Nasty Nipple Clamps

I love instructing my bondage phone sex callers. There was this guy, who wanted to know what nipple clamps are for. I told him I will tell him on our phonesex call, if he promises to do as I instruct. He jumped at the idea and dialed me for my pain and pleasure phonesex instructions. I told him, “Nipple clamps are ideal for those who derive pleasure from pain. These clamps prove indispensable for enacting bondage fantasies of the painful kind. Believe me when I say that the kind of orgasm you achieve using these clamps will leave you shuddering for long! Are you game?”

Emboldened by my words, he said yes and proceeded to act out my  instructions. I told him to pick up the nipple clamps, unscrew them and place each erect nipple between the pincers. How to apply pressure the right amount of pressure on the nipples requires some expertise. If you are keen on the right technique, bondage phone sex is where I’ll be waiting for you!


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