Do you wanna fuck and taste my hot golden sprinkles ?
Umm, I bet you do.  This weekend, Brad and I had a hot
time together, as we did a schoolgirl roleplay, which is one
of my favorites, and I gave him the hot surprise of my warm
and golden sprinkles as well.

Brad picked me up from the mall.  I had just purchased a pair
of hot pumps and my new schoolgirl outfit.  Umm, as we get
back to his place, I can hardly wait to put on my new outfit
and pumps, so I could seduce Brad to the ultimate fantasy
with me !

I sat on his near rockhard cock til I got it harder, and then
told him I was about to sit on his face so he could taste my
juicy golden sprinkles…Umm, “Here it comes baby, open
wide, I said.”  Ooh, he looked so sexy, Brad did as he took
it all in like the trooper he was.  He licked my dripping
pussy real good afterwards…I kept my pumps on and
we fucked the night away.  His cock was so good…
Are you next ?

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