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Babysitter Phonesex with Abygail

Does your cock need a Babysitter Phonesex session with me?  I think the hottest babysitter fantasy is one where the parents cum home & mom goes to bed, leaving dad to drive the babysitter home for the night.  Dad, having had a too much to drink, waves a wad of cash over my head & says the only way I’m going to get paid is if I cum & get it.  When I reach for the money he tosses it over my shoulder, making me bend down to pick it up.  Up goes my skirt as I reach down & up goes dad’s cock into my pussy, fucking me harder & deeper with every thrust right there against the kitchen table.  Even though I can’t believe I’m being raped, it all happens so fast that my pussy melts against his hard warm cock.   Mmmm . . . I just love this fantasy!

Babysitter Phonesex sessions with Abygail have no taboos—any & all nasty kinky fetishes welcum here!  Call today for an underage role-play!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
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Neighborhood Slut PhoneSex with Teen Tiffany

Who doesn’t wanna fuck the young Neighborhood Slut PhoneSex girl?  Lol, all the guys already want to fuck me (what’s left of the ones that haven’t yet, anyway), I can’t imagine how much more tempted they’d be if they knew what I did for a living!  I know it would be a fun role-play to do with you, like, really, it’s not a role-play I’ve ever done before!  And those kinds of role-plays that can really happen in real life are the ones that get my pretty pink pussy oh so wet.  So I’ll be your average, cute, ditzy giggly happy neighborhood slut who thinks she’s too good to fuck a nerd like you.  Until one day you call phonesex & realize it’s me you’re talking too!  So now I have a HUGE secret & we both know that secret’s not safe with you.  So how you wanna play this; break in & rape me?  Blackmail me into fucking you?  Make me your personal fuck toy for the rest of my miserable little life?  The cat’s outta the bag . . .

I’m that naughty Neighborhood PhoneSex Slut you know deserves to be raped & blackmailed!  And I know as long as I keep you happy my secret’s safe with you ~winks~

School Girl Tiffany
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