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Do you enjoy public masturbation? I sure do!

I was out in a diner the other night late after a few hours at a bar and one (okay 10) to many drinks. It was 3am, and needless to say I was feeling very frisky & the guy sitting across from me was steady watching me,

I decided to see just how interested he was, so i reached under my table and lifted my skirt so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes got huge and I saw him unzip his pants.

I slid my hand to my already very wet and warm pussy and began spreading my legs further apart. He pulled his cock out, and It was already very hard! We passed glances and halted our movement for the occasional waitress asking us if everything was okay with our food. We both ended up cumming at almost the same time and it was really fucking hot! Let’s talk about the naughty things you have done & I may tell you about more things that I have done!



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Watersports and Anal!


I was so drunk last weekend, all I remember was laying in the tub with about 3 inchs of water, I remember My “fuck friend” comming in and trying to use the bathroom, he was a little tipsy himself and I was laughing at him. He said he couldent hold it and I opened my mouth and said “AHhhhhh” he laughed and I dared him to shoot his piss right down my cheast and belly. He said he was always fasinated by watersports and turned toward me.

 I layed my head back and felt him draining himself on me. He was hard as a rock when he was done so he said he wanted to fuck his new “water lilly” and I stood up and put my hands against the wall. I should have known he was gonna go for my ass, I mean I DID give him a perfect shot! hehe. The next day we woke up laughing about our watersport & anal bathroom play night! We dont know what happened after that!


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