I want you to bury your face right in my tight pink pussy and lick me good, suck those juices up. I want you to tongue fuck me deep thats right work your tongue in and out, now go lick on my asshole tongue fuck my asshole. Do you think you can make my pussy squirt all over your face? Do you have what it takes to make me cum call me up and tell me how you would lick my pussy and ass.



All calls are $ 2.00 per minute 10 minute minimum, and discreetly billed.

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I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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I am into exhibitionism & Love it!

I am an exhibitionist and I love showing my perky titties and lifting my skirt to flash my fuckable ass and tight long juicy thighs. I drive my neighbors crazy by walking around the house wearing nothing but high heels and a garter belt. And yes…the drapes and shades are wide open for all you peeping toms to see.

It’s quite a show. It makes my  pussy dripping wet knowing that I have an audience and my neighbors are jerking their cocks watching me. If you want to be a phonesex voyeur, give me a call! I have lots of pics I can share with you during or after the call!


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Hi guys, my parents have left me all alone today…

I am scared and dont know what to do. I knock on your door… I tell you I just moved in next door and I was alone, of course you already knew who I was…you have been spending countless hours peeping into my windows at me!

What will you do? Invite me in? Take advantage?

Call me and tell me!

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Hey there!  My name is Tiffany (but you can call me Tiffy) & I’m a naughty barely legal cheerleader.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many guys I’ve fucked from school!  I love taking it in my tight teenage ass & pussy—the more anal, the better!  I’m also a great cocksucker too!  I attract pedophiles like flies lol, they think I’m still a little girl because I look so young!  Daddy Daughter roleplay, extreme ageplay phonesex, cheerleader phonesex, girl next door fantasy, & golden showers are just some of the many things we can talk about when you call me for your very own XXX phonesex session today!


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I’m a teenage phone sex brat who loves to be spoiled rotten by Sugar Daddies. Take me on a shopping spree, out to dinner, then back to your place. In return, I’ll be waiting on your bed, legs spread wide open and wearing some sexy lingerie, like what you see in this picture. You like? ~giggles~ There isn’t anything I won’t do for my daddy.

 Wanna squirt it all over me? Facials just happen to be my new “thing!” I want to feel your cum gushing all over me, daddy, but you better have an extra load for my sweet little pussy or I just might tell mommy on you! Join me for Sugar Daddy Phone sex


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I’m the Girl Next Door You Always Wanted !!!!!

You know me as the girl next door that’s finally grown up…The Hot Young babysitter your Wife just Hired to Watch your children until you get home from work…Wife won’t be home for a few hours…Come Play with me for a Few!

Home from work early and you sit there staring at my firm tight body through the window…Just lusting to fuck me!!!

In due time….Your fantasy will come true!


Two girl Phone Sex roleplays with Klara!


Monika <–Click to view my Pesonal Profile
taboo.monika <–is where you can IM me on yahoo
Blogs <– View My Personal Blogs Here

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My daughter has a cheek covered with my hot salty cum. You see I have a daughter that is 16 and about a month ago she told me she was having sex. She thought I would have flipped out. But much to her surprise I took it all in stride. Little did she know the reason why is because I’ve been watching her fuck the last two times she’s had sex at home. 
She has caught me jacking off a few times in the past. She never said anything other than a big smile and turning around. So I figured she would be okay with me jacking off out side her bedroom door. So tonight I did just that. I opened her bedroom door about 1/2 way. It was dark in her room and in the hall way. I wanted her at least see something if she were to wake up in the middle of me jacking off. SO I turned on the hall way light where it light the entire hallway including me and my hard cock. The way she was laying on her side facing me. If she opened her eyes the first thing she would see is me jacking off.
The more I thought about her waking up and seeing the harder I got and the faster I stroked my cock. It seemed the faster I got the louder I got. I got to the point I couldn’t take it any more. With a loud moaning sound I shouted I’m cuming for you Beth. I squirted my hot sticky cum into my hand where I smeared my cum all over my lips and walked into her bedroom naked it my cock only inches from her cute little face.
I got down on my knees right in front of her ans gave her a kiss on her cheek. Her cheek was covered with my hot cum that it started to get my cock hard again. I stood up again with my cock only inches from her face. I turned around and walked out of her room. I can’t wait for her to watch me jack off. I can’t wait to have her watch me cum for her. Until then I’ll be hard every day for her tight little pussy.

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I’m a nasty barely legal teenage whore and I love hardcore fucking in the ass. That nasty, shameful  feeling of a daddy plugging my tight pink hole with his fingers, his tongue, and then cock makes my pussy so wet!  I want to scream and moan for you while you bang me hard from behind . . .  want you to bend me over your lap and spank my naughty ass until it turns a bright, beet red.  I’m all about giving my customers the best daddy daughter roleplay phonesex on the net, so when you call me, have your hard cock ready to explode!  Into something else I haven’t mentioned here?  Just ask—I do it all:  Anal Phone Sex, Nasty Scat Phone Sex, Rape & Abuse Fetish  . . .

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Mature phone sex with ShayYou seem to always come by and notice me cleaning my house thru an open window, huh?

You always walk by hoping to get a good view of me doing anything as I don’t usually wear to much around the house while I am taking my phone sex calls. You like the way my tight ass jiggles as I walk by with my feather  duster, don’t you?

You know you just want to rip off my panties and fuck me from behind . . You want to slip that hard, throbbing cock of yours into my  tight asshole! Go ahead, be a man and do it, after all this MILF deserves to be fucked for all the teasing, you know she leaves those windows open on purpose!

Let’s talk—call me now!

There’s no shame in my game!

Shay –

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I am ready to help you get off and I do love hot roleplays as well! Maybe I am that girl down the street that you never stood a chance with. The one that you daydream about and fall asleep thinking about!

Let’s say that one day I catch you peaking thru my window while I was getting ready to jump into the shower and deside that I will have my way with you…Make you stroke that cock and cum over & over for me.

You wouldent want me to tell all your friend want a dirty pervert you are would you? Well then I guess you will do as I ask!  I can have you jerking off all night for me and giggle at you every time you shoot you load, knowing that you will be doing it over and over at my command. Maybe if you are real good I may even let you get close enough to my pussy to smell my sweet juices!


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tm4985_043I am ready to help you get off and I do love hot roleplays as well! Maybe I am that girl down the street that you never stood a chance with. The one that you daydream about and fall asleep thinking about! Let’s say that one day I catch you peaking thru my windaow while I was getting ready to jump into the shower and deside that I will have my way with you…Make you stroke that cock and cum over & over for me.

You wouldent want me to tell all your friend want a dirty pervert you are would you? Well then I guess you will do as I ask!  I can have you jerking off all night for me and giggle at you everytime you shoot you load, knowing that you will be doing it over and over at my command. Maybe if you are real good I may even let you ger close enough to my pussy to smell my sweet juices!


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