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Dirty Phonesex does Danielle

I just did a very Dirty Phonesex session that seriously did me in, and fuck if it didn’t give me one helluva massive orgasm!  I haven’t cum like that in ages . . . this guy was so kinky & on top of things that just listening to him talk got me all riled up.  Sometimes you just naturally click with certain callers and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.  Lol my cookie crumbled all over the sheets the minute he said his ultimate fantasy was to sexually hold me hostage for months.  Now I’ve done my share of rape & kidnapping role-plays but this wasn’t anything like that! 

In this fantasy I was his selfless wife who worked long hours at a high-powered job.  Whatever little time I had left was dedicated to caring for our children & his elderly parents.  Even though all the overtime, soccer practices, chores, & cooking ran me into the ground so badly that it took it’s toll on my overall health, I still refused to listen to his advice and slow down.  Not wanting to lose the mother of his children to the loony bin, he felt he had no other choice than to physically tie me down to one of the beds in our guesthouse & FORCE me into relaxation by giving me endless sexual pleasure.  Not only was I fucked, sucked, teased & sometimes denied orgasms to prolong the ecstasy, but I was also pampered with massages, daily sponge baths & foot rubs, and served any meals I wanted on a silver platter in bed.  I was his slave but he was really mine—how wickedly wonderful is that?‼  I can go on & on & on about this but I think I’ll just stop here and say that by the end of our call, I was begging the guy to marry me & make me the mother of his kids!  LOL what woman or MAN wouldn’t wanna be married to this guy? ☺

Have a Dirty Phonesex fantasy that needs some fulfilling?  If you think you can top this role-play call me now—I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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