Hi there!

Like Younger Mommy roleplays?

Who wants to be my lil boy?

Hmmm? Well if its you, I will make sure that you do what I tell you to or you wont get what you want from me, I know what It is I see you looking thru the door at me while I am dressing and fucking all the guys I bring home.

So if you want mommy’s pussy juice on your face you must do as i say.

Crawl to me on hands and knees and beg  mommy for her hot cunt!! Then maybe I will let you jack off in my dirty panties and  then If mommy is very happy I will let you put your lil cock in my ass.

Are you my lil boy? Call me !

Roleplay with Mommy Avery

PS, I also love AB/DL’s and would love to do a call more suited to that lifestyle and fetish!

RP Phone Sex with AVERY

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