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small penis humiliation


Did you honestly think you stood a chance with me? I mean COME ON! You sit there, hitting on me thinking your the shit with that TIEENIE WIEENIE cock ha ha. You must be kidding yourself as you are a poor excuse for a man thinking you have enough to please me.

 What woman ever told you that you could ever satisfy her? You cant even see it, its so small.  I need a man with a real big cock, and one that satisfy’s my pussy. I do feel sorry for your pathetic ass because your not worthy of ever fucking my pussy.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to use your tongue like a piece of toilet paper to clean my pussy after I have been fucked by a real mans cock. You know the only way you can ever please me is to be my toilet slave, and be ready to clean up the mess. How about my boyfriend ramming his cock down your throat HA HA CALL ME lets see what your capable of.

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I’m looking for some kinky, hot men to play with. I am not for the faint of heart, nor the weak. I’m a deviant woman, who deserves and commands pleasure from all different types of men.  Experience all the taboos and take you mind to a different kind of phone sex.  The truth is I am a Hot MILF that loves to fuck a massive cock and I will do ANY thing for it.

Sorry for those who have less then 8inches, besides the only thing you will do for me is be my fluffer. You will never touch my tight pussy with your fingers, you will never drive your cock inside any of my tight holes. The only reason why you are here is for my pleasure and something humorous for me to look at. You will never feel the the body trembling orgasm without me guiding your every move and allowing you to do so. Remember all of you cuckold phone sex junkies, I will be the only one with the key to unlocking your true taboo desires.


I’m turned on by a wild variety of fetishes. The nastier and kinkier it gets, the more I get off on it. If we can think it, then we can do it.  Call me!   I’m turned on by a wild variety of fetishes. The nastier and kinkier it gets, the more I get off on it. If we can think it, then we can do it.  Call me!


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domme sheryl

Domme Cuckold Wife Sheryl for Phonesex Play!

I want to know if you are you a submissive little bitch looking for a Goddess Mistress to take control of you? I’ll make you get down on your hands and knees to worship every inch of my beautiful body starting at the bottom and working your way up.  Now kiss my feet and lick my toes.  You will clean my boots with your tongue if I tell you to.  I know you want to taste my firm breasts, nice round ass and sweet juicy pussy, but first you must prove you are worthy.

Tell Sheryl how much you want her to take you to a place you’ve never been before.  Humiliate and degrade you because you are nothing but a cuckold bitch, a clean up tool.  You love to reap the benefits of the aftermath.  The musky wetness of my gaping pussy after my big black lover pumped me full of cock and cum.  You can hardly wait for him to finish pounding me before you are allowed to clean us both off.  I know you want to feel his big cock in your mouth dripping with my pussy juice.  Lets make your fantasy come true. 

Call Sheryl at 1-888-221-9006

serious inquires only) ONLY major credit cards accepted.

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