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peep-show.jpgGuided Masturbation Phone Sex. The doors open and there is the girl of your dreams behind the glass. She is dressed in a red garter belt and stockings, 5 inch heels, and the hottest bra you have ever seen. Her long blonde hair is curly and flowing. Bright red lips set the mood for the show. She grinds her hips on the pole in the middle never once taking her eyes off of you. You can’t look away. Your hypnotized by her beauty and the raw sex the seeps out of her every pour.

Place your money in slot and she will take off the clothing. You slip the first hundred in, but tell her to leave the stockings on. She points to your cock and motions for you to stroke it. This is the kind of girl that could make you cum without even touching yourself. You have never wanted a girl more then you want her now. Taking your cock in your hand she whispers for you to use the next hundred to stroke with. Wrap it around your cock she asks. Stroke for me she pleads as she slips her finger in her well lubed pussy. She takes the money you slipped through the hole and rubs it across her clit as she cums. Your cock has a mind of its own and sprays the glass without notice.

She points to the opening and asks for the hundred covered in your cum in exchange for the one covered in hers. Just as you exchange the money the shade closes. She is gone, but the scent she left behind can never be forgotten…

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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