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When the lights go down all of my secrets will be revealed. I have a toll-free number, some XXX rated pics, and an imagination made for sin. Lets grab our cocks together and pump out a load of sweet sticky goo while sharing all of those deep dark secrets together. I am the dirty little slut you have been waiting for. I’ll keep your secret, if you’ll keep mine. SHHHHH, it is that big!

I love the panty surprise role play too, where you think I’m a hot slut that you take back home. I suck your cock and lick your balls a bit until I get you nice and worked up, even let you suck on my succulent tits and then I reveal what I have inside my panties!!! Guess what it is ??? A nice hard cock just like what you have inside your own pants, except that it is attached to a hot looking chicks body. At this point you don’t care and you just need to fuck even though you realize i’m a chick with a dick !

Shemale Bianca, your dirty little secret

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NurseEllenOh sweetie, you’re such a good little pain slut for Nurse Ellen!  I had such a great time with you on our pain slut phone sex call the other day!  Listening to you moan as you put those clothes line clips onto your little pussy lips made my own pussy so wet!  And when I pulled on the nipple clamps I thought you were going to cum right there on the exam table!  I love being your naughty nurse and showing you how to be a big girl and take care of your pussy!

You loved that vibe and dildo too didn’t you, sliding in and out of that tight little hole!

I hope you enjoyed our nurse phone sex call just as much as I did!  I can’t wait to examine you again!

Nurse Ellen – See me at

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It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. I have lots of fantasies and I know you do to. I want to be part of your fuck fantasy. I want you to come play naughty games with me. We can have Mature Phone Sex, Mommy Son Phone Sex, Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex you name it we can do it. Nothing better than a hot MILF for Phone Sex……….

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I love Halloween!  I love dressing up in sexy costumes and driving all the freaks crazy!  Oh wait, I love dressing up anytime!  lol  This year I’m going to be your sexy airline pilot and I’m here to make sure you have a great flight!  Maybe you’d like to join the mile high club with me tonight!  Whatever your naughty Halloween fantasy I’d love to make it come true for you tonight. Don’t worry about getting too freaky, nothing is too taboo for this hot phone sex slut!  As long as I can get you off and make you feel extremely good then I’m happy!  So what’s your fantasy tonight?  Wanna wrap your dick in these big titties while the other passengers sit back and watch the in flight movie?  Or maybe you’ve got something even kinkier in mind!  Whatever it may be know that your favorite sexy slut will take care of all your Halloween kinky needs!


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xmas (8)

This is MY special only. Since I love you all SOOOOOOOOOO much I am going to spend more time with you. Valentines Day ONLY, Any call over 20 minutes and get 5 minutes for FREE. You must ask for the special and you must use this special today only!


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Shemale phonesex with Bianca

Shemale Phonesex

I went to a party last night and It was wild. There were a few girls but mostly men.  Well, there was this one guy who was hitting on me all night. He was kind of cute, so why not.

Well we decided to go for a swim to cool us off. I do look stunning in a Bikini. He thought he was some macho stud and pinned me against the wall. Boy was he surprised when he reached down and grabbed a hand full of dick. He may have been shocked, but he his cock wasn’t. He pressed me against the wall, slid my bottoms over and pumped my ass full of dick. Ball on Ball action is just what this honey needed and got!

I left with an limp dick and a ass full of cock! Shemale phonesex is hot!

Shemale Bianca
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01Just thought I would share one of my male playmates Fantasy Phonesex date’s with you. Here it goes….

Another night of hard work and bullshit to drive me over the fucking edge. I don’t know how much longer I can go without sleeping, but every time I close my eyes all I can see is Her. She can’t be real. She is Too perfect to even describe.

I had just fell asleep 3 nights ago after pulling a 18 hour shift and I swear I must have been out of it. God she was beautiful.   Long Hair, big blue eyes, Long legs, and an ass that could make a grown man weep. She came to me in my dreams and just before I shoved my cock inside of her she disappeared. I swear I haven’t slept a second since.

God another night of no sleep. I was dreading even going to bed. A hot shower helped relax me a little and just when me eyes started to closes there was a knock on my front door. What the fuck. It is after 3 am. Slipping on my boxers made my way to the door.
Pulling it open I almost passed out to see the girl in my dreams standing there in the flesh. She looked like an angel. I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. It was!

She said her name was Bridget and that she her car had broken down in front of my house. All of this was a blur to me, but I think she wanted to use my phone. I showed her where it was, but no answer. I cant let her go. Not now that I have finally found my Princess.

I offered to fix the car in the morning if she wanted to stay the night here. Little did I know she had already devised a plan to OWN my SOUL. Those eyes looking at me were hypnotic. I just couldn’t look away. She walked down the hall to my bedroom shaking that tight ass the whole way. How did she know which one was mine? I drifted behind her in a hypnotic trance and found her laying naked on my bed. She motioned me to sit at the edge while she rubbed her rock hard nipples. Every time
I tried to speak she put those long red nails up to her lips and shushed me quiet. I was to scared not to. What if she stopped. I had to comply. I was submitting even without knowing it.

bridget (88)Her pussy was like a perfect flower. Pink, covered with dew, and it smelled like heaven. Her fingers worked in and out of the sweet little honey hole. I begged her to let me stroke my raging cock. All she would do is shake her head no. The wet spot in my boxers was growing bigger and bigger as my cock swelled.
Motioning me between her legs she pushed my mouth down to that opening and while she rubbed and moaned I licked the sweetest cream out of her pussy. The touch on my lips cause a lava eruption deep inside of her cunt and the juices were flowing all over my face. I swear she was crying from cumming so hard. I couldn’t take it any longer. I could over power her so easy. Reaching down I grabbed her wrists and forced them over her head binding them with the stockings she had removed.

Time to turn the tables and make her beg. I tickled and teased every inch of that perfect body. From the tip of her toes all the way up to that cute little button nose I kissed and nibbled, licked and bit each and every inch of her. God she was even more perfect then in my dream. I ribbed the tip of my cock up and down her wet cunt till she was screaming for me to plunge it in deep. She looked so fucking beautiful laying there I just had to comply. One swift stroke and I was in heaven.   As hard as I tried that pussy was so tight and wet that I could not slow down. I fucked my cock into her like a dog in heat. Nothing in my entire life felt better then this. Just when I couldn’t take it no longer she arched her back, looked me in the eyes and whispered “I fucking OWN you”..
My sticky load shot so hard inside of her I thought she would drown from the amount. Without even saying a word I untied her and kissed her so deeply I had to catch my breath. I cant€™t believe what happened next. She slowly dressed and just a quickly as she came she was gone. Laying there alone in the dark I thought it must have been a dream until I rolled over and found a business card on my pillow.

All it said was ****Princess Bridget****, I make all your dreams come true!

Pretty Hot! Join me in a hot  Fantasy Phonesex call!

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normal phone sex

I’m just like all those treats you got in your trick or treat bag when you were young.  Fun to unwrap, and yummy to eat!  The only difference is, now that we’re all grown up, after you eat me, you get to fuck me NASTY. I love hot nasty phone sex and I want to be your tasty Halloween treat. So, I’m playing with the other girls who are doing our hot Halloween  special now!!!

Let’s play for 20 minutes and you only have to pay $40!  That’s like CHEAP phone sex candy. What better treat could you want then feeding me that big long chocolate pole and feeding me the hot creamy filling that squirts after I wrapped it in these big huge titties. Cum ‘n fuck me. Cum ‘n taste me. Cum ‘n use me. Cum ‘n let me be your tasty hot Halloween phonesex fuck toy.  I’m into any kind of fetish you dream up. From daddy’s girl to Milf to extreme punishment doled out by you or me! I’m a total switch, so you get to pick!  Kinky phone sex… what better way to start off the holiday??

Trick or Treat?

Who cares and why should you have to pick, cuz I can be each!


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phonesex angel

It’s Roxy your hot little phonesex angel. I am so sweet I could melt in your mouth, but who would want something so perfect like me to be gone in one swallow. Every time you call me you will think of that old saying, ” Betcha can’t eat “her” just once. ” Daddy always did say I was to big for my own britches. join your little phonesex angel today!

LOL…give me a call soon!

Your Favorite phonesex slut ROXY


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Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Hi there Cutie !
Well, all who know me, know that I am and can be a hot little nympho, with or without toys to play with.  However, I do LOVE MY TOYS, BOYS…and would very much like it if you did too, lol.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…I would love for you to come and play with me and my toys, so we can have an awesome play time in the bedroom and explore new sexual boundaries.  I’ll admit, I am still young, so I don’t know it all when it comes to the bedroom.  I do know enough though, when it comes to what I want exactly.

You will have a nice juicy cock for me to suck and play with. I would love for you to insert my big fat dildo in my tight ass. I want double penetration with the dildo in my ass, and my vibrator in my pussy, while you suck my titts and feed me your cock.

Umm, doesn’t that sound yummy baby ?  If you think you can handle my tight ass,  cum on over and give me what you got. Phone Sex Toys!

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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I am the pure raw meaning of sex. I love it rough and nasty and if it’s black I like it even more. I have always been into the really big cocks. The bigger the better. I am a real size queen when it comes to who I fuck.

I may let you lick my snatch if your dick is little, but baby you need a fat dick to fill this woman up. I bet you would love to slip that cock between these mountains and titty fuck me until you squirt all over my 38DD’s. There so big you might just need a map to find your way out.

Ellen –  Phone sex MILF
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shemale phonesex call

shemale phonesex call

Hi Boys…I’m Bianca, and I am ready, willing & able to have you fuck the hell out of me on our next hot Shemale phone sex call! I love anything sexual, and am always looking for a good time with a nice, stiff cock! I love older men who like a nice, tight asshole & my mouth is warm, wet & inviting…just perfect for a cock like yours!
How about you, me, scented candles, soft music, massage oils, my favorite dildo, satin sheets, strawberries and champagne, a leather whip, a video camera, handcuffs, a blindfold, and a ton of imagination…

we’ll figure the rest out from there baby…call me now for your Shemale phone sex call!

Shemale Bianca
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pics2_10 pics8_05 pics4_10

Transformation Fetish Phonesex

Fetish Transformation steers away from the usual maids, nurse and cheerleaders outfits and role plays and transformed into animals, mannequins and painted statues.

The transformation of a body’s shape or size, for example, by shrinking, growing, or gaining muscle mass. Shrinking and growing have their own fandoms in the microphilia and macrophilia fandoms, with more emphasis on the results of the transformations than on the transformations themselves.

There’s also the type of modification that involves addition/removal/repositioning of body parts. The transformations may involve arms, breasts, legs, heads, fingers, eyes, heads, torsos, non-human parts such as wings, tail, digitigrade legs, and the form of humantaur, which means a second torso after the hip, with extra arms or extra legs on hip height. Stories of such transformations tend to involve implants, diseases, radioactivity, magic rituals, something controlling the outside body, or sometimes they simply happen mysteriously.

Gotta love it!


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 peeping tom phonesex

Peeping Tom phonesex

Peeping Tom phonesex … You are caught! I seen you last night outside my window watching me as I was coming out of the shower. Instead of confronting you about it, I decided to put on a little show for you. How did you like it when I laid down on my bed, spread my legs and started fingering my tight little pussy for you…

Come over tonight and see what sort of show I put on for you! I may just invite you in! But you have to be quiet, I would hate for us to get caught *giggles* Peeping Tom phonesex


Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom


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All my new neighbors have been so kind and generous.  Most of the men coming over to introduce themselves and offer a helping hand if I need something done around the house.  The very good looking college student from next door already offered to mow my lawn and take the trash out to the curb.  Now that is what I call hospitality.   I never lived in a neighborhood where everyone was so friendly and helpful.  I will say I’m not getting a good response from the wives and other women around town.  I don’t know if gossip is flying around this small town, but I heard I was the neighborhood slut and I haven’t slept any of these hick dicks yet.

I was thinking about one of the nice men who offered his manly services to me if I needed such.  There is a leak under my kitchen sink and I was going to ask him because he is a plumber and a very sexy one at that.  I’ve decided to give myself a well deserved christmas present this year… Want to know what I gave to myself.  Call Louise to find out.


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cum eating phone sex

Joanne cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sex. You won’t know how filthy I am until you call me on the cum eating phone sex line. That is exactly what I adore doing. While you’re wanking away I sometimes have a used condom that my guy has left me from the morning. The hornier the conversation the filthier I become, I bite a little hole in the bottom, and just as I’m about to cum, I eat the contents of the condom. Filthy or what!

HAHA, so what would be your idea of a hot cum eating phone sex call? Is that nasty enough to do you have a better idea for us?

Call Joanne for your Mature Phonesex roleplays!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!


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Interracial phone sex with Ebony Doletta

Call Doletta for the best interracial phone sex ever

I love interracial phone sex calls and Baby you know how much you want a beautiful big tit black woman to take control of your horny ass.  I have the goods and the experience to keep you coming back for this hot chocolate cream pie, always wet and juicy for your hard cock. Interracial phone sex is what you crave! 

Give me that tongue and show me how you work my clitty baby. Taste my hot cherry pie and watch my cream flow like a river.  Sometimes I like it rough, especially when I’m riding your big hard rod. This black goddess likes her vanilla and is going to get her white man one way or another. Join me for  interracial phone sex.

Don’t be shy, cum on and give Doletta a call at 1-888-221-9006 for the best interracial phone sex ever. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Black on White  phone sex Roleplays

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I am your no limits total taboo MILF phone sex girl who loves a variety of things when it comes to sex, such as: Sissies, Domination,  Humiliation, Strap on Play, ABDL, Gangbangs, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bukake, Threesomes & So much more.  I am a nursing student as well so there are lots of kinky little dr office roleplays I could come up with! So why don’t you pick up that phone and dial in to the hottest MILF  phone sex line on the net?

Ellen – Naughty Nurse Phone sex MILF

Try our Chatroom!

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Ok guys, today Only From

1-6pm EST

All callers mentioning “Friday happy Hour Special” will recieve all calls at a rate of


(there is a 12 Minute Minimum)

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Some of My Specialties and things I enjoy include:

ABDL Ageplay | Cuckold Phone sex | Mature Phonesex
GILF Fetish | Submission Mommy/Son Fantasy | Mutual Masturbation
Spankings | Family Fun | Hot Mom Phone-sex Older Phonesex
Granny Role-plays | Humiliation | Little Cock Fantasies
& MUCH more!


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Hope is waiting on you………..

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Can you take a wild guess as to what’s on my mind right now?

COCK. Big HARD cock.

My pussy juices are filling up my panties just thinking about it. I want to take your HUGE HARD cock in my hands, trace the huge mushroom head around my lips, getting my lips all shiny with your precum.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I LOVE BLACK DICK I want to gently slide the head into my mouth, sucking on it, flicking the tip with my tongue… and then just out of nowhere…STOP. Hehe

I bet your balls are screaming for release now. I’ll take off my clothes and start finger fucking my pussy, making you watch me but dare you to touch yourself or i will stop, getting it ready for you to fill me… but you will not cum… not yet. I want to play with you a little.

Naughty ELLEN

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Can I be your dirty little secret. The one you have been sneaking off to see. Nobody knows that you have been fucking the hottest little slut on the planet. My pussy is all yours.

When you go to bed at night and have to fuck the wife I know that it is me you are thinking of. She thinks that hard fuck you just gave her was all about her, but I know that if you hadn’t dreamed it was me you wouldn’t even been cum with her.

So once again, Can I be your dirty little secret?


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Let me deep thraot that hard dick, shove it down my throat for a phonesex oral session you wont soon forget, i will take it anyway i can get it. I love suckin, slurpin, gaggin & anything to do with a dick on my mouth.

I’m your chocolate dream who craves that huge white dick in my mouth right about now.

Cum on fellas, your ebony phone sex hottie is ready to suck some dick today.


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Office sex phonesex fantasies with Joanne

I got involved with a man a few years back that showed me what a true slut and dominate girl that I really am,  and since then there was no turning back. Now I am here to live out your fantasies, let say there is the hot girl in the office and you would really love to roleplay out a hot fantasy about her walking up behind you and just taking you without a word, grabbing your tie and forcing you to do Very naughty and perverted things on your desk, with all of your co-workers a few feet away behind an unlocked door…how exciting would that be!

Office sex phonesex fantasies


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Babysitter Autumn had a great call with her sweet diaper lover the other day!

He is so much fun, I LOVE  chatting with him about his diaper loving. I love people who are real and comfortable in their own skin and that’s one thing I totally love about him.

He has found many places to meet with others in the AB/DL community and places to express his diaper loving fetish and share it with others. I think that is soooo HOT!! babysitter phone sex . I wish more of my diaper lovers had the opportunity to share their fetish with others. It opens them up to a whole new world which is so cool because it allows you to grow in your fetish and your comfort level.

I want ALL you ABDLs out there to know you can share anything and everything with me!  I am here for your babysitter phone sex calls and always will be.


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I had a fabulous call today, my daddy came home with his brother and I have not seen my Uncle in a long time. I was so excited to see him I jump up on him and gave him a big hug and kiss, he told me how I grown up so much to be a pretty little girl. Later on that night my dad went to bed and me and my uncle stayed up talking about everything, I told him about my ex-boyfriend and he talked about his ex-girlfriend and how long its been since he has had sex, and told him its been awhile for me as well, and one thing led into another and we ended up having some awesome sex. You need to call me so I can tell you all about me and my uncle. Can’t wait to play again with you Uncle Bob.





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Calling all you naughty phone sex perverts out there, I am Ashley and I am here for all your naughty perverted role-play needs. Nothing is to taboo for me and i will never turn your fantasy down!

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do including those that are just a little to naughty to even list here…

From accomplice to age play, CBT or GFE I can do it all! Give me a call today and ask me about the naughty things I love to do when I am home alone!


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The nurse is in and ready to take care of all you milf loving boys!  Love those big titties and luscious ass?  You want me to put my stethescope………where?  Hmmmmmm, naughty boys!

I think what you really need is to get fucked by my big strap on and let me examine that tight ass of yours!  Maybe you are in need of an enema from this sexy nurse.

Bend over baby and let me see that ass of yours.  Ready for some hot nurse phone sex?  You know Nurse Ellen will have you feeling so good when I’m done!

Nurse Ellen

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