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Coed Phone Sex

Coed Phone Sex

Coed Phone Sex is hot for all those naughty pedo role plays and  fetish phone sex calls. I can be the little teen phone sex girl who loves to get calls from her very naughty professor.

Maybe you find out what I am doing and call me up. You threaten to tell my parents unless I come up to your office before class. I wouldn’t want you to tell my parents I am having naughty Coed Phone Sex!

So, I go to your class early & you have a little “lesson” to teach me, and oh what a lesson it is!


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cock worship phonesex

Cock worship phonesex

I am a filthy girl and love naughty fun and cock worship phonesex.  I have learned to stroke and suck a mans cock like a good lil cum slut. I am obsessed with sucking cock and the taste of cum. My Uncle tought me well, He is a very rough man and very strict.

I am submissive and enjoy being told what to do. I will put red lipstick on and some nice lingerie for you because you like for me to look like a little whore. I know how to hold his big cock in my tiny mouth and take it all the way down my throat until I gag. I feel like a special girl and lucky to be used as a fuck doll. I am ready to play taboo games. Call me for cock worship phonesex and i will do anything to blow your load.

Elizabeth’s Profile – Pedophile Phonesex Hottie


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chat Small dick humiliation with Elizabeth

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Special Prices! Christmas in July!


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Mommy Phone Sex.

Mommy Phone Sex

Let’s have some hot and naughty Mommy Phone Sex. I want you to take your imagination on one hell of a x-rated nasty phone journey. Imagine Mommy catching you wanking that lil cock of yours and delighted that her little boy is now a very big boy. Come join me in Mommy Phone Sex and tell me how you would fuck me for the first time when I catch you!

Come Play Soon!

Cougar Charlene

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chat cock worship phonesex

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Teacher Phonesex

Teacher Phonesex Role Play

Wanna play out that hot Teacher Phonesex Role Play you’ve been fantasizing about? In high school did you ever have the hots for the MILF Teacher and want some personal one on one tutoring? Well, fantasize no more, you have cum to the right place, my dear.

I know you naughty boys had a hard cock and couldn’t think straight when I was bent over looking thru my desk or writing on the board nice and high – my thin short skirt hiking up and my nylons glistening catching your naughty young eyes.

Let Ms. Jackie take that pressure off those little balls of your and give you a “private sex ed” course and you can get some education in phone sex with a sensual MILF and some stress relieving lessons phone sex to go with it, so you can be more productive at school and get those grades up. This Teacher Phonesex Role Play will blow your mind and your load all over the place! Call me up and let’s give it a shot baby!

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MARSHA – cuckold husbands phone sex

cuckold husbands phone sex

I have been getting a lot of cuckold husbands phone sex calling and confessing their true cuckold wife situations. There are several different types of cuckold husbands/boyfriends.

The majority of them want to see their wife being fucked by big black cock men. Some will only watch, some will participate (if the wife allows), some have to sit home alone while their wife goes out of the house to fuck another man. There are also the sissy bitches who like to dress in women’s lingerie and get fucked too.

Then there are the really pathetic little dick losers who stay after the woman moves her new black boyfriend into the house. Some even enjoy watching their wife carry another man’s inter-racial baby in her belly and will raise the young as a family.

If you have questions or want to tell me about your experiences past or present, I would love to listen to you’re dirty past secrets on our next cuckold husbands phone sex call!

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Cuckold Phonesex

The ULTIMATE Cuckold Phonesex Roleplays!

Watching your sexy girlfriend fuck and suck another person is your sweet torture.  You want the ULTIMATE Cuckold Phonesex action, don’t you?  You are forced to be a voyeur as I slide my wet pussy up and down another man’s thick cock.

As I am riding him really hard, harder then I have ever made you cum with that pathetic lil cock. I make him moan, and you will sit there and wonder why I never did that to you . I will grin at you evilly as he pumps load after load of his cum into my pretty pink pussy… But secretly you want this even more than I do don’t you? Cuckold Phonesex is just a call away!

Ashley -1-888-221-9006

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cbt and domination phonesex

You looking for someone to tell you to stop rubbing that hard cock of your. You wont find her here. I am in control and I say what goes. You don’t want your balls tied up to bad. I am into cbt and domination phonesex. I will tell you when you can touch your self and when you may touch me but that only happens when you are lucky. I will tie you all up and put you in the closet butt ass naked. While you are begging to get out I will laugh at how stupid you sound. When I am done listening to you scream them I might let you out and have you lick my boots. This is one Phone Sex call you wont forget.

All fetishes are welcum and there is no taboo so stop crying about wanting to call and do it. I will do what I want to do to you and you will enjoy cbt and domination phonesexJasmine

Perverted & CBT Phonesex Play

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latina phone sex

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Phone Sex Specials

Phone Sex SpecialsTake advantage of our monthly phone sex specials!

Phone Sex Specials

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Thank you for choosing us during the holiday season and remember to have a safe and sexy holiday season! We hope to bring in the new year with a few new specials and hot new girls for your pleasure! Until then, we wish you will continue to let us give you  the naughtiest and dirtiest fantasies we can! Take a look around, find the girl of your choice, and give the dispatcher a call. Make sure you let her know you saw one of these specials!

Lexi & Karen!

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Big Tit Phone sex

Big Tit Phone sex with Teen Autumn

So you are looking, and wandering to yourself  “are they real”…well the answer is YES, 100% MINE, no implants no fake tits here! I am the natural Big Tit Phone sex girl of any mans dream…and to top it off im young and blonde!
I have a nice pair myself. And I know men love them too. Forget fake tits!  My tits are all real, and so sensitive.

  I love it when men grab them hard and fuck them.  Fake tits can’t possible feel as good to fuck. I LOVE to watch a man slide his throbbing cock through my beautiful rack.  My nipples get all hard feeling the friction of his skin rubbing against my nipples faster and faster as he gets ready to shoot his load.  I start fingering my wet pussy while I watch him fuck my tits, and hear him moan Big Tit Phone sex. Sometimes I cum before he does because watching a man fuck my big tits gets me off.

Big Tit Phone sex with Autumn


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phonesex fantasy

Ready for your favorite phonesex fantasy to come to life? Are you losing your mind replaying it in your head. You have used it so many times while you masturbate it no longer works!

You have to put a little spin on it. Call me so I can be the voice of your phonesex fantasy besides that is what I am here for. Let me guide you to your climax and end with a big finish!

Danielle – 1-888-205-2440

All of our Taboo Phone Sex Girls are ready and waiting. Each of our girls will take your fantasy to a different level. Cuckolds, Sissies, and Pedophiles are all welcome.

Don’t be ashamed of your fantasy, our welcoming voices will be glad to make feel comfortable.

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Erotic phonesex

Erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Do you have a secret desire that no one knows about but you? Well, if it’s a desire I haven’t heard of, I’d love for you to better educate me all about it! No matter what your fetish, from mild to wild, the sensuality of foot worship, or highly dark and deviant taboos—I’m a quick learner and always up for a challenge with erotic phonesex!

I know it can be hard to find the right phone sex girl, but I also know damn well that I am the answer to what you’re looking for! So stop lying to yourself, baby—you know you keep cumming back to my page here on the web to stare at the naughty XXX pics of my sweet pink pussy, soft tits and adorably beautiful face.

You might as well call me ~wink~ I have absolutely no taboos and no restrictions! So here’s your invitation to “cum inside me” and explore your deepest desires on a totally new level of erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Adriana – 1-888-221-2006

* Special Rate for me this week! Must mention this blog!

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Seduction Phonesex with Ruby Red

A Seduction Phonesex call with a hot redhead slut like me will make your blood boil.  I like to seduce my prey by describing how my tight pussy looks, smells, & feels.  I’ll tell you down to the letter what every little single fleshy mound & crevice of my bright pink pussy looks like.  Then go on to sniff my fingers & slowly lick them, tempting your cock into a hard erection.  Do you want to know what it feels like inside me?  Allow me to slip my fingers into my wet slut hole; first one, then two, then three.  I know you’re curious about how big of a cock will fit in there, I guess you won’t find out unless you call!

Seduction Phonesex with Ruby Red is for you if you have a taste for wild & nasty young redhead sluts!  Call today & book your own private session!

Naughty Tease Ruby
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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cum slut phone sex

I am the Queen of cum slut phone sex

I am the Queen of cum slut phone sex; listening to you guys getting your cock hard for me is a huge turn on. I love the thought of you spurting all your lovely hot spunk, and imagine it going all the way into the back of my throat, I am a total spunk junkie, the more I get the more I want, and would love to imagine swallowing your hot load today. Let me be your cum slut phone sex and see how much I really do love being your cum dumpster!

We’re both here for the same reasons. A few minutes of fun, out of what would otherwise be an ordinary day. Come spend a little time with me, we’ll have a great time.


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No taboo phone sex calls

No taboo phone sex calls

Sweet and innocent looks but kinky as hell in the sheets and on my No taboo phone sex calls!!! I just wanna be dominated right now, I want you to make me do the nastiest kinkiest thing that you can think of!! Demand me to do it, control me.. *sigh* if only there was a man brave enough to try.

Think you guys are scared.. sissies!!
Bahahaa try me on for size.



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taboo phone sex school girl

taboo phone sex school girl

I’m Camille, your taboo phone sex school girl ready to rock your cocks like no other!!!! Call me what you will whether it be Princess, Slut, whore, little girl or whatever rocks your cocks.

You can pretty much get away with any type of role play fantasies with me, I like being dominant and submissive so that gives you a much wider variety of roleplays to select from.

I’m in my last year of High School and just turned 18 not too long ago and even though I’m still in High School and barely legal, I know what I’m doing and have known how to work men for a very long time. Sure there are probably things I still haven’t heard of but I’m an open book, feed my mind full of nasty taboos!!

I’m ready for some hot taboo phone sex school girl roleplays, are you ?

Call me and ask for taboo phone sex school girl CAMILLE

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ameliarotI was getting hot, and there was nobody around, master had left for the day.  I had the house all to myself, so I decided to remove some of my clothes, I mean what was I hurting right.  So im upstairs cleaning the master bed room, my all-time favorate room to clean.  When I hear the door open downstairs as the footsteps get closer and closer, my heart racing so fast I actually got turned on, in walks masters son, tall dark and handsom man.  He whips his dick out in front of me.  The only words he said that whole night was “Do what the fuck your told and suck my dick,” It was so hot, so erotic, when he finally let me cum it felt like a valcano erupted in my pussy…….mmmm I can almost still feel fim inside of me right now.

If you want to hear more of my sexual exploits, tell me your own, or make one of our own, visit my website

hope to hear from you soon


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