I saw a old friend of mine this morning at the coffee shop and both of us was alone. We exchanged pleasantries, you know the how are you, do you still work there, who are you seeing. We also discovered we are both between friends right now. We sat and had our coffee together, even though both of us had ordered it to go. We also discovered we still have the hots foor each other, even though years had passed since we had been a couple. What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon i ask him. He said nothing whatcha got in mind? Just the way he ask i knew then that he would be up for a bit of afternoon delight.  Well i was thinking we should, ummm, you know, hook up, for old times sake. Maybe have a bit of fun. My place or yours he ask……….If you would like to know if we went my place or his and what we did you will have to give me a call………1-888-221-9006

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