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January Specials

January Specials

ONLY on Sundays from noon-5pm EST

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Impregnation Fantasy

Impregnation Fantasy

Oh, I just wanna find the right guy for an Impregnation Fantasy  …..Just dying to be a Daddy? I just checked my ovulation cycle and today is the day that your seed will make me a sweet little Mommy. Swell my tiny tummy up with your sweet little baby. These titties are going to be huge when the milk starts flowing. Suckle them for me.

I just love an Impregnation Fantasy and well I really want you to be the one to do it for real. Knock me up today with Impregnation Fantasy Phonesex. Ask for my personal baby maker special. 15 mins for $30 bucks. Youll get the most bang for your buck here, I promise.


1595798xdo1farwyp Forced into homosexuality Phonesex!




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little girl phone sex!

My Sweet Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex!

I love it when you tell me how sweet and young I look. Being petite has real sexy advantages when it comes to the type of role play I enjoy when having little girl phone sex. I love being a sexy little Daddy’s girl, and with my cute giggle and soft voice I can be that girl for you.

Whatever you have fantasized all this time can now come true with me, I love sucking my thumb and playing with my hair. I imagine you taking off my panties for the first time and showing me what it’s like to feel a cock inside me. Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex

BRANDY little girl phone sex

Teen Phone sex is always Hot!

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phonesex underage fantasy

Phonesex Underage Fantasy

I’m a naughty girl with no limits at all and ready for anything you want to role play.

My neighbor caught me smoking a joint behind my house.  I made a deal with him so he wouldn’t tell my parents. I’m a young schoolgirl in our phonesex underage fantasy and told him to meet me at the back of the school building so I could give him a blowjob. If he keeps my smoking secret I won’t tell about giving him a slow, sensuous, blowjob. He forced fucked me while I smoked and came inside me too. I hope I don’t get pregnant. That could ruin the good thing we have going on here. Our phonesex underage fantasy was amazing.  All you have to do is call and light up with me.

Kimberly – Phonesex Underage Fantasy

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 Accomplice Teen Phone Sex

Don’t let my pretty blonde hair, deep brown eyes & baby face fool you; no way in HELL am I as innocent as I look and I love  Accomplice Teen Phone Sex! I still live at home with mommy and daddy & as far as they know, I’m still their sweet little angel. In reality I’m a filthy kinky little whore who sneaks guys into her bedroom & blows them. I can fuck the life out of a hard cock any day of the week, & there’s nothing funner to me than talking about it over the phone! Men have tied me up, given me enemas, and even fisted my hot wet cunt before. Wanna hear more? Ready for  Accomplice Teen Phone Sex? Well then let’s chat!

School Girl Tiffany
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incest phone sex

Taboo Incest Phone Sex Fantasies

I have had a lot of  incest phone sex calls recently. Which I know  isn’t a big surprise since I am all about taboo phone sex fantasies and all, but I really do like the extra kink of a hot brother sister or daddy daughter incest roleplay. Incest is best and when it comes to kinky phonesex I can honestly say I !

So if you are a dirty daddy in need of some special attention from your bratty spoiled little girl, you need to know right now that I love to suck daddy’s big hard cock and I’m very good at it. I’ll make you so happy you won’t ever want to mess around with mommy again. I’ll give your nice daddy dick some sweet kisses before I wrap my mouth around it. You’ll be pumping away at my sweet face and throat fucking me before you can say “be a good girl and swallow daddy’s cum”.

Or I might indulge my horny little brother when he is curious about his hot older sister and let him see my perfect pink pussy and maybe even let him have a taste if he promises to do my chores for awhile. If you are a really lucky boy, I might even let you fuck your sexy sister, banging away at my hot box until you squirt gobs of cum all over the both of us. Older brothers aren’t left out, no way. They like to convince their trusting little sis that they really are supposed to do all kinds of forbidden things as long as no one finds out and no one is as eager to please as your little cute sister.

So daddy, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather – it’s time for some special incest phone sex fuck fun.

I’m here. I’m ready. I’m wet. I’m willing. I’ll never say no.

Distract me already!


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addon Naughty phonesex teen Heather

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Baby sitter Phone Sex


Baby sitter Phone Sex

Have you ever wanted to have fun with a babysitter? I love having Baby sitter Phone Sex, wanting you to be the husband getting home early and seeing me laid on the sofa half asleep. Young and hot, needing a mature hard cock inside me, imagine you wanking your hard cock over me while I sleep, then waking up and giving me a hard fast fuck before you wife gets home. I get off on the thought of taking your spunk leaving your wife missing out, and on Baby sitter Phone Sex you can be that guy.
Brooke – Daddy’s Girl Phonesex
Your naughty Little baby sitter Phonesex slut

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Daddys Girl Phonesex Slut Tiffany

Daddys Girl Phonesex Slut Tiffany here, ready & waiting to be your personal little whore today!   We have a very special relationship, don’t we, daddy?  I know I’m your favorite little girl cuz I do everything you say.  And you know what, daddy?  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I just wanna make you happy by licking your cock up & down like a lollipop, spreading my smooth little girl legs apart & showing you my bald virgin pussy.  It feels so good when you slip your thick fingers inside my tight little cunt hole and I want you to fuck me so bad, but you always say I’m too young ~sad~  I promise I’ll hold still & be a good girl & let Daddy fill my little girl pussy up with lots of warm cum!

Daddys Girl Phonesex Slut Tiffany does eXXXtreme ageplay, family fun & everything else under the sun!  Call now for a no taboos private session!

School Girl Tiffany
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teen masturbation phone sex

Teen masturbation phone sex,Hi, my name is NINA and I am a barely legal teen. I just love it when guys call me for some masturbation phone sex! The thought of a well hung guy like you on the other end jacking his hard cock for me makes me wild! I have a bunch of toys laying around, you tell me which one you want me to shove in my tight ass and pussy.
Just yesterday I had a call from a guy who made me shove a 8″ dildo in my ass while vibrating my little engorged clitty! let me tell you, He got me off into outer space! but not before I made him cum all over his chest…lol I bet I can do the same for you too! Hurry because my kitty is getting all excited again!
I am the best at Teen masturbation phone sex …. call me 😉

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So I did a pedo phone sex call ( I know, shock­ing right?!! LOL) but any­way, I wanted to tell you all about it cause it was just so damn naughty and kinky..

Pedo Phone SexI was dad­dy’s girl that daddy had been hav­ing sex with for a while, daddy always said incest was best.. But I was get­ting too old for daddy to fuck, he liked fuck­ing young lit­tle girls and I was a teen now and not as appeal­ing to him :(   So daddy and I decided that we’d seek out lit­tle girls to play with, using me as the accom­plice because I was young and cute and lit­tle girls would trust me over him.

We’d go to the bad parts of town where women were all cracked out and would do any­thing for money to get more stuff to get high.. We got some cute lit­tle girls to bring home with us and most were eager to please as long as we fed them real good first and bathed them. I know it is sad but its what daddy wanted and I always do what daddy tells me.

I’d help daddy with the lit­tle girls and even par­tic­i­pate by lick­ing their young

pussies get­ting them nice and ready for daddy’s pedo cock. Daddy would have me hold their heads still while he forced his pedo cock into their mouths and after a lit­tle bit of hear­ing them whim­per daddy was ready to fuck. Daddy got super horny when the lit­tle girls whim­pered or even cried hard, it made him want to fuck them even more.. I’d watch as daddy would stuff his big pedo cock into their tiny lit­tle girl holes, stretch­ing them beyond belief !
WOW, it is so so naughty and taboo , huh? I think that is enough of the role­play for you guys :) I hope you call to act out your pedo phone sex fan­tasy with me.


Call me at 1-866-855-1241

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taboo phone sex school girl

taboo phone sex school girl

I’m Camille, your taboo phone sex school girl ready to rock your cocks like no other!!!! Call me what you will whether it be Princess, Slut, whore, little girl or whatever rocks your cocks.

You can pretty much get away with any type of role play fantasies with me, I like being dominant and submissive so that gives you a much wider variety of roleplays to select from.

I’m in my last year of High School and just turned 18 not too long ago and even though I’m still in High School and barely legal, I know what I’m doing and have known how to work men for a very long time. Sure there are probably things I still haven’t heard of but I’m an open book, feed my mind full of nasty taboos!!

I’m ready for some hot taboo phone sex school girl roleplays, are you ?

Call me and ask for taboo phone sex school girl CAMILLE

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Age Play fantasies are the best!

I just love being a younger girl that is all innocent. But my daddy is ready to corrupt me. He teaches me all sorts of naughty things to do that make him really happy. I may be hesitant at first but eventually I will like it just as much as he does. There is just something about playing a very young girl who has to be trained. I love getting all you older guys off too.

Age Play  fantasies are just one of the many fantasies I like playing out on a phone sex call. So call me up and lets play!

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

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  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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I have had so many calls where guys just blow their loads & leave me out to dry with an aching barely legal pussy.  I need a real pedo Daddy who will make me do sick & twisted things to get me off!

As you can see from my pictures, I’m a nasty underage slut just begging to be fucked, sucked, & taken advantage of by a pedophile. I’m getting hotter & hotter just thinking about all the kinky roleplays we can cum up with; family fun, babysitter, girl next door, girl scout selling cookies . . . so many possibilities & so little time!

Call me today for the best ageplay phonesex in the world! My pussy, ass, & mouth are ready for your hot load of creamy cum!


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