Kitten teaches her young nephew how to masturbate:

My nephew is so cute! I just love him, and I always have ever since he was little! I saw his little penis while I was changing his diaper one day, and I wondered what it would look like and how big it would be when he got older!

He’s 12 now and he’s going to be such a hot stud when he gets fully grown!
Well, I was so lucky to catch him taking a shower in my house last week, I just walked into the bathroom and pretended to brush my teeth!  I saw him stroking off in the shower, and I told him I could help him with jerking off! So, I got in the shower with him and saw his big hard dick in his hands all wet from the water, and I stroked him off until he came on my tits!

I teased his dick so much, and showed him all different techniques to get a killer orgasm, I’m sure he’ll beg to sleepover at my house again! Will you sleepover with me?


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