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Princess Phonesex with Abygail

I’m a spoiled Princess Phonesex slut who loves being pampered with gifts.  I’ve been known to throw a temper tantrum or two if I don’t get my way.  I behave my best when I’m monetarily blessed & as we all know, an over-indulged princess is a happy one!  If you want my tight pussy to be wet & ready for a good fucking at all times, then make sure you spend all your time & money on nothing but ME.  If I am not constantly the center of your universe & things don’t go my way, I’ll leave you in a heartbeat.  I need to be occupied with pretty things at all times & if you can’t do that for me & keep my attention, then you’ll lose me for sure.  I won’t hesitate to replace you with someone who will!

Are your pockets deep enough for a Princess Phonesex call with Abygail?  Anyone’s are with our cheap phonesex rates!  Call today!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
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