I’ve had completely satisfying times with some hot guys on the phone, but as usual, I haven’t taken the time to update here. Please don’t think it’s because I don’t appreciate all of you who have spent time with me. I truly do. I’ve never been good keeping up journals or diaries.

  • The cute little cuckold who called with that little boy dick was so nice in spite of the dick disaster you have. I’m glad your wife is smart enough to find a real dick to please her. You are fun though. I do want to hear more from you soon.
  • I heard from my bill fold who just keeps that wallet open for me to do anything I please with. I have a wonderful time seducing that money away from you sweetheart.
  • The pantie slut who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on you. The neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room. The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I have quite the pantie fetish too and always enjoy my pantie callers.
  • The sweet little boy who licked Mommy’s pussy like a good boy. The naughty little boy who was sent home from school so Mommy had to punish you with my strap on. You are both wonderful!

My pussy’s wet just thinking about the sexy men I’ve played with. Give me more. Fuck me!




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