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Hot Teen Phone Fuck, Kitten

Hi Baby !
Well, as usual I have been up to my naughty ‘lil adventures again.  This weekend my cute Uncle Dave came over to check on me, since my parents were away for the weekend.  I have ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS had a hot ass crush on him.  I had just gotten some sexy lingerie at the mall that day, and couldn’t wait to feel really alluring by testing it out on uncle Dave.

I had it all planned.  He’d come over and I would already be wearing it when I answered the door.  This is Exactly what happened…

I opened the door and his eyes nearly popped out
of the sockets.  He said, “Why Kitten, Why are you dressed that way?”  I told him that tonight was the night he was going to see what I really thought of him for a long time now.  Puzzled by my statement he asked, “what do you mean exactly Kitten?”

I told him how I had the hots for him and continued to sit on his lap and instantly rip out his cock and suck it profusely, before he could even know what happened to him.  After a few moments of that hot ass blow job, I felt his hands stroking my hair first, then downward to my titts and grabbing on to my hot teen ass. 

I knew I had him then, whenhe flipped me over and gave me some hot anal sex… My Cute & Rock Fuckin’ Hard, Uncle Dave !

I fucked him all through the night…and guess what? I’m ready for more, so get your hard cock over here and call me now…You know you need some of this hot juicy phone sex fucking from me, too !

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

Call Me Now at:  1-888-221-9006

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Your little ebony phone sex kitten has been away – but I’m back to play!

Hello there all you ebony phone sex addicts and nasty perverted Boys!  Sorry you haven’t heard from your  girl lately.  I got a new set of frigging sex toys and have lost my mind, ever since, lol.  In a good way though…and now that I have had plenty of time to try them all out, I am ready to use them on the ebony phone sex call with you!Ebony phone sex with Kinky Kitten

Wow, I never knew how much fun I would be having with my new nipple clamps, dildos,
and huge 8 and 10 inch strap ons.  My fuck buddy, also bought me a few sets of hot ass
lingerie to go with all my new sex and erotic phone sex fantasies, whether I am phone fucking or not.  Oh, my goodness, I just love the art of
masturbation.  I’m just a lil Princess, Playing with my dildos every day and night.

I wish you were here too, we’d have some lovely teen ebony phone sex kitten play, prior to your arrival.

You’ll really get off on my young voice, then hearing me RAM that huge dildo inside of myself for as you tell me how hard and how deep!

As I give you that juicy fat blow job, you’d have your friend pump me with his big black cock.  Pumping my anal hole, every which way he could, lol. I don’t mind you passing me around to your friends, you know they all wanna ebony phone sex hottie like me they can use and fuck the shit out of!

Umm, you know how alluring I can be. Come and catch me now, baby !!!!

Kinky ebony phone sex Girl
*Call Me Now, at: 1-888-221-9006

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Tease Denial Phonesex with Ruby Red

Tease Denial Phonesex is just plain fun.  I like pushing men to their limits & seeing how much they can take before either begging for mercy or exploding.  Usually they do both.  I’ve even been lucky enough to make a few men cry, and Lol yea that was a blast.  Getting them so wound up and afraid of me that they’d simply rather cry than defy me by cumming.  Stupid silly boys.  When you call me you WILL take your time to please me, slowly lick circles around my clit while slipping a finger into my sloppy wet cunt and another inside my tight ass.  The whole game about tease & denial is to get you horny by making ME horny . . . nothing pleases me more than to hear you quiver with pain as I quiver with pleasure!

Tease Denial Phonesex with Ruby Red, let’s have a kinky no taboo session filled with mindless insanity!

Naughty Tease Ruby
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
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Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Leslie and Her Phone Sex Toys

Hi there Cutie !
Well, all who know me, know that I am and can be a hot little nympho, with or without toys to play with.  However, I do LOVE MY TOYS, BOYS…and would very much like it if you did too, lol.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…I would love for you to come and play with me and my toys, so we can have an awesome play time in the bedroom and explore new sexual boundaries.  I’ll admit, I am still young, so I don’t know it all when it comes to the bedroom.  I do know enough though, when it comes to what I want exactly.

You will have a nice juicy cock for me to suck and play with. I would love for you to insert my big fat dildo in my tight ass. I want double penetration with the dildo in my ass, and my vibrator in my pussy, while you suck my titts and feed me your cock.

Umm, doesn’t that sound yummy baby ?  If you think you can handle my tight ass,  cum on over and give me what you got. Phone Sex Toys!

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Dirty Panties Phonesex with Abygail

Want a Dirty Panties Phonesex session with me?  I have a hamper full of nasty panties creamed with cum & pussy juice galore.  And today my little redhead pussy is nice & swollen; I guess I’m ovulating lol.  I’m so wet I can feel it dripping into my panties & soaking them—I’ve already changed them like 3 times!  I REALLY need a big fat cock to ride, pumping in & out of my tight snatch until I cum something fierce.  I’ll even wear dirty panties for you while we’re fucking, just pull them aside & let you tear it all up.  I’d like it if you wore some for me too—lets see how much dirtier we can make them, you and I.  Mmmm . . . I can’t wait to have your cum inside of me, smeared all over our dirty panties.  If you’re a good boy, after you explode & fill me up, I’ll let you lick them clean!

Dirty Panties Phonesex with Abygail for all you nasty panty sniffers out there.  Call today for a wild phonesex session!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Real Phonesex with Abygail

Real Phonesex calls are the best.  I love it when I’m on a call with a guy who actually talks.  (Guys, it’s no fun to hear my own voice for 30 straight minutes!)  What really turns me on is interaction; I have no probs cumming up with the role-play & narrating the scenario to get us off to a good start, but the real key to making my pussy wet is when a guy adds his own kinky twists & details to the call.  This one guy I spoke with told me all about how his cock grew harder & harder while imagining his fingers sliding inside my pussy lips.  He then described how soft & sticky they felt, the little bit of fuzz growing in above my clit, & how my breathing became heavier as his fingers crawled closer to my wet hole.  Just hearing him say those things instantly made me wet & we masturbated together—it was so amazing!

Real Phonesex, the next time you have some with me, try the above tips & I guarantee it’ll make our call so much more pleasurable for us both!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Big Nipple Phonesex with Danielle

Having Big Nipple Phonesex sessions are awesome.  Since I have big nipples that are so easily stimulated, it’s never boring talking about this fetish with a horny caller.  What’s good about having tits like mine is that I never experience a lack of men drooling over me wherever I go.  There’s no hiding these big tits…they show up under whatever tops I’m wearing no matter the cut or style.  Sometimes I even enjoy light BDSM nipple play when I’m in the mood; a pair of snug clamps, some candle wax dripped over my stiff peaks, or a kinky licking session with a guy sucking them hard enough to squirt milk.  Which do you prefer?  As long as you’re playing with my tits in some kind of way, I’m guaranteed to be the horny slut for you!

Danielle is taking Big Nipple Phonesex calls today!  Call now for a session that fulfills everything & anything you desire!

College Coed Danielle
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Wet Pussy Phonesex with Redhead Ruby

Slip inside my Wet Pussy Phonesex ride & cum play with me.  I have a naturally hairy redheaded pussy filled with cream & all delicious things your most vivid dreams are made of.  My gushing hairy pussy gets so wet when I’m horny your cock will feel like its melting in hot butter as you slither inside my juiciness for the very first time.  I love the feeling of being so wet from my own succulence & tons of cum that grinding against a cock feels like a sled ride down a waterfall; have you ever fucked a girl that was just SO moist, not only could you hear cock & balls slapping against her ass but also smell the intense ripeness of her cunt filling the room?  Cum join me . . .

Wet Pussy Phonesex & all things slippery, decadent, warm, & fuzzy can be found one little phone call away right here with Redhead Ruby!

Naughty Tease Ruby
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom


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GFE Vanilla Phonesex with Abygail

Sometimes there’s nothing like a plain GFE Vanilla Phonesex session.  No role-plays filled with kinky ass shit you need a bilingual dictionary to decipher, just good old-fashioned fucking & sucking the way sex was meant.  I know I’m not the only one who sometimes has one of those super horny days when you’re craving nothing but normal sex, right?  I can’t be!  Sometimes I just want to snuggle up with my boyfriend in bed & have him kiss me softly all over while I gently stroke his cock.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Tonight I need a cock in my pussy. PERIOD.  Fuck my redhead cunt & cum inside of me.  You won’t be disappointed ~winks~

Abygail is available 4 Plain GFE Vanilla Phonesex sessions today.  Call now for the girlfriend experience you crave!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Sissy Boy Phonesex with Abygail

Sissy Boy Phonesex calls always drive me wild.  In my book, there’s nothing hotter than telling a man what to do & knowing he actually went through with it.  I love taking a straight macho guy & making him jump through hoops & do kinky things just to get into my pants.  If I’m in the mood I’ll dress him up in stockings, lingerie, & a wig then humiliate him by making him open the curtains for the world to see.  He may have been a man that would never cross dress under any other circumstances before he called me, but once he’s taken a look at my sexy pictures & heard my voice, he & I both know he’d do anything just to have one night inside my pussy.  I know I could have my way with you too!  What good is sex if it’s not FUN?  I know many of you really call because you have a secret desire for someone to push you past the limits of what you normally find comfortable.  That person is me ~winks~

Need a Sissy Boy Phonesex session to bring out your inner wild child?  Call Abygail now!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Taboo Phone Sex with Abygail

So I had a fun filled day and night with lots of Taboo Phone Sex callers.  That’s right, I said it, the big “T” word that nearly all of society frowns upon, but why is that?  Just saying the word itself isn’t going to harm anyone, so WTF is the problem, right?

Anyway (rant over, lol), I love role playing and taboos just happen to be the main part of phone sex; I rarely get any guys calling in for vanilla (normal, boring sex) phonesex these days.  Not that I don’t like a taste of vanilla every once in a while, but taboo is just so damn dark, kinky, chocolatey . . . & you and I both know that for some odd reason (or not so odd lol) discussing taboo subjects only make us even hornier—ending with bigger loads of cum & wetter, sloppier pussies, right?

I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way about Taboo Phone Sex…what about you?

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!


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Anal PhoneSex

Anal PhoneSex is always a good thing!  Check out my recent experience!  So at a party I recently went to, this guy followed me around the entire time like a lost puppy.  No matter how many times I told him I wasn’t interested, he just wouldn’t give up.  After about 3 hours of being stalked & about to beat him to death with one of my stilettos, I decided to have some fun with him.  When he said something like, please just give me one chance tonight to prove to you that I can make you happy, I climbed onto my Princess Abygail throne & told him to eat my ass.  He actually had the balls to reply, “Consider it done.”  Even though his desperation was funny, the curious part of me wanted to know if he’d actually do it.  Having had a few drinks anyway & feeling pretty horny, I figured what’s the harm in letting him eat my ass?

 Smiling, I led him to one of the bedrooms, braced myself against the door, lifted my dress & moaned in awe as he pulled down my panties & began chowing down on my stinky pink asshole.  He ate, tongued, licked, sucked & worshiped every inch of my ass & asshole while I fingered my bulging clit into a sticky wet orgasm.  I know a lot of you men out there are like me & really enjoy Anal PhoneSex.  Let’s have a cheap session & swap kinky stories!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Gagging PhoneSex Slut

Gagging PhoneSex Slut calls seriously make me want to give someone a blowjob!

Imagine a redheaded cum guzzling slut like me, swallowing your thobbing cock all the way down my throat in one breath; my neck & face turning a shade of scarlet red bright enough to match my hair.  Even though I’m gagging, choking, clawing at your thighs to free myself, my little red pussy still gets wetter by the minute, the juices running down my legs proof in themselves. Saliva oozes from the corners of my mouth as I cling to your thighs, trying not to suffocate, but that only makes you tug my red piggy tails closer to your groin.  You groan in low breaths as your cock snakes down my hot, dry throat, stretching out my little mouth and pouty red lips so wide they’re about to crack & split . . .

Treat yourself today by purchasing a no taboo Gagging PhoneSex Slut session with Abygail!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Shemale Seduction Phonesex

It doesn’t take long for a Shemale Seduction Phonesex session to turn a straight man into a cocksucking faggot.  Here’s some proof of my talents:

The jeans I’d worn showed off every curve of my round plump tranny ass.  As I walked to my table from the bar, every man’s eyes were on my big tits & juicy rump.  Flicking my hair away from my face, I sat back at my table & pretended not to notice.  

Many different men came up to me.  Some offering drinks, a ride home, or plain old small talk.  Thoroughly uninterested in all this attention, it wasn’t until the tanned muscular jock sat next me that my interest, along with my cock, was finally piqued. I knew by his arrogance that he was used to getting his way.  Little did he know, so was I.  I continued to ignore him, but unbuttoned the top of my blouse & bent over slightly while sipping my drink.  He was enthralled with my heaving breasts and my wet tongue as I slurped the straw clean.  When he moved closer, I reached under the table & put his hand on my bulging shemale cock.  I could feel him growing uncomfortable, yet harder as well, when I grabbed his own junk. Mr. Macho wasn’t so macho after all, was he?  We secretly jacked each other off under the small table, with people scurrying around us in a crowded bar.   Later on we went back to my place, and, well, that’s a whole other blog post!! 

Call me now for a Shemale Seduction Phonesex session with a Tranny Goddess!  I have no taboos & know how to work a cock!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Britney phone sex

Why wouldn’t you want to get down on your knees and worship a body like this?  You know that’s your place now don’t you????? Run your hands up my silky soft legs all the way up to that sweet phone sex pussy.  Don’t you just want to take a lick??  Not without permission slave!  You know the deal……you can admire my body and maybe I’ll let you stroke your little dick but if you really think you’re going to fuck this phonesex tease you thought wrong!  Deal with it slut boi!


 yahoo bang_britney

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School Girl Phone Sex, with Autumn

Hi Guys !

I just love being your cute little phonesex girl.

Do you wanna do a roleplay where I am that naughty lil school girl that you always see walking by your house before and after school? I walk by and adjust my thigh highs in the reflection of the car window that is parked a few feet from your window… Makes you hard and want to just grab me and fuck me right there, but you dont have the balls, you just imagine…

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Have you ever been caught masturbating? Were you embarrassed, humiliated, and turned on at the same time? I like that! Maybe your girlfriend comes in and catches you with her dirty panties.

You’re sniffing one pair and rubbing your cock in the wet crotch of the other pair. Rubbing your cock head right where her pussy had dripped her creamy cunt juice. You try to stop when you notice your girl friend is watching, but she will not let you stop.

She is quite entertained by the picture she is seeing. She laughs at you and makes you keep going and going until your cock is beet red.. Red because she has no intensions of letting you cum.. so now she is laughing, teasing and denying.

She has now found your weekness and will use it all the time to own you and your cock. Sound like you?
Call me and share your masturbation stories, tease & denial, humiliation.

Dawn 1-888-221-9006

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Phone Sex Playtime with Amelia

Hi there Guys !
I’m Amelia and I just love playtime with a hot guy like you.  I am still young and
learning new things everyday.  I am a good lil sub, and am sure you could teach
me how to be an even better little sub for you, Sir.  I love to serve and know how
to give an awesome blow job as it pleases you, Sir.

Call your avorite teen sub, today !  I’m waiting to serve you, Sir.

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Golden Showers Phone Sex, with Leslie

Hello there, I’m Leslie ~

I hope you are the type to explore new things and enjoy a good kinky sex
act every chance you get like me, lol.  I guess what I’m saying is…I love
hot kinky sex and big hard cocks, but I also love a man who can get into
hot golden showers with me.  I love to straddle you and play with your
cock before I let loose.

Umm, as I straddle you and stroke your cock baby, I want you to finger
my tight pussy real good before I ride your face and cum allover you
with my beautiful golden showers.  I want you to lick every drop of
my sweet essences and tell me how much more you wanna receive
from me, for next time.

After that, I want you to fuck me real good doggie-style and let me
feel those big balls bouncing off my tight dancer’s ass, baby.  Oh, I
just love the way you ride me.  I’m horny mostly all the time, so
whenever you are ready to do it again, I will be right here waiting
for you baby !

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Kitten's Phone Sex with Swim Coach, Frank

Hey Baby !
Everyone on the swim team knows what a huge crush I have on Coach Frank.
I haven’t exactly let him know how I feel about him, though.  One day after practice,
as I was getting out the pool…our bodies brushed up against each other.  That’s when
I knew I had to make my move.  I saw and felt the look and rise in his trunks, instantly.

He looked at me in amazement, yet embarrassed a lil as well.  I gave him a reassuring
look with my eyes, that it was ok.  I then told him that since everyone was gone, I wanted
to know if he could help me more with my backstroke.  I thought he would say no, but instead
he graciously accepted the invite to help me.

I was so happy, I didn’t know if I was coming or going at that moment.
The water suddenly felt good allover my body.  Feeling very erotic and
bold, I suddenly felt the need to grab his cock under water.  He said,
“Ugh, Kitten, I don’t think you should be doing that hun.”

I told him that it was ok, no one was around and I promise not to mention
it to anyone, if he would just do me right there and now.  At first, he gave
me another look of rejection, but then with his big strong hands, he began
to play with my nipples, and then rub my clit, finger fucking me real good.

The next thing I knew, we were in the locker room all to ourselves,
as he carried me straight to the benches, he fucked me harder than
I ever got it before.

WOW, Coach Frank, thanx for an awesome hot fuck…
I hope we do it again real soon !  Umm, are you next?
Call me now, and let’s have some hot steamy phone sex.

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

Call Me Now at:  1-888-221-9006

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Big Tittie Phone Sex and Dildo Play

Hey there Sugah !

I bet you like my big fat titties don’t ya ? 
Umm hmm, that’s what I know. 
You know I just love having
these big fat black titties fucked
real good.  Do you think you could
get your lips/mouth around to
sucking these titts real good, baby? 
I want you to suck them while you
RAM that dildo in and out of my
juicy fat pussy.
Bring me your big fat dick so I can
suck you off real good, as we 69
and you fuck my hot pussy with
that fat dildo baby. 
After you get my pussy really wet,
I want you to give me a good fucking
sugah.  I want you to fuck my ass
afterwards.  I just love a good
anal fuck from your hard ass
cock, honey.
So come on baby, cum and smack
my big black ass with your fat cock
baby.  I can’t wait to feel your big
hard cock fucking me, now.

Call Doletta @ 1-888-221-9006

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Cum Fuck Me in The Locker Room –
Call Doletta @ 1-888-221-9006

Hi Baby !
Hey ‘yall.  I had went to the basketball game with my girl Kitten.  We had on our sexiest tight ass mini skirts, showing as much ass as we could.  We couldn’t wait to bust through the gates to get our seats and flirt our little asses off, too.

Damn, there were some fine ass players on the field. We knew a few of them and the ones we didn’t know, we knew we would be knowing them, by the time the
game was over.
I couldn’t wait !  Finally right before it was over, one of the players had a friend of theirs come to our seat with a very important message.  Damn, I said, who the hell is this dude approaching us.  He told us he was sending over a VIP Locker Room After Party Invite, for us to attend.

I couldn’t believe that shit.  Sure enough after the game we went to the locker room and got to check out all the players.  One by one they introduced themselves and so did we, if you know what I mean. It all began with one knudge against my mini-skirt, and before you knew it…It was Big Black and White Dicks rubbing and poppin’ out everywhere.

Damn, they was some good tasting hard ass cum filled-dicks, baby !  I just loved being slammed and whammed up against those lockers.  We sure got the fuckin’ of our lives, now it’s your turn to bring some friends over to gang bang !

Call Doletta @ 1-888-221-9006

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Big Black Booty Anal Fun !

Hey there Sugah !
How you doing there baby ?  You know, I was just laying here thinking
of how I need your big fat dick in my fat big black booty baby.  I wanna feel every inch of your big dick in my sweet black ass baby.
Oh, I am so horny for it right now, I could just feel you probing in and out my black ass, fuckin’ it real good, like you know you should.

Umm, cum on over and give it to me baby, Damn ! First I would suck that big dick ’til it got real nice and hard…You know how I do you baby, so cum da fuck on and give it to me, RAW.
Well, I do luv my damn nice baby oiled ass too now, so grease that ass, smack it and fuck it real good. Cum prepared now baby, so we can have some hot black ass big booty anal phone sex, baby !

Hurry, my sweet big black ass…sure is waiting for ‘dat dick baby.   So, bring it on and bring it on real fucking hard, you know how I love that sweet anal phone sex, baby .

Call Doletta @ 1-888-221-9006

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*Call Me Now, at: 1-888-221-9006

Hello there Boys !
Are you over there jerking that big fat cock
for me ?  Umm, I bet you are.  I wanna stroke
and suck your cock dry baby !  I am all dolled
up, ripe and ready for your cock.  Do you have
what it takes to fuck me wild ?  Umm, if so, call
me so I can give you the fucking of your life.

Hurry, my pussy is dripping wet for you, baby !

*Call Me Now, at: 1-888-221-9006


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Cum Fuck Your Little Nympho, Now !

Hey there Cutie, it’s Kitten…
Well, I am going to just get right to the point, here.
I LOVE SEX, I Love Everything About it.

My daily dreams are to be fucked in every
hole, every single day of the week.  I usually
accomplish two out of three above.

I wanna talk to you if you feel the same way
too, about SEX.  Do you think about fucking
a juicy pussy and ass, and getting your cock
sucked by someone who is really and truly
into it ?

If so, Yup, that’s me again, lol. I know you wanna let me whip
that hard cock out and start sucking on it, so call me now and
let’s get fuckin’ wild together.



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Hey there Luvah !

So, here we are…You and I going out to dinner.
Although I am All Dolled Up for the nite out,
all I can think about in the car is being real
slutty with you while at this gorgeous restaurant.

You see, I have it in my head that this time, instead
of me rubbing my feet allover your cock under the
table, as we wait patiently for our dinner…I will
summon you to the bathroom to cum and fuck me
right there in the men’s bathroom stall.

As soon as you meet me in there, I will attack that
big fat cock of yours, sucking you like the kinky horny
slut that I am.   Umm, give it to me baby, lemme deep
throat you and then have you pick my ass up and fuck me
mid air, as I moan and groan through the motions. I just
love the way you stop to suck and squeeze on my titts
while kissing me passionately, as you pound me harder
and harder.

After our quick fuck, you gently put me down and I suck
that cock once more, before we return to the dinner table
to consume our meal, after just consuming each  other so
fucking intensely.  Dessert I cannot wait for, because it
will be me and you for dessert…as we continue what we
started, once we quickly get home.  Umm, gimme that
hard cock baby…You know I’ll take good care of it !

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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Are you ready for a passionate affair with a mature, charming, intelligent blonde beauty, skilled in the art of erotic seduction and intimate sensual fun? I have a warm engaging personality and a great sense of humor. I’m an alluring and very sexy young lady. My long silky blonde hair cascades over the shoulders of my smooth tanned voluptuous figure.

I exude femininity and capture the essence of sensual sophistication. Of course, I provide what every discerning man seeks in a beautiful woman, but without the demands of commitment…I am perfect for your magical “girlfriend experience”. I can assure you that our time together will be stimulating and exceedingly memorable.

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Giana  ~ Call Me!!

giana011 I have a strong addiction to take control of everything that happens around me. That includes taking advantage of many different men I come in contact with. I love to go out and have a hot fucking piece of ass come to me in a bar asking to meet up with me later.

This victim does not even know what is coming. He came to my place and I was all dressed up in sexy clothes high heels. I took him to my room and he enjoyed being bound to the bed unable to move. I took his fat cock in my mouth and fondled his asshole inching his cock further in my mouth and my fingers inside his ass.

I then dropped my thongs to reveal my large package, he was shocked and reluctant at   first. So I just shoved my cock in his mouth and started fucking his face all the while  stroking his cock. I then removed my rock hard dick from the tightgrip of his mouth and lifted his legs over my shoulders.

With one stroke I pushed all 8 inches into his virgin ass. Pulling it all out and repeating it over and over until he was used to it. His tight ass made me wanna cum in seconds but I restrained the urge till I knew I could pound his ass with delight. He was stroking his coke and cumming over and over on his stomach. I filled his asshole with so much cum his gaping hole was dripping.

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The first thing guys say to me “WOW  you are fucking HOT!!”. Its a big surprise …. they think they are going to lick my fucking pussy. I get them on their knees…….. tell them to close their eyes. I pull out my hard cock then push it between his lips!   Its a shock!  However i have seduced him with my beautiful body and my intoxicating phone sex voice.


You’ll be no different… you know you can’t st0p thinking about can you.
I know your mouth will begin to tremble when the head of my cock touches your soft lips. Let your large hands fondle and play with my nipples. “Oh yes that is were I like it!”. Let me stroke deeply in your mouth and let my cock hit the back of your throat. Fight back your gag reflex and concentrated on sucking my beautiful cock. Now that your mouth has been broken in, it’s time for that virgin ass.

Let me thrust my massive cock inside of that tight fuck hole. You’ll be  hunched over in pain at first, however you’ll learn to accept my large rod. Guys please don’t waste time trying to fight it, because in the end it WILL happen. I ALWAYS find a way into to the tightest hole. Just except it and soon I will be fucking you with long deep strokes.  You’ll be in heaven and your cock rock hard. I’ll hold your hips giving you thrust after thrust of pure pleasure Baby!


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Just think of me as the naughty young neighbor girl. The one that looked so sweet and innocent, but you see me in the middle of the night sneak out of my window. Wearing my short skirts and tiny little tank tops. The car full of bad boys and misfits pull up with no lights on so they are not detected. Under the cover of darkness you see only the tale lights drive away.

You can only imagine what I am doing in the back of that car! I look completely innocent during the week day but I am a total cock teasing whore on the weekend. I know you are thinking about watching me doing all those dirty things to your cock

Well I hope you like sloppy wet blow jobs, I like it better when i put my watermelon lip gloss on and deep throat you fat cock inside my little girl mouth. Don’t hold back choke me with your cock and make this teen whore yours.

I know you are waiting and you cock is aching for my innocents. I might let you in my precious blooming garden

Cum Get Nasty with Me.


When I finally let you see my bald young cunt, it will smell like the cotton candy body spray and you will definitely wanna lick, suck, and fondle my pretty little innocent pussy.

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