Are you that very naughy boy?

 The one that goes to your brother or friends house, uses their bathroom and rummages thru the dirty cloths hamper on a treasure hunt for the lady of the houses dirty Panties?

Are you that pathetic? Putting them up to your face, inhaling the dirty scent left behind from her pussy and ass from the previous day? Do you even stoop the beyond pervert level and dare to try to taste or lick them?

I wander what would happen if I came in and caught you?

Would you explode on sight?

What if i decided to have some fun with my new found pervert in law? Well let’s find out, if your a panty sniffer/licker, then give me a call today & let’s have some roleplay fun!

JoAnne www.taboophonegirls.com/joanne  1-888-221-9006



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