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Black Girl Taboo Phone Sex is thought of quite a bit but not spoken of.  I know you are craving the “Brown and Round” that you just can’t get anywhere else.  The way I make my booty clap will memorize  you and have you licking my chocolate clitty in seconds. Luscious lips will latch on to your cock and give you the best damn head ever!  Stop bullshitting and come and get this sweet black pussy baby.  What you need is a strong Black woman.. strict as hell and will put you in your place, you know we don’t take any shit.! I will have you licking out of my ass, tickling my pussy with your tongue and pounding my pocketbook! Black Girl Taboo Phone Sex is where it’s at, stop fucking around and just call me.


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What is with you boys and the big black cock phone sex? So many of you call our girls begging to be forced to slurp the creamy white cum from a huge thick nigger dick, and, well, in our forced bisexuality phone sex scenarios we must say we are happy to accommodate.

Your curiosity regarding nigger dick and big black cock is amusing to us. We use these terms loosely and as entertained observers of the white male syndrome of envy. The  very idea what you big black cock lovers crave is being forced to suck a hung black guy while we watch and laugh is more then satisfying. I will watch and I will make you gag on that big black dick until you make him shoot a hot thick load of cum all over your face!  All role plays will be honored.  Call and ask for Doletta –

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doletta4I’m a hot black  mommy with a wild sex drive. Sometimes, when I don’t have anyone to play with, I get the urge to rub one off in the middle of the day. I have an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and toys at my disposal in case I’m having a sex emergency. I even carry a vibrator in my car in case I feel the urge to pull off some where and pleasure my hungry black pussy.  

The other day I was at a office meetng and they just hired this fly brother I couldn’t stop staring at.  I was having such filthy thoughts about jumping his bones.  I just couldn’t fight off the urge any longer, so I went to the ladies room and pulled a mini vibrator I keep in my purse for just such occasions. I went in the stall, played with my nipples till my pussy was wet and throbbing, then fucked myself good with my secret vibrator. Want to use my vibrator and your cock on me? Call for Doletta 1-888-221-9006!  

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 You’re gone to dinner with your girlfriend of wife, but all you can think about is the sexy girl who’s back at home watching your kids. You wonder why I winked at you and licked my lips while your wife had her back turned. Or did you just imagine that because you’re a horny old bastard who gets off on babysitters? Are you dreaming of pinching my small tits as I give you a blow job? And fantasizing about my bald cunt riding up and down your bulging cock as you give me a ride home?

Imagine if you came home and I’m lying in bed as you peek into the guest room. I’m sleeping and you know what you want! I’m totally out cold. Come in, and pull my covers back. No one else is awake, so it’s now or never for you to have your way with your barely legal babysitter!

Kinky Kitten

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