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Feminization Phone Sex

Feminization Phone Sex – I love dressing my guys in sexy clothes.

Starting with some nice lingerie, bra stockings and suspenders, and a sexy pair of panties. That’s just the start when you’re talking to me on Feminization Phone Sex.

I want you to go the whole way – dressing you in a pretty dress with earrings and a bracelet, and after I have done your hair and makeup I will expect you to slip on those sexy stiletto heels and come and have some fun with me and my friends.

Maybe get you on webcam so everyone can see what a filthy little slut  you really are, you can tell them how you long for cock, knowing that those guys are getting hard and so want to have that little body bent over and your tight ass filled with sexy man meat.

You will feel so used and abused on Feminization Phone Sex you can bring out the real you!


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I’m an Erotic Slut that has what it takes to Blow your mind as well as your cock…NO LIMITS NO TABOOS and NO RESTRICTIONS JUST PURE HOT HOT PHONE SEX…Just Once Is All it will Take!!! Let The Playing Begin!!!

If Role Playing is Your Thing~ I can Be your Little Girl, Naughty Family Fun, Sexy Teacher, Secretary, Strict Mistress, Disobedient Slave, Horny Nurse, Domineering Boss Lady Naughty Little School Girl, Teenage Hitch Hiker,Bratty Teen Neighbor, Horny Cheerleader that That Doesn’t Have a Problem Splitting Her Pussy Lips For you!!!!

I also Enjoy Fantasies About play Rape, Gang-bangs, B & D, S & M, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water-play, Bondage, Cross dressing, HOT PHONE SEX, Humiliation and And Girls!! Do You Have Any other Favorites You Would Like To Share With Me? Anything Wild and Kinky Totally Turns Me On and Makes Me So Wet!

PS…Some of you know me as PlaymateJodi from *NF* – Yes I am the same girl *winkx *


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Cross Dresser Phonesex with TS Giana

I love Cross Dresser Phonesex calls!  The girl in me really gets off on dressing up macho men & training them how to look & act like proper cock loving sluts.  I not only have the vivid imagination it takes to guide you through a naughty fantasy, but as well have a huge wardrobe filled with all kinds of slutty outfits to fulfill every secret cross-dressing desire you have.  I’m no stranger to the excitement of dressing in up women’s clothes, I know nothing feels as delicious as a pair of silk pantyhose rubbing against freshly shaved skin or a pair of tight lacy panties snugly holding your cock against your tummy!

A Cross Dresser Phonesex session with TS Giana will let your inner woman step out of the closet today!  Call now for a no taboos feminization fantasy!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Feminization Phonesex with TS Giana
Feminization Phonesex means different things to different men.  But I really sympathize with being trapped in the wrong body for so long that it physically hurts.  I also know how good it feels to have someone to talk to about it, someone who can make you envision what being a real woman looks & feels like.  Not to be a downer or anything, but if anyone knows about what it’s like, it’s me!  So enough of that, let’s talk about the fun part, the part where going on a shopping spree for a brand new wardrobe makes you jump up & down for joy.  Cause lets face it—men’s wardrobes really suck!  Compared to the variety women have, the clothing doesn’t hold a candle.   Lingerie, dresses, pants, etc . . . a woman can practically wear anything a man can but not vice versa.  Well, I want to help get you into that state of mind where you actually feel like a real woman.  I want you to feel that silk robe brushing against your full breasts & help you experience the wonderful sensation of putting on makeup & buying your first pretty dress.

What does Feminization Phonesex mean to you?  Is it purely psychological, sexual, or both?  Call TS Giana now for a no taboos dress up session!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Like what you see? If you look a little closer you’re bound to find a surprise artfully hidden between my sexy thighs—that’s right—a nice thick cock. Are you a bi-curious little boy who can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to suck a chick with a dick? Well, hun, I can help you out with that. I can also teach you how to properly stretch your ass open wide enough so my prick will fit in there just right. Trust me, once you have anal sex with a big tit Shemale Goddess, you’ll never go back to pussy again! Call me, fisting & forced femme are some of my specialties!

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klara020Cute little sissy boys!

Is your girlfriend gone for the week  and your left home  getting all horny?  Have your got the need to be all sissy and girly?  Well, get your girl friend’s dirty panties out of the hamper then get some clean ones out of her drawer,  maybe some sexy red ones and a red lace bra.  Now get her round hair brush or dildo out. Get dressed in the sexy garments! Pick up the phone and call me!

 Is  your little man clitty starting to get hard thinking of it? Go ahead sissy boy,  sniff and lick those dirty panties.  I want you to have the entire feeling of being my little sissy boy  bitch.  The taste,  the feel and the smell.  Then were going to fuck that little bitch hole good til your little clit squirts that hot sticky cum into those red sexy panties.  Now you have to put the cum filled panties into the hamper for your girl friend to find. 

I love making you guys get all nasty for me and make you do things you would not do with anyone else.   Call me now and show me just how nasty you dream of being and have never had the opportunity before. 

Do it with me Now!

  • Feminization Phone sex
  • Sissification Phonesex
  • Sissy Boy Training
  • Dirty panties
  • Men who like to dress up

Klara –

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1111 11111 4444

   Amelia                 ***             Nina            ***               Tiffany

Call today and Join us in many different kinds of hot kinky play!

We may be young, but we love to experience many different things!

Hot teen phone sex, Barely Legal phone sex and college coed girls for your pleasure! We love Role Play phone fun, we have Cute Voice’s, were your Cum Sluts, Princess Bitch’s, Financial Domination teens, Feminization, Pantie Boy Mistress’s, Seductive phone Sex, Soft Domme teenagers, Pedo phonesex, Pedophile Daddy’s & more!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Dressing up pretty with Scarlet


You are in need of some “You” time after that long and hard day at work, so I want you to get that sexy bra and panty set you have hidden where your wife cant find it or steal a pair of your wifes or daughters panty sets, put it on, relax and then pick up the phone and give me a call. I know how sexy you feel when you are wearing a lacy bar with matching panties and I love for you to tell me how feminine it makes you feel. Mmm you dressing up for me is what I love! 


Maybe we need to add some stockings and heels to make you feel like a total sissy, after all that’s what you are right?? 

That’s right, just lay in your bed, stroking that hard clitty while you are all dressed up for me, Scarlet. Ready for an exciting feminization phonesex call? Call me! I am ready and waiting for you! 


Yahoo IM  to:   tabooscarlet




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Feminization phone sex has always been a favorite of mine since I started doing phone sex. I am a fashion goddess and why wouldn’t anyone want to look, dress, and be like me? So I have decided to really focus on feminization, sissies and pantyboy phone sex with my favorite sluts and faggot boys.

I want to start with my FAVORITE sissy boy Must-haves! There are a few things that you need in your wardrobe to be a proper sissy. The first thing is the right kind of panties and bras. I know you probably have your favorite kind but not all sissies look right in the same kind of cuts. For instance, boyshorts can really accent the curves of your bubble butt.. and the thong is classic sexy. My favorites are g strings that tie on the sides – easy access after all.

So what are your favorite pieces of sissy boy wardrobe  that you can’t live without? I would love to play with you.


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