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TabooPhoneGirls are the hottest of the hot that specialize in Domination phone sex fantasies and much more! We have no taboos and no limits!

Domination phone sex

Scarlet is my name and Domination phone sex is the game that I like to play.  I can be the hardcore fucking bitch that you crave and desire to put you in your place or I can be the sensual yet demanding woman that you need and want on a daily basis!

I want you to get down on your knees and beg me for my pussy. Beg to look, touch, lick, kiss my sweet pussy. I want you to beg to kiss my ass, to touch my ass! While you are at it, I want you to kiss my feet. Suck my toes~~When you are finished with that, and you give me what I want, then maybe, MAYBE, you can have what you want and need!

Please do not mistake me for a sweet, innocent woman that you can walk all over because thats not who I am. I can and will put you in your place if you are a naughty boy!




~Domination phone sex~

~Golden Showers~

I will be waiting!

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Foot Fetish Goddess Phonesex

My feet will be the source of your pain and your pleasure, crushing your balls as I balance on them, and then stroking your cock to orgasm with the ultimate foot job… If you are a greedy foot whore or fantasize about a beautiful Foot Goddess to worship and adore, then I am the woman of your dreams…. I have real-time experience both with foot worship and foot domination.

I will know what you need and desire before you even speak it. I will take your foot fantasies to new heights and beyond all the limits you ever imagined. Impress me enough with your submission and I might even reward you by letting you buy my shoes to worship while we play on the phone…. I can feel your cock jumping to attention under my feet…. now all you have to do is call me



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I want you on your knees! Get on your knees! I want you to worship the ground that I walk on, after all that’s what you want to do right? I want you to start at my feet and kiss all the way up to my ass, that’s right, I know what you want honey so you better start kissing my ass to get it!


I want you to bend over, I am going to show you what its like to be a little bitch. I am going to take this dildo and fuck your ass while I am stroking your hard throbbing cock. I am going to have your cock so hard and your ass so open from my big hard dildo that you are going to be begging me to let you shoot your load….

Oh Baby, Please do not think of me as a sweet little girl…..I will push you over the edge and I will have you begging me for more……

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