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normal danielle 289829 Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex   Danielle

Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex

Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex roleplays really turn on my sick & twisted mind!

It’s late at night & I’m walking through the mall parking lot.  When I climb into my car & shut the door, a fat greasy-looking man with a ponytail aims a gun at my head.  I’m paralyzed with fear, & tears mixed with black mascara roll down my cheeks as I visualize opening the door and running, but the man slaps me across the face with his dirty fingers.  He tells me to drive to a nearby dead-end street & turn off the engine.  Once there, he rips off my shirt & squeezes my big tits & nipples so hard they feel like they’re going to explode.  His hungry mouth devours my fat round breasts while his grimy fingers slide under my skirt & into my pink wet pussy hole.  “You’re a loose whore who deserves to be raped & beaten.”  He says, pulling out a flashlight & shining it on my cunt.  I scream in pain as he thrusts the thick black flashlight so far into my quivering slit I see it moving under my stomach.  Next thing I know, I’m waking up naked I’m in my car, with a pussy that’s loose, sore, & dripping with the stinkiest cum ever.  

Are you in the mood for a Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex session with a big tit coed slut?  Call me!

College Coed Danielle
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aiden personal 1 Dirty Rape phonesex with Naughty Aiden

Dirty Rape phonesex 

Thinking about Dirty Rape phonesex  with a super little hottie like me? Not quite a little girl but not an old woman either. The thought of an older man tying me up and having his way with me in every way has always made me really hot. My fantasy is walking home alone from a bar, a little bit drunk but chatting to my boyfriend on my cellphone laughing and giggling. The conversation gets hotter, and we begin to have phonesex. He tells me about all the nasty things he wants to do to me and I begin feeling super horny!

I stand in an empty and dark alley way and go into detail how I want to suck his big hot cock. I have no clue that I am not alone and I did not know that two guys have been listening to me from afar and been following me and I’ve got them horny too. (Dirty Rape phonesex)

They appear out of no where, grab me and i fight as they tear off my dress and force me to my knees telling me I better do everything that I had just described on the phone with my boyfriend. They put my Boy friend on speaker so he can hear everything that is going on. They both fuck the shit out of my mouth and then make me get on my hands and knees and contine to rape me, ass mouth and pussy while all my boyfriend can do is listen to them egging each other on!! 

I have no clue as to why this fantasy turns me on, maybe its the force or the helpless little yells on my boyfriend on the phone, All i know is that dirty rape phonesex is all I can seem to think of lately and I would love for you to help me do a phone sex session like this so I can get off!

Call me, now at: 1-888-221-9006
icon smile Dirty Rape phonesex with Naughty Aiden Talk to you soon! Dirty Rape phonesex

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scarlet 24 Domme phone sex with Scarlet

domme phone sex

I want to take over your mind and own your cock. In time your cock will no longer  be “yours”. It will become my cock to do with as I please. The art of mind control has taken me to a whole new level with domme phone sex.

Now I can totally tease and deny men.  Through your mind, your cock is now my cock and decide if I wish to let my cock cum. Cry, whine, crawl and beg, Once you are mine none of that will matter. I am in charge now..Pick up the phone and call for domme phone sex.

MISS Scarlet

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ryder 35 Rough phonesex

Hot Rough phonesex

Rough phonesex is what i like, I want to  feel you grab my tight ass cheeks and slam your big hard throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy.  You stretch my tight wet hot pussy out.  You start to pound so hard.  You tell me you love the way my hot wet pussy feels, with hot sweet pussy juice dripping down you your hard balls .

You pull out and I feel you start to play with my tight asshole.  I love when you lube it up so good.  You slam your big hard cock, stretching my tight asshole out.  You tell me you are going to pound me so hard.  I feel you explode! Join me for Rough phonesex and i will let you do whatever you would like to my body!


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TM5062 022 Rape Phonesex fantasy   Blind date

Rape Phonesex 

Looking for the perfect Rape Phonesex fantasy? You meet me in a bar; we have a drink then suggest we go somewhere quieter. You take me to your hotel room and begin tugging at my dress. I tell you NO, but you are too hard and too horny. You push me down onto the bed, ripping off my panties and raping me hard, hurting my teen pussy as you get off inside of me. Come and enjoy this Rape Phonesex fantasy with me, it drives me wild!

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hotchat Rape Phonesex fantasy   Blind date

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aiden personal 1 Dirty rape phonesex

Dirty rape phonesex 

Thinking about dirty rape phonesex has always made me really hot. My fantasy is walking home alone from a bar, a little bit drunk but chatting to my boyfriend on my cellphone. The conversation gets hotter, and we begin to have phonesex, I stand in an alley way and go into detail how I want to suck his hot cock, not knowing that two guys have been listening to me and I’ve got them horny too. They both fuck the shit out of me, ass mouth and pussy while all my boyfriend can do is listen!  Dirty rape phonesex is all I can seem to think of lately.


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hotchat Dirty rape phonesex

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monika234 Accomplice Phonesex

Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

Accomplice Phonesex gives you the chance to have that prick teasing little bitch at last. You and I can hold her down while you give her a good hard fucking, in whichever hole you decide. She can be any age you please- the younger and more innocent the better – your choice – but raping that unwilling pussy is hot as hell. I need fucking nasty pedo and naughty play, rape play, and Accomplice Phonesex is the place to do it.

Cum Play with Accomplice Monika

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hotchat Accomplice Phonesex

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normal brandy %2828%29 Family fun, ageplay and teen phonesex fantasies!

Ageplay Phonesex can be really fun! I love to pretend I am a young young girl and like out all those accomplice phonesex calls you have been wanting to do but cant seem to find a girl willing with a sweet young voice and thats willing to be any age, cry and beg you!

Call me soon for all your family fun, ageplay and teen phonesex fantasies!


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normal giana015 Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex Giana

Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex

How would you feel about a fantasy Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex call with a twist, or should I say a cock?  Imagine what it would be like to kidnap a woman, thinking the slut deserves to have her hairy wet pussy spread like melted butter over your aching cock & balls.  So you drag the poor tramp to a dark alley & bend her over, ripping off those tight little booty shorts & exposing the thick mounds of her fleshy round ass.  With one deep thrust your cock slices apart her creamy pussy hole and you catch yourself swearing under your breath she is a virgin no more.  Plowing and pounding deeper & deeper into that vice grip like cunt as she screams, a massive load of cum blows deep inside her swollen vagina.  And when you decide to play with her big nasty tits, you flip her onto her back only to discover she has a cock bigger than yours!  But now you’re hard again—how did that happen?  Your appetite hungers for the more robust & your mouth now has a mind of it’s own, desperately needing to feed off of every last bit of cum from my bloated shemale balls.

I know you desire a Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex call with a submissive shemale like me.  Try me on for size today!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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normal 1danielle 283029 Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex with Danielle

Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex

Anyone up for a Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex fantasy today?  I once did this photo shoot where they painted my entire body silver.  And since sex is usually on my mind (DUH!), the entire time the photographer clicked away all I thought of was how wild it would be if I were an exhibit in a museum.  I fantasize about the museum closing.  The soft glow of the room refracts my shiny silver hair against the dim white walls.  A man comes from behind a large pedestal, walking up to me with his enormous cock swollen & throbbing.  He places one hand beneath the arch of my back as the other cups a voluptuous breast, forcing me forward & down towards his naked cock.  The dry paint around my lips cracks as he fishhooks my mouth & makes me bob up & down on his throbbing dick.  I choke & gag as it snakes wildly down my chapped, dry throat, recognizing the man as art professor.   He made me take on this assignment if I wanted to pass his class.  Now I know why.
This Naked Slut Exhibitionist Phonesex fantasy I’m having is doing something awful to my slut cunt lol.  Any lucky guy out there wanna help me “blow the lid” off this thing?

College Coed Danielle
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Last night I felt extra slutty.  Before I went to the gym I dressed in the teeniest black spandex shorts that perfectly outlined the meaty lips of my little girl pussy, and a thin black sports bra that let my hard little nipples poke right through. I jumped on the stair machine, bending down extra low when the trainer passed by.  He finally built up the nerve to ask if I needed any help but I told him to “Fuck off” in my bitchiest redheaded brat voice.  I knew I was asking for trouble but the cheating asshole had been hitting on me forever.  Before I knew it he came back with a security guard and together they forced me into a backroom and shoved their fat cocks deep into my little ass and slutty girl pussy.  I begged them to stop but they only laughed & gagged me with my dirty panties.  Can you really rape a slut if she’s willing?  Gimme a call & let’s find out!


abygail 2818829 Abygail~Teen Rape at the Gym

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Today at the coffee shop I sat in a corner, sipping on an extra creamy frap. When I noticed businessmen drooling over the plaid skirt & thigh high stockings I had on, I made sure to accidentally smear an extra dollop of sticky cream on my face.  Even though I totally ignored the naughty old perverts when I passed them by, secretly my little girl’s cunt burned for one of the strong rich sugar daddy’s to fuck me like a filthy cheap whore.  I wanted the tall one with greying temples to bend me over doggy style, rip off my dirty panties, and laugh as I screamed when his meaty fingers plunged deep into my bright pink vagina hole open.   I knew if his thick cock even so much as grazed across my swollen clit, that my squirting pussy and sweaty thighs would give me away for the trashy cum loving teen I am.  I want you to rape me behind that coffee shop, suck on my puffy little nipples & force your greedy thick daddy cock into my hungry pussy.  Call me today for an accomplice phonesex session, pedophile ageplay fantasy, or any other morally degrading roleplay you can think of!


abygail 2818029 Abygail~Jailbait at the Coffee Shop

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normal trinity %2861%29 Lesbian Prison Guard phone sex rape Fantasy

Lesbian Prison Guard Sex Rape Fantasy

Over the summer I got myself into a bit of trouble while hanging out and drinking with some friends, and ended up spending the weekend in jail. I could say it was horrible, but there was one thing that happened that made it somewhat worthwhile. When I got to the jail the female prison guard on duty ordered me to undress. I could see her watching me intently as I slid out of my jeans and tshirt. As I was standing there in my bra and panties, she walked over to me and reached around to unsnap my bra. “Let’s get a better look at those tits.” She started fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples as I stood there frozen. Her hands moved down to my bikini panties, then she grabbed my hips and spun me around to face a table that was right behind me.

“Bend over!”, she snapped and pushed my head down on the table. I could feel her pulling my panties down to my knees and spreading my ass cheeks open. I heard the snap of her latex gloves as she proceeded to tell me she was going to give me an “inspection”. I was so scared when I saw her pull out a bottle of lube placing it on her gloved fingers. She pulled my ass cheeks open, and made me spread my legs as she slid a finger in my ass and then another in my pussy. I gasped as she began finger fucking my ass and pussy, fast and hard. I could feel myself getting aroused and wet.

I’d love to tell you the rest of the story, so make sure you give me a call! phone sex rape Fantasy


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I like sitting in the food court at the mall with my girlfriends, making spoiled little girl faces at rich daddies when they pass by.  I’ll run a finger through my long red hair and pout my lips until the right older man stops to ask why I’m frowning.  I’ll pretend I want makeup and jewelry but what I secretly want is for daddy to take me to a hotel & punish my slutty little girl pussy with his throbbing cock.  I want him to savagely rip off my cotton plaid skirt and silk red panties from behind.  As daddy’s angry prick shreds apart my little virgin pussy, tears may flow from my sad little eyes because I know I was a spoiled brat for spending all of daddy’s money. Will you be the Sugar Daddy in my rape fantasy to show me how you would punish your naughty little girl?


abygail 289329 Abygail~ A Day at the Mall

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I have this naughty fantasy about being raped on my wedding day, right before I walk down the isle.  The groomsmen kidnap me & tie me up in a secret room behind the church.  Only wearing my veil & a pair of high heels, they’ve stripped me naked and take turns bursting my cherry with their fat meaty cocks.  I try & fight them at first but then can’t get enough dick inside of my hungry cunt.  Sometimes in my fantasy the priests & nuns are watching – I’m such a no taboo kinky slut!  I want to share this roleplay with a kinky guy like you.  Interested?  Call me & let’s chat!


normal 1danielle 281629 Danielle~Bride Whore Phonesex Fantasy

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Anal rape abuse?  I want to pound this massive shemale cock of mine straight into your tight homophobic ass & then make your slutty wife lick it clean.  I may look like a woman but I still have a dick between my legs & still enjoy a pussy or two here & there.  Perhaps you’ve fantasized about seeing your wife’s asshole & loose cunt get raped by a shemale goddess such as myself?  I not only want to sodomize both of you but will also turn your happy wife into a cum guzzling whore.  So stop fantasizing & start talking, honey – call today for a no taboos tranny phonesex session.


dasha 282829 Dasha~I will Rape You & Your Wife


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Did you ever know a redhead schoolgirl slut who was so bossy and spoiled you just wanted to shove your cock into her mouth to shut her the fuck up & teach her a lesson?  I’m a spoiled redheaded brat with a sarcastically naughty mouth & I know how to push a man’s buttons & make his cock HARD.  You think you can rape my mouth, wet preteen pussy hole, & tight little ass & get away with it?  I DARE you to try! *giggles*  Call me, loser.  You know you wanna fuck this redhead slut.  No taboos, ageplay phonesex fantasies & rape abuse welcum!


abygail 281829 Abygail~Redhead Phonesex

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So you caught me sneaking out of the house & wanna spank my preteen ass, huh Daddy?  Do you really think that’ll be a good punishment for me?  How can you be so sure that spanking my naked little ass doesn’t really turn on this sick & twisted daddy’s little girl?  Maybe if I’m bad enough Daddy will poke my little girl’s pussy hole with his big fat cock too!  I love underage roleplays, anal play, daddy daughter fun, and rape abuse phonesex.  Call me today for a wild phonesex session – the kinkier the better!


tiffany 2811329 Tiffany~ Spank My Barely Legal Ass!

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I’m the young hooker standing on the corner with her big tits hanging out & her moist cum-filled pussy showing.  You drive by & I bend over, giving you a full view of my bald, pink jizz-filled slit.  You want to rape & fuck me, spank & punish me for being such a young slut, don’t you?  Maybe I need to be taught a lesson.  Maybe you should fuck me without paying . . .maybe that’s what I really want . . . a mature man to own me & make me serve him.  I want to be your personal young submissive hooker slut.  Call me today for a no taboo phonesex session.  I’m wild, young, horny, & anything goes with me!


danielle 2814729 Danielle~Young Hooker Phonesex

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I know you sniff my dirty panties, brother.  Especially the wet sticky ones I use at the gym.  You love those the best, don’t you?  You like licking the thick crusty white stuff off the crotch, love sniffing & inhaling my pussy juice.  I know you secretly want to fuck your younger sister!  So what are you waiting for –  cum fuck me!  Rape me, seduce me, anal or oral; as long as my brother’s hard cock goes inside one of my naughty teenage holes I’ll be happy!  Call me today for a wild brother sister roleplay, incest phonesex, or rape abuse fantasy.  I’m a hot kinky little girl with a tight wet cunt!


ruby 284729 Ruby~Brother/Sister Roleplay

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normal joanne 281329 300x410 Hot Milf  Naughty Joanna

Seven Days out of the week I wake up horny so i find someone to fuck me. Seven nights a week I go to bed horny so i find someone to fuck me. Why dont you come let me suck your cock. NOTHING makes me happier than to have a nice hard cock to enjoy. There is NOTHING i wont try. You know a hot MILF turns you on and knowing this could be you hard cock im sucking makes you even harder. If you a guy who like to hear my pussy get pounded give me a call at night when my boyfriend comes to visit so you can have him fuck me the way you like it. Make me scream with pleasure to have 2 men fucking me at once. Im naughty, nasty, and oh so very horny………….

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ruby 67 550x367 Ruby   Coed Phonesex, Teen Phonesex

Take advantage of My Valentines offer to you! 

 Any time till Valentines day get 20 Minutes for $40.00 – Just Mention This blog before you pay for the call!

I am available 10pm-7am!

What I Like:

•Father/ daughter role-plays
•Daddy & son gang up on neighbor
•College Coed being raped
•Trailer Park Trash gets treated like she acts
•Daddy’s Good girl or daddys BAD girl
•Student will do anything for an A in class
•Lost girl finds herself on her knees for you
•Much Much More!


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One day after cheerleading practice I missed my ride and had to walk home.  A man in a trenchcoat pulled me into an alley and forced me to  my knees.   He said the more I screamed the deeper he was gonna shove his dirty massive prick into my innocent little virgin pussy.  Even though it hurt and I cried my twat got really bloody wet and I wanted him to rape me harder.  Does this make me a dirty little whore?  Call me today and tell me what you think about my nauhty teenage cheerleader rape fantasy!


tiffany 2813429 Tiffany~ Cheerleader Rape Fantasy

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klara 296 550x355 Gang bang phone sex

I am ready for some gang bang fun today. I feel all hot & heavy with naughtyness.I am wearing my six inch stilletoes and seamed black stockings. I want to be bent over and fucked hard.

If you like gang bangs, call me and lets do a phone sex roleplay call where you and your friends find me out walking and bring me back to your place, where you have your entire male class waiting!

Im willing are you?


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dawn 47 Rape Fantasy  Phonesex

Rape Fantasy  Phonesex

Ever heard of fantasy phonesex roleplay? Trust me to initiate you into it. Just imagine, dusk has fallen and I am walking alone on a deserted stretch of the road. Suddenly, two men appear from nowhere and grab me. They take me to a secluded spot and rip open my blouse. I shout, “Rape! Rape!”, but there is no one present for miles.

 I find my skirt and panty being slipped off, leaving me stark naked. I struggle, but to no avail. One guy holds my hands and the other spreads my legs, takes out his huge dick and plants it deep inside me. I scream in pain, which is soon replaced with a pleasurable sensation, as my pussy slowly turns slippery wet. “Yeah…! Oh Yeah!”, I moan and beg the other person to take me from the rear.

Want to know how my ordeal ended? Would you like to be one of those men? (Rape fantasies phonesex).


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rubyravenmain Hot phone sex!klaramonikamain Hot phone sex!

Have you ever had a fantasy so wild you were afraid to share it with anyone? Cum talk to the girls of  ” Taboo Phone Girls” and they will create a fantasy so real you won’t believe your ears!
From young and sweet to wild and nasty to older and sexy, we have a beautiful group of ladies just waiting to play with you!
And just because they are beautiful, doesn’t mean they don’t get down and dirty! They love talking about naughty things that some women won’t talk about or don’t have experience in.
Cum give us a try! You won’t be sorry!

Oral, Anal, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &Fantasies Welcome!

TWO Girl Phone Sex Specials – 15 Min for $50.00 (must ask)

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01 I have been a very very naughty girl daddy.

I have been a very very naughty girl daddy.

 I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was supose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. You are so angry with me that you deside you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who dont listen.

Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… Im screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder.

I promise daddy I wont do it again!  You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson! 


Teen phone Sex with Nina

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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91 babysitter phonesex with BrandyBabysitter Travails

I keep telling my phonesex friends that we babysitters are a vulnerable lot. No, not to the tykes we have to babysit, but from their dads. They’re forever eying us in a most lustful manner and waiting for an opportunity to strike oil! I am a regular babysitter, making a few bucks on the side in my spare time. Let me tell you what happened once.

The kid I was babysitting was no brat and that made my job easier. However, his dad, Alan, was forever trying to touch me, much to the consternation of his wife. One evening the couple left me with the kid. I got him busy in games, took out my book and started reading. After an hour or so, I heard the key turn in the door and found Alan entering alone. He told me he is here to fetch something and called me up to the closet to help him out. The moment I entered, he grabbed me. Before I could do anything he had raised my skirt from behind and tore off my panty and with one hand holding me, he parted my legs. Then he shoved his huge dong inside my tiny pussy. I screamed both in pain and pleasure, while he raped me well and proper. (Rape phonesex)


170301c7zifsub1b babysitter phonesex with Brandy

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valley526 199x300 BBW phonesex with Valley (rape fantasy caller)I am so hot tonight, my pussy is so wet I just can’t hold back from fingering my slick wet hole. Some girls have “needs” but this hot BBW slut needs to be fucked and fucked good right now. I’m so tired of sitting home every night alone, I need someone to talk to now, someone who can give me  good pussy licking phonesex.

I’m really into perverts, the more perverted the better ;0) I have to tell you I had a call from this pervert the other day, he told me about  his Rape Fantasies … let me tell you baby,  he got me off like a geyser! I love hearing your stories about that kind of taboo stuff…the things you really only dream about doing.

Why don’t you give me a call now? tell me all your perverted desires and get me off, make me scream like a bitch in heat.

Hurry baby, I promise this  will be the best, hottest phonesex experience that you have ever experienced.


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britney 152 237x300 Tongue fuck me phonesex.

I want you to bury your face right in my tight pink pussy and lick me good, suck those juices up. I want you to tongue fuck me deep thats right work your tongue in and out, now go lick on my asshole tongue fuck my asshole. Do you think you can make my pussy squirt all over your face? Do you have what it takes to make me cum call me up and tell me how you would lick my pussy and ass.



All calls are $ 2.00 per minute 10 minute minimum, and discreetly billed.

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