Hello boy’s, I am Autumn and I want to Role Play with you!

I see you staring at me everytime you come into the Diner where I work part time after school, your eye’s never meet mine. Instead you innocently stare and talk to my chest, getting a big hard on. You may think that I dont notice but I do. How can you honestly help it? My chest is rather nice hugh! I get very horny knowing that you get arroused by the sight of me.

I notice you are about to leave, so I quickly punch out for my dinner break. I go outside and wait. You come out and I “bump” into you…your speechless! “Could you possibly give me a ride to my house?” I ask, you quickly shake your head like a happy little puppy dog.

“Want to come in for dessert?” Call me and find out what I have planned for you!


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