All my new neighbors have been so kind and generous.  Most of the men coming over to introduce themselves and offer a helping hand if I need something done around the house.  The very good looking college student from next door already offered to mow my lawn and take the trash out to the curb.  Now that is what I call hospitality.   I never lived in a neighborhood where everyone was so friendly and helpful.  I will say I’m not getting a good response from the wives and other women around town.  I don’t know if gossip is flying around this small town, but I heard I was the neighborhood slut and I haven’t slept any of these hick dicks yet.

I was thinking about one of the nice men who offered his manly services to me if I needed such.  There is a leak under my kitchen sink and I was going to ask him because he is a plumber and a very sexy one at that.  I’ve decided to give myself a well deserved christmas present this year… Want to know what I gave to myself.  Call Louise to find out.


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