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Erotic phonesex

Erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Do you have a secret desire that no one knows about but you? Well, if it’s a desire I haven’t heard of, I’d love for you to better educate me all about it! No matter what your fetish, from mild to wild, the sensuality of foot worship, or highly dark and deviant taboos—I’m a quick learner and always up for a challenge with erotic phonesex!

I know it can be hard to find the right phone sex girl, but I also know damn well that I am the answer to what you’re looking for! So stop lying to yourself, baby—you know you keep cumming back to my page here on the web to stare at the naughty XXX pics of my sweet pink pussy, soft tits and adorably beautiful face.

You might as well call me ~wink~ I have absolutely no taboos and no restrictions! So here’s your invitation to “cum inside me” and explore your deepest desires on a totally new level of erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Adriana – 1-888-221-2006

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Naughty Phonesex with TS Dasha

I’m a Naughty Phonesex shemale who’s as open as a book.  I have lots of stories to tell you & have nothing to hide.  Feel free to cum inside my naughty box any day & confess all of your dirtiest taboo secrets.  I promise not to tell a soul, your secrets are safe with me.  I get off on hearing all your taboo fantasies and sharing mine as well.  Nothing makes my thick cock cum harder than when a guy tells me all about a nasty real life experience he’s had.  I’ll not only be your personal sounding board but your personal fuck toy as well—as long as you let me slip inside your naughty box, I’ll let you crawl as deeply into mine as you like.  I promise you that one trip inside my hot naughty box will make wonder why you’ve wasted all these years merely dreaming about it instead of doing it.  You ready to take the plunge with a woman like me?

Naughty Phonesex with TS Dasha is for naughty men dying to come out and play!   I’m your kinky slutty shemale who takes taboo to the extreme!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Phonesex Story made Danielle Cum!

This Phonesex Story my caller told me made me cum soooo fucking hard—it really rocked:

She was so turned on by the sound of her neighbors fucking, her large pink nipples perked up.  Slowly, she began rubbing the thin shirt over them, the sensation snaking all the way down the moist inside of her damp pussy.  Leaning back in bed, her thumb drew slow circles around the pulsating red button tingling above her hole.  She wanted to see them so badly, craved to watch her studly neighbor stab his meaty cock into his petite girlfriend’s tight little slit.  What she could really use right now, besides a portal through the wall separating their bedroom from hers, was a nice warm tongue in her pussy; slowly tightening, releasing, tightening . . . he was licking her now, she could hear them . . . oh god that loud smack smack smacking of his tongue lapping up his dainty girlfriend’s tart pussy juice . . . his head buried deep between her legs, licking her up and down, fingering her snug cunt until she creamed all over his face.  Oh if only it were she instead, having that moist tongue licking over every single inch of bright pink skin inside her fleshy mound, forcing her vaginal muscles to spasm into a massive eruption!

Gotta Phonesex Story that’ll make me cum again LOL?  I can’t wait to hear it—call now while my wet pussy’s still hot!

College Coed Danielle
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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Hi guys, I know I have spoken with alot of you as the owner and afternoon dispatcher but today I am super horny and for all of you that have been wanting to do a phone sex call with me, I am going to be available for calls all week! Yup, you get ME…lol… or if you want one of the other gals, i would be happy to help you choose!

Also all calls today are only $2.00 per minute but you MUST mention this blog BEFORE your call! Also we have a few new girls on our TEEN site and SHEMALE site! Check those out too! It’s never to early to break the new girls in good! Lol

Have a great week and talk to you real soon!

I am pso_lexi on yahoo if you need to ask any questions, just dont start with “hi” or i will block you thinking your a bot! LOL


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Just a quick note.  We posted more of our erotic
short stories for your reading pleasure.  Come
check out our erotic short stories filled with lust
and pleasure.  Keep an eye out for more of these
 erotic short stories comming soon .

To find the stories click the “short Stories” button on the top right corner!

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