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ashley 80 Slutty Teen Phonesex with Teen Ashley

Slutty Teen Phonesex

The dumb ditsy blonde is slut of the year. She loves to fuck suck and have fun. She steals all the men and the girls question why they like her so much. She has that perfect ass and some nice titties that bounce. If you wonder what Ashley has better then the other girls then pick up the phone can call to have Slutty Teen Phonesex with Ashley. I love to have fun and party with everyone “giggles”. Call and play with the ditsy slut of the year. Pick your phone up and call to have Slutty Teen Phonesex with Ashley.
Call 1-888-666-9340

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One day after cheerleading practice I missed my ride and had to walk home.  A man in a trenchcoat pulled me into an alley and forced me to  my knees.   He said the more I screamed the deeper he was gonna shove his dirty massive prick into my innocent little virgin pussy.  Even though it hurt and I cried my twat got really bloody wet and I wanted him to rape me harder.  Does this make me a dirty little whore?  Call me today and tell me what you think about my nauhty teenage cheerleader rape fantasy!


tiffany 2813429 Tiffany~ Cheerleader Rape Fantasy

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Will you be my teacher?  Can you show me how to properly suck an older man’s cock?  I think I’ve been a bad little slut . . . I only talk back because I secretly want you to rape me . . .shhhh . . .  but please don’t tell anyone about my dirty fantasies –  I promise I won’t cry too loudly when your fat teacher daddy dick stretches out my pouty little mouth. *Blushes*  Call me now for some kinky barely legal schoolgirl phonesex fun!


ruby 282429 Ruby~Natural Redhead Schoolgirl

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normal jackie1 282029 Wanna be My Baby Phonesex

I need a baby.
I’m looking for a hot, attentive baby.
Someone to crawl up in My lap and suckle My nipple.
If you do it good I have something else you can suckle.
I need to be able to lay My hands all over you.
Are you willing ?
If so, Call Me.

GILF Jackie

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01 I have been a very very naughty girl daddy.

I have been a very very naughty girl daddy.

 I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was supose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. You are so angry with me that you deside you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who dont listen.

Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… Im screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder.

I promise daddy I wont do it again!  You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson! 


Teen phone Sex with Nina

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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megan 33 227x300 Naughty Preteen Phonesex.

I like playing dress up and acting older then what I am * giggles * I like wearing my sister’s clothes. I was playing dress up when my brother and his friend came over and I got caught. My brother told me he was going to tattle on me if I didn’t do as they wanted me to do, so I agreed to it. The stuff they made me do for them not to tell on me was so bad but good at the same time  you have to call me to find out what they made me do for them I enjoy being used like a little slut. Want to make me your preteen slut?

Naughty Megan


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britney 112 300x232 Age Play Phone Sex With Britney

I love a hot steamy age play phone-sex call, nothing gets my panties wetter then an older man making me do stuff I shouldn’t be doing at my young age. You teach me how to suck cock, and make my tight little under age vagina take it, and then you make my tight little butt-hole take your big hard cock.  Oh as I moan out as your forcing your cock in me making me be your good little slut and make you cum so hard for me. Ready to play with your underage little girl? Call me now you pedo hottie.



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I have had so many calls where guys just blow their loads & leave me out to dry with an aching barely legal pussy.  I need a real pedo Daddy who will make me do sick & twisted things to get me off!

As you can see from my pictures, I’m a nasty underage slut just begging to be fucked, sucked, & taken advantage of by a pedophile. I’m getting hotter & hotter just thinking about all the kinky roleplays we can cum up with; family fun, babysitter, girl next door, girl scout selling cookies . . . so many possibilities & so little time!

Call me today for the best ageplay phonesex in the world! My pussy, ass, & mouth are ready for your hot load of creamy cum!


normal hottie%20%28102%29 Tiffany~Ageplay Pedo Slut Has Real Orgasms 4U!

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megan 8 230x300 Your dream cum true phonesex.

I am your dirty little dream cum true, I have no taboos the nastier the better. You dream of being with a girl like me, but you can’t cause your pathetic. Daddy knows what is best for me and he taught me what kind of men I should choose. Daddy taught me alot of thing from sucking his big cock , fucking my ass, and taking my virginity. I do stuff with daddy that mommy don’t do. Do you want to fuck your little girl? Then what are you waiting for call your special little girl now and make me cum for you as you cum for me.

Love Daddy’s Little Slut Megan


All calls are $2.00 Per Minute with a 10 minute Minimum.
Calls are Billed Discretely!


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So what would you do if you came home late one night from work and found a bratty, drunk, barely legal redheaded teenager bashing in your windows with a baseball bat? Lol you’d probably want to kill my spoiled ass, right? Well that can be hot too . . . have you snuff me out in a most violent way . . . or maybe you’d choose to bend my white ass over and fuck me so hard that I cried for the next two days! Take your pick; I’m the kind of slut that gets turned on by both! I’m down for some hardcore domination, sick & twisted fantasies, rape abuse, and just about anything else your fucked-up mind can imagine! Call me today for an explosive phonesex session with a barely legal teenage BRAT!


2170717otrbom1ff6 Ruby~Sick & Twisted Phonesex

normal ruby%20%2824%29 Ruby~Sick & Twisted Phonesex

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Hey there Mr. Teacher!  You’re not gonna flunk me this semester, are you?  Cuz if you do, I’ll be in deep shit with Mom & Dad!  Please, I’ll do anything you want if you’ll let me pass your class with an A.  Why don’t you sit on that desk & relax as I slowly pull down your pants, your boxers.  Watch closely as I kneel down and take your aching, stiff cock into my hot teenage mouth, my tongue slowly flicking your swollen, moist head.  Mmmm . . .the feeling of your solid prick filling up my mouth is making my sweet pussy cream.  I think it’s time you take off my pretty pink panties and fuck my cunt good & hard!  I promise you won’t be disappointed, I’ll earn that A for sure!  Call me today for a no taboos phonesex session, barely legal teenage phonesex, rape abuse, student teacher, or for your naughty girl next door fetishes!  Hot, wild kink is the way I like to play!


729999d373gfp5lq Danielle~Sexy Teacher Student Fantasy

normal sexygirldanni %2817%29 Danielle~Sexy Teacher Student Fantasy

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439863vldufsl9vi Our JUNE Everyday Weekly Specials!

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Louise641 199x300 Horny Next Door Neighbor Louise

I was sitting on my patio, trying to get some sun today when I saw my sexy young next door neighbor peeking over the fence.  I couldn’t help myself, but I was feeling a bit naughty and decided to give him a show.  I untied my bathing suit top and laid down on my back exposing my huge 36 FF breasts.  I could tell he had his dick out and was jerking off watching me sun bathe.

It turned me on so much I began to massage my boobs, and finger my pussy.  The hot sun beating down on my oily body and the picture of that cute young boy playing with his hard dick made me cum so hard.  I needed to take a swim and cool off from that hot mutual masturbation session.

Do you have a similar fantasy?  Make sure you call Louise for the hottest role play ever. 

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I’m a no-taboo teenage cumslut who’s dying to hear your voice!  I get off on taking my time to please & tease a man by licking his balls, sucking his cock, and rimming out his tight asshole.  Nothing would please me more than to share a kinky, no taboo night with you filled of exploding orgasms and mutual masturbation!  So if you’re looking for a girlfriend experience with the naughty, kinky, girl next door, or a cuckolding fantasy that’ll drive you insane, call me now!

normal ruby%20%2811%29 Ruby~Teenage Cumslut 4u!

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Hey guys! Today just might be your lucky day since you landed here on my page; look me up from head to toe and notice that I am 100% all natural!  I have long, gorgeous legs that’ll fit perfectly around your neck . . .  mmmm . . . isn’t that the perfect position for you to suck & lick my sweet teenage pussy?  I can be your kinky cheerleader, the girl next door, your sexy babysitter, or even daddy’s daughter, it’s all up to you!  Not only am I a pedophiles dream cum true, but also one dirty whore who is all about ANAL!  So give me a call and tell me what it is you desire!

danielle Danielle~100% All Natural!

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2005 02 02 blueroom Brother Incest Phone Sex   Caught Masturbating

Brother Incest Phone Sex – Caught Masturbating

I know he is only my step brother, but the thought of having my own family’s cock shoved up inside of my hot dripping pussy really excites me!

I was about 8 years old the first time he caught me in the tub with my ass up against the font of the tub, legs in the air and the water pounding down on my bald young cunt. “what are you doing”  He said and I panicked not knowing what to say. He walked over to the edge of the tub and got on his knees. I was still quiet not knowing what to say.

“I knew you were a dirty girl” he said as he slid his boxers down off his hips leaning toward me. It must have been the way he said that or the fact I dident want his to tell, but i knew what he wanted and had NO hesitation!

Now he calls me his dirty good girl and I get a visit every time I am in the tub. For some reason I have been taking alot of baths lately, I guess that’s what dirty girls do *wink*.

Right now call & get 20 Minutes for only $35.00!

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7ee 550x403 Me & my Uncle Danny!

I’ve been sexually active since I was very very young… my first fuck was my pedo Uncle Danny. He could never keep his hands off of me, he was always copping a feel and trying to peek in at me while I was changing or in the shower. Finally one day I begun to notice he had stopped paying so much attention – he had found a new young girlfriend, and I started missing the attention.

I decided one day to get my Uncle Danny’s attention back and layed out naked on his bed with a ribbow placed over my bald 13 year old cunt… It was my 13th birthday so i thought it was a cute idea! Lets just say he walked in & he was all mine again, he dove right in and I had my pussy ate soooo good for the first time…

I still see Uncle Danny!

Let’s Play Soon, maybe you can play like you were uncle danny!

xoxox Tiffany

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