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What is with you boys and the big black cock phone sex? So many of you call our girls begging to be forced to slurp the creamy white cum from a huge thick nigger dick, and, well, in our forced bisexuality phone sex scenarios we must say we are happy to accommodate.

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Big Tittie Phone Sex and Dildo Play

Hey there Sugah !

I bet you like my big fat titties don’t ya ? 
Umm hmm, that’s what I know. 
You know I just love having
these big fat black titties fucked
real good.  Do you think you could
get your lips/mouth around to
sucking these titts real good, baby? 
I want you to suck them while you
RAM that dildo in and out of my
juicy fat pussy.
Bring me your big fat dick so I can
suck you off real good, as we 69
and you fuck my hot pussy with
that fat dildo baby. 
After you get my pussy really wet,
I want you to give me a good fucking
sugah.  I want you to fuck my ass
afterwards.  I just love a good
anal fuck from your hard ass
cock, honey.
So come on baby, cum and smack
my big black ass with your fat cock
baby.  I can’t wait to feel your big
hard cock fucking me, now.

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