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I have been a very very naughty teen girl daddy.

naughty teen girl

I have been a very very naughty teen girl daddy.

 I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was suppose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. You are so angry with me that you deside you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who don’t listen.

Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… Im screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder.

I promise daddy I wont do it again!  You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson! 


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Impregnation Phone Sex

Impregnation Phone Sex with Heather

You enjoy my tight little twat and Impregnation Phone Sex, dont ya. Instead of pulling outta my tiny pussy you fill it up with hot cum. I always tell you daddy that you have to be very careful not to get me pregnant. You still insist on fucking your baby girl. Now I’ve missed my period and mommy can not find out that I might be pregnant with my Daddy’s baby.

Cum oozes out of me and around your cock as you sink into me. You fuck the shit out of my sore and tired pussy. I am crying and moaning with the final fuck of your Daddy cock. You bury your cock into me and jizz the final load. Now I have to go to the doctor’s and tell him all about out Impregnation Phone Sex with daddy!


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Happy Holidays from all your favorite Taboo Phonesex Girls!

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School Girl Phonesex

School Girl Phonesex

I had to call you daddy from the Gym office phone at school. I am in a bit of trouble. The boys gym teacher sort of caught me in the boys locker room last period. I was not alone though- well until the boys heard Mr. H came in I wasn’t. They ran so fast and since my panties were down around my ankles, I couldn’t run! Mr Hall confronted me and asked what I was doing in the boys locker room. (I love any School Girl Phonesex roleplays!)

Well it was a little hard to deny what I was doing since my boobs were covered in cum and my panties down! He told me that unless I did what he said, he was going to suspend me. Mr H also says that you have to come down here immediately to see what your “little angel ” has been doing. Call me for School Girl Phonesex at 1-888-221-9006 to help me get out of trouble. He says I have to tell you exactly everything that has occurred! Hurry I cant leave his office until you call me!

Love ya daddy

Elizabeth – Pedophile Phone Sex

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Daddy and daughter phonesex

daddy and daughter phonesex

I have been thinking of this good little daddy and daughter phonesex roleplay…

I climbed into daddies lap and was bouncing up and down and my little dress got pushed up onto my hips… Daddy looked at me and started yelling….”Naughty little slut just like your Mother”  He stand me in front of him and puts his hand between my legs “Your little cunt is soaking wet. Take all of those clothes off you little whore. Time for My slut to be punished for making her cunt wet on my leg.”  I undress and he Lays me across his lap with my ass in the air. :Spank:Spank:Spank:. Oh daddy I wanna be good i yelled as he spanked my bare bottom harder!

What would you do at this point? would you punish me more or make me please you daddy? Call me and lets finish this little daddy and daughter phonesex roleplay!

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Edge For Me Daddy

Elizabeth’s Edging Phone Sex will keep your cock on edge!  Having you stand before a young little slut like myself and stroke until I tell you to stop will make you weak! ~Laughing.  I can’t wait to make your cock twitch by making you stroke in front of me while I play with my perky little tits! How long do you  think you can hold your cum for me Daddy? The longer you hold it the longer I suck it, I’ll be a good little girl! I want you to stroke until you cum bursts all over my little face.  Let me be your cum bucket bad girl with Elizabeth’s Edging Phone Sex. Let’s play Daddy.


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 cheerleader phonesex

Have you ever had a fantasy that a beautiful cheerleader makes you wear her cheerleading uniform?

Well I’m a cheerleader and I want you to wear mine and some of that dick sucking lipstick you know what color it is.  I have decided to make you into a sissy cheerleader. I would be a great teacher in helping you be the best little dick sucking whore there is. You’ll will enjoy every bit of your training and I will be in complete controll over you.  


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