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Shemale Goddess Dasha~

Shemale Bukkake Phonesex

Well my Shemale Bukkake Phonesex caller did it again;

He came back today & brought his big guns bank account with him; he called the bank & had the limit raised on his debit card just to pay for the sessions with his favorite Tranny Goddess!  Gawd how nice is that?  I just love the smell of cold hard cash lol.  Not only that, but it really makes me feel good when clients do these little things to let me know how much they appreciate me – makes me feel like a REAL Goddess 😀  

Our roleplays are sexy steamy hot since he’s heavily into Shemale Bukkake.  Some of the fantasies we cook up even keep my TS cock hard for long well after our phone sex call is done.  The last call we had, I led him by a collar & leash into the center of a room filled with my Shemale friends seated on couches placed in a circle surrounding him.  He sucked them all clean, one by one, then we emptied our full loads of cum onto his body.  What a party!

Is Shemale Bukkake Phonesex a naughty secret fantasy you have?  If so, call me now & let’s talk!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone SexWe do it all!
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cum dripping phone sex

Cum Dripping phone sex with London

Let’s do some cum dripping phone sex. Its raining its pouring I’m thinking its pretty boring! Someone needs to make me rain! Cant you taste my candy rain? So sweet, so slippery! Ive got one of the wettest pussies around…. You cant make it stop once it starts, it just keeps dripping and dripping! I need your hard cock NOW… Just thinking about you is starting to make me wett, I want you to hear just how wet this pussy gets, slipping and slidding, mmmmmmm….

Now I know you wanna hear this.. Im just gonna keep playing until someone calls me, some lucky guy will be very happy on our cum dripping phone sex call!!!

London – Slutty Phone Sex Hottie

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Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut

Right now I’m so fucking horny I’m craving to be someone’s Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut.  I am ready, willing, & able for some kinky nasty downright dirty deviant sex.  My pussy is WET & aching for a good hard fucking with a thick cock & loads of sticky cum.  I just love cumming for men while hearing them cum for me . . . from mild to fucking kinky wild & everything in between, I know my vivid imagination will get you off HARD.  Are you ready to hear my slutty redhead pussy slosh & cream for you?  

I know I can be your favorite Extreme Taboo Phonesex Slut that makes all those perverse fantasies cum to life via my phone sex line.  Call me now!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Sissy Boy Phonesex with Princess Jenni

So you think you can call up Princess Jenni to have hot phonesex with and then you tell me you have a tiny little 3 inch cock? HAHA, sorry I cant even phone fuck with THAT.

Your Role play: You have a few black guys with you and your all partying, so you invite me in for a hot orgy…until I see that pathetic little cock of your, now princess Jenni isn’t to good to get gang banged by a group of  hot black studs with huge cocks…but come on, really-what the fuck do YOU have between your legs. I see that and start laughing hard. You are not going to get anywhere near me that thing!

So what am I going to do with you? Well I notice your very submissive so I grab my panties and demand you put them on. You WILL help me relieve all these big black studs. Slide the panties on sissy and on your hands and knees right beside me! Your about to get the fuck of your life!  I will make sure they give you that “extra special” attention, MMmmm, cum looks hot all over your sissy face!


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Do you enjoy public masturbation? I sure do!

I was out in a diner the other night late after a few hours at a bar and one (okay 10) to many drinks. It was 3am, and needless to say I was feeling very frisky & the guy sitting across from me was steady watching me,

I decided to see just how interested he was, so i reached under my table and lifted my skirt so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes got huge and I saw him unzip his pants.

I slid my hand to my already very wet and warm pussy and began spreading my legs further apart. He pulled his cock out, and It was already very hard! We passed glances and halted our movement for the occasional waitress asking us if everything was okay with our food. We both ended up cumming at almost the same time and it was really fucking hot! Let’s talk about the naughty things you have done & I may tell you about more things that I have done!



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Are you looking for a woman that will give a whole new meaning to the words PHONE SEX PLEASURE? Someone that takes the time to make sure you are pleased in every sinlge sexual way possible?

 Anyone can make a man’s cock get hard, but turning on his whole body including his mind and THEN making his cock cum is what eroticism is all about! Close your eyes and feel the sexual explosion I will bring to your body over and over again, leaving you breathless and aching for more is what turns me on!

Mention this blog & get 5 min free with purchess of 15 min or more!


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Wanna smell and taste what a real man’s cock left in my cum filled and used
pussy? Did you enjoy watching them fuck my little pussy until it was red and
swollen? Come closer and taste and smell his hot load of cum that I have
saved for you. Cum lick my nasty used pussy clean.

Daddy’s School Girl, Horny Cheerleader, Sweet Girl Next Door, Bratty Teen,
Do you want those nice full lips to suck your cock dry? Do you want to taste
that pink cunt?

Be connected to this nasty school girl in the privacy of  her bedroom.


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The anticipation of cum, the taste of cum, the feel of Cum, everything and anything to do with cum. I love the feel of sticky, hot cum shooting hard into my pussy, deep in (and all over) my tight Little ass, covering my tummy and round tits, drenching my face and Definitely, definitely tasting it as it slides down my throat.

Again, I LOVE cum. I love the feel of a throbbing cock pounding deep into my throat. The Inability to breathe while your hands are on the back of my head gets my pussy soaking wet. I love it when a man seemingly looses control and just uses me to get himself off. That is one of my biggest turn-ons. I love knowing a man is turned on and love getting him off. I suppose that’s what attracted me to phone sex in the first place!

My Profile comming soon!


You can call me at 1-888-221-9006!

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