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Secretary Phonesex Slut Abygail

I do Secretary Phonesex Slut role-plays all the time—men get really hard working in such close vicinity to hot young pussy!  He imagines her as some young innocent goody-goody who’s never seen a cock up close in her life, fantasizing about what would happen if he called her into his office & told her she was about to lose her job.  Of course the secretary would do anything to keep her job, she even stresses how she’s the sole supporter of her sick mother & younger sister.  She can’t afford to be fired—their lives depend on it—how will they eat???  But the boss needs a better reason than that to keep her, needs to know why she is of any value to the company.  He sits on his desk facing her & crosses his legs.  His eyes go down to the huge bulge in his trousers, “Suck my cock & I’ll keep you on the payroll for another week.”  With tears in her eyes she does as she’s told, taking her boss’ throbbing fat cock to her lips & swallowing him whole, plunging & sucking on his meaty shaft until her mouth is filled with a load of cum.

And that’s how the Secretary Phonesex fantasy usually starts out!  Call me today & let’s fill in the blanks to this steamy scenario together!

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