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Soooo…what Are you doing for fun ?
I love going to the Halloween swinger parties and there are lots of them!
The chance to fill My senses with a little different fetishes and fantasies is really hot.
I come home soooo inspired and re-energized.
Do you ever swing ?
Cummm tell Me your story…I’m waiting for you.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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You love a woman from the waist down.
The tiny waist, flat little abdomen, nice pubic mound get you every time.
and then there are those fabulous legs.
Yeah…the legs that wrap around you as you pump inside.
You’ve alway loved how nice strong thighs feel.
Call Me now My thighs are quivering for you.

Cougar Charlene



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You seriously think you are going to get away with this ?
You think I don’t have anyone protecting Me ?
You bound Me up in this cheap ass cord.
You could atleast use black satin ribbon.
I like to make it sexy.
Call Me and see how sexy bound can be.

Your Mature PhonesexHottie Shay

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