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Fetish Phonesex with Shemale Giana

Fetish Phonesex sessions are one of my many specialties.  I am a very submissive tranny girl who caters to any & all kinky things you may have a sweet tooth for.  I’m really into the most extreme fetishes out there—bestiality, painslut, golden showers, scat . . . there’s nothing you can think up that will be turned down when you call me!  I know the average shemale operator has a weak stomach & mind when it cums to all fantasies extreme, but pleasing men & delving into grotesque taboos that most ops won’t talk about are the things that really make my cock hard!

Fetish Phonesex sessions with Shemale Giana are taboo-free, anything goes!  The kinkier your fetish the better.  CALL NOW!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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Doggy Style Phonesex with Coed Danielle

Doggy Style Phonesex can be fun times if the dude’s really into it.  When a man calls I very much like him to be as descriptive & nasty as he can possibly be.  It really makes my tight pussy cream when I hear him say things like, bend over you slutty bitch so I can pound your loose pussy raw.  Lol I know it may sound stupid to you now, but I know if we were talking on the phone & you had your cock in one hand it wouldn’t be!  The more a guy stares into my pussy from behind & fingers it, flicks my clit, pulls my inner & outer lips, & spanks me, the wilder I will get.  I think it’s kind of mysterious & impersonal getting fucked from behind since it puts the man in total control & you are unable to see his face.  Fuck I need to get laid like NOW lol!

Doggy Style Phonesex with Coed Danielle is just one dirty phone call away!  Call this horny slut tonight & bang that pussy raw!

College Coed Danielle
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